Fb ig thread 4

fb ig thread 4

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deleted IG pics

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Ill have some petite sluts bent over plz


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Any interest?

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holy shit her tits look huge

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oh fuck never seen her in that dress, stroking hard

She looks tight

Of course

trust me, they are

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Very interested

pleasee keep going, her body

Very tight

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Op still here?

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fucking amazing


Such a hottie


Love her

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her curves are so hot

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More of that ass

Throat fuck material?

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face cums
so tight but tits still huge

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Jerking to her mmm?

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she has my dick leaking

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please keep showing off those tits

Oh yes


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Yes, dick is out

You her op?

Need more, OP you here?!

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Got kik/disc?

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thank god she loves showing off

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have more of those - keeping them?

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Nah just on here before work

No, stop posting her over and over

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why do people post girls with millions of followers


does she unleash those tits?

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Its always the same 8 pics or so too...

love the way her tits fall

No prob

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Then I think I have you on discord


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just google image, it's not that hard

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vsco or ig?

sadly no..

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I would not pull out!

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Moar please

tie her up and smack the shit out of her tits until they're bruised and ruined

Brah, shut the fuck up and fap.

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enslave her

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Any anons interested?

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Tight little slut

She would be a great slave

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Any pic of her ass

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how would you turn her into one?

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I aight clicking that shit nigga


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Leads you to nothing

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I'd fucking throw her around and fuck her rough

I would trick her into going somewhere.
When she arrives , kidnap her and tie her down to a pole ready to get fucked over and over again


Would rape

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mmm , nice

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how long would it take until she submits?

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big think

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Lets see her body

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I think a day or two

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Younger photos plz

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What a great cocktease

Oh my lord. So perfect. More

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holy fuck


Damn , those milkers

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Am stroking

i cant tell if this means more but here u go

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Oh yes

Fuck yes

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how would you verify her obidience? And how would you make sure she won't break free?

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Dont stop!!

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perfect bimbo

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a posh slut that needs to be teached her place

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Would love to ram her in the ass. I bet she’d scream “Please fuck me harder Daddy!”

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Cant get enough of these sluts

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Bet a bunch of hard cocks on her face will do

I would release her and see what she does. Does she run , she get tied up again and punished. She doesnt run , she is obedient.

Would love to teach her her place with my cock

Now turn the bitch around


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She needs a hard pounding


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Any more still images? Can't view wbm's in work

She'd probably scream so loud her actual dad would be able to hear her moaning

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Stroking hard!

She’s hot, more

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Is her nose real?

Nice tits

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wwyd once she stays?

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Fuck yes she would the little temptress, bet she's wet as fuck


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yeah, looks weird with lighting and makeup

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Jean shorts More

More hips???


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make her my personal fucktoy but parading her around as my "gf"

fuck yes, what a slut!

Fucking beautiful keep going

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how would you?

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all good

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Jeeeeesus Christ

how would you thread her? Why not show everyone she's not a human but a fuckslave?

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more webms pls

Holy fuck yes dude she is such a little treat, more

Her ass needs a filling

Hhhnnngg! Getting close! More!

She'd look so good with cum dripping down those legs

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Church slut

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Love her pretty face but her body, amazing


Keep the little cunt coming

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would make her pray to cocks

So cute in this outfit

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sorry out of webms

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One more! Best you have!

still here?

Absolute perfection

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in public as a normal girl , the moment we got some privacy , use her holes.

Some people will see the fuckslave she is

Such beautiful face, more of her

Would shoot ropes of cum on that face

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More dress or skirt

Holy fuck she is such a sexy little princess, would love to use her entire body, more please!

You forgot pic

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Making her think about cumming cocks all day at church

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Christ yes she is a tight little thing more


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Holy fuck!!

She's ready to get on her knees

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me too

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great boobs

Will post more if interested

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Body is perfect

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would you show her former friends much much you control her?

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of course


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Imagine fucking that tight, wet little pussy while standing behind her, holding her body against yours, her ass pressed up against your hips, those ripe little tits in your hands...

So sexy

Right is better

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Keep going

yes. would brainwash her into preaching femal obidience and have her wear SM-leather cloth underneath her shy outfits

Perfect bow around your neck

those would be the first people to know it. Would let her make a video for them saying that she finally found her calling .

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Ass? Leggings?

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would you show them first hand that her former friend no longer exists cause all thats left of her is her obidient body?

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Last one for the night

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That body is amazing.


Pls moar

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Ohhh fuck.. making her be such a slutty little girl while trying to appear all innocent. Even send her to school all slutted out under her cloths.

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Bottom left

Amazing tits!

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Yes but she would do the talking so it seems she isnt forced.


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would they belive her?
img lim

Post your favorite pic or vid of her in the next thread and I'll keep going

OP still here?

so nice

They will not have a choice

continue next thread ?

yes. and make her do her "prayers" within the breaks, when she looks herself up somewhere, undresses her cover and prays to the power of sexual pleasure that she workships while pleasing herself. "Please, sexual power, turn me into a slut and make all women become whores like we're supposed to be!"


just post her to go on

How the fuck do you go from 4 to 2