How do I get girls know how big I am?

How do I get girls know how big I am?

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find a hook up site...drop a dick ez...


duh! just tell them you have a big dick dumbass

Tell them, the ones that are size queens or curious about size will be in to it and the ones who aren't won't care and probably turn you down.

Try putting your size in your dating app profile and see if you get responses.

Slap it on the table
I already did it and fucked her 2 days later

They don't care you brainlet. Women are wired differently in case you didn't notice yet.

Do what I did.

“Hey, do you think there’s such thing as a dick that’s too big?”
“Eh, yeah... maybe”
“What about this one?”

>show her the pick of you with your dick out, but it’s zoomed in on your dick so your face isn’t showing

“Oh, nah... that’s perfect”

>zoom out on the pic revealing your face.
>both laugh
>fuck her that weekend.

just send it on messenger

small dick detected

wow looks very big whats your size ?

Fake and gay

Even tho fake, it would be hell having a dick that size. You'd never fit half of it in.

On your tinder bio write how tall are you or your shoe size, whatever its bigger

Tbh if i saw that photo i would turn you down because its way too big

depends which hole you go for i guess

THIS. Waste of dick unless you enjoy fucking land whales.

stolen pic from Reddit.. fuck off
reddit /user/Straight-Eight/posts

tbh OP never said it was him in the pic

Learn to speak English

most girls would be interested for the novelty, but not long-term. untenable dick size.

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She will know how big you are when you fuck her

To bad you can't fuck anyone with a stolen dick

Who dis?


Timestamp or gtfo

No timestamp to be had. All pictures stolen


A really nice cock though, I'm bulging over it.

Doesn't matter what size, they aren't attracted to ugly fags kek

Timestamp yourself Adonis, otherwise eat your own words.

I'm not that ugly, am I?

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You visit Cred Forums, you're ugly where it counts

If you were a musician alot of bitches would fuck you. You have the musician look.

Ren from?

The "yeah I'm 40, but my band isn't about getting famous" look or "I wear scarves and think gender studies is worthy" band look. Cus I'm not seeing the "I hate all of you people heres the reasons why " (breathes in metal)

Showing your dick on Cred Forums is certainly not the answer.
>protip: make a porn and "leak" it on fb

Youre pulling that face that says you want to look good but are secretly insecure.

Truth is, ladies dont want a guy thats trying to be good looking, get a photo of yourself laughing with your mates or doing something that isnt posing.

Work with what youve got, dont try to be someone youre not.

It's not him, it's verified to be stolen at this point in the thread.

Learn to use photoshop convincingly

>implying a gay mans opinion matters

Said literally every cuck that ever has been and ever will be.

Yeah then everyone applause, you do a flip and she sucks you


So, maybe another big dicked user is curious. Take all the fun out of everything and I'll just assume your jimmies are rustled

That's big just look at mine tinycocc on kik

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Y'all need help

>Implying 4channers have legitimately big dicks

This is not a site to get life advise on anyway, the same people will tell you a 10 / 10 girl is a 4 and that anything smaller than 10" is micropenis because their entire realities are shaped by pornography.

I used to like metal, but then I turned 14. All new metal is garbage, no one will ever be as good as pantera.

Music can just be hanging out with friends playing shit on an open mic night, most people aren't trying to be famous, just have fun.

WTF does this have to do with gender study faggots? Are you salty because the insurance company reject your claim for hormone blockers?

People like you need to be wiped out from the gene pool. How do you live with yourself dude?

10/1 you're wrong on multiple levels.
Studies have varified that women, regardless of sexual orientation will listen to the opposite sex significantly more if they are attractive. Even more so if they look like someone famous. Women aren't any more complex just because a "woke" generation started reading gender studies books.

You're daft m8

Yes, because visibly trying too hard is not at all as pathetic as just having fun...

Keep taking the fun out user, I'm sure thinking you're right and being right by my approval is what you came for, not the occassionally rediculous conversations

Enjoy raising another guy's kid

Enjoy mom's basement and wondering why women won't go near you.

Well if he lives anywhere near LA, i'd say what women?

Nope, here to argue, faggot

Oh, I know exactly why, I'm not a 10/10

Make a user Facebook John Doe not really you and then join tinder put d pics on profile you’ll find some random slut eventually they might ban you just repeat the process or go to a bar a whip it out.......... or set standers lower and fuck a fatty or tranny ether way better than jerking off.

am i hot guys?

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cock please?

>All new metal is garbage, no one will ever be as good as pantera.
White trash no taste poor person opinion right here.

Are you saying Pantera is bad? Bear in mind that I am trolling on my day off work.

Here you go.

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Grey sweatpants, no underwear. Duh

damn boy! Yes you are hot!

Appreciated, user. :)


White men can't have dicks like this.

If that is truly you, OP, go commando, wear tight jeans, and maintain a semi-stiffy at all times down one leg. The girls that want big will notice.



They aren’t bad but saying nobody will ever be as good just sounded like something a white trash meth head from Arizona would say

Wanna know what I hear most about Dudes with big dicks?
>he’s got a big dick but he sucks in bed
Like how you gonna get gifted from birth and be shitty with it

What if i have a thicc peen but no bulge? (grower here)

same here. i grow a thick 7" but when im soft it's less than 2", nobody will ever notice it unless im walking around with a boner

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I have tried on two occasions to just tell them outright, at a point in the conversation I felt was appropriate:
>can I tell you a dirty secret?
>yes ... ?
>I’ve got a big ass dick
One just mocked me, going full sarcasm-mode “oh wow I guess I’ll just drop to my knees and suck you off now haha.” The other blushed like crazy and smiled. I guess it just depends on the chick and how into you she is.
One thing I can assure you of, no one is getting laid solely because of their dick. There HAS to be something else going on, be it face, body, “game,” or whatever.

Ok, incel.

doesn't matter how big it is, that thing is unwieldy

guarantee I can make a girls cum faster with my 6 incher

Awfully bold statement for a Cred Forumsirgin