Which girl is hotter?

Which girl is hotter?

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Right one has -5 points for wearing leo patterned shit. It'd been close otherwise.

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I'll need to see more of left and middle

left but neither are capable of love
but left closer so for sake of game left
real answer neither

midxx HOT XXXX

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Left is cute but right has bigger tits.
I'll take left because midriffs are hot.

on your left

definitely not the left one


left (its a close one tho)


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chooze and why?

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Left for me. Love blondes

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Left is white

all 4, from left side fuck, then DP, then Anal lastone GBanged

Left because she looks like a young Kelli Giddish

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left, probably no panties, would choke on my cock

The hottest one is the one that wants to bang me. DUH!

2nd from right, she looks like a proper slut.

I bet 2nd from right has a nice tube of lube in there, so when we get serious.

What's up with people liking the horse looking fucker on the left? Right for me...more?

To each their own, at least nobody picked second from right, then she's all mine.

Looks some weird dysfuncional bitch crackhead that fucks niggers. If that was my only choice, I'd take the couch and call it a night.