First sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:

First sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:
>first times / young love
>truth or dare / experiments with young friends
>that weird guy down the street that deflowered you
>secret FWB
>online hookups, sketchy or otherwise
>Summer camp, boy scouts, or other institutionalized pederasty
>etc etc anything goes, the more taboo the more interesting, usually
Whatever it was for you, when did you start having sex, user?

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supportive bump for anons who had group experiences with other boys at camps/scouts/sleepovers especially. feel free to write some good greentexts/paragraphs if this describes you

>be me
>be 15
>Out with Russian girl during day go to shitty cheap store
>steal condoms (being edgy)
>we go back to hers that night
>turn on movie
After an hour she says “you’re really bad at making the first move”
>make move
>try to put on condom don’t know how
>definitely fuck it up
>have sex, it’s shit
Maybe inside her idk
Never talked to her again
She accused me of rape to my friends

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I'd like more stories from femanons...

Even if it's not a full sex story, just any femanon erotic encounters.

Still waiting for someone to post the greentext from the guy who fucked his 15 year old sister at a college party.

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Be me 16 yo. Dating this girl 15yo for like 6 months. Fingered her a few times. Findlay got the courage to shove my cock inside her. No Condom. Didn’t last too long but the best part was something came over me and I went full Chad. I was about to cum and I wiped my dick out and aimed my cock Right at her face and just let loose... man did I drench her. She was so scared of all the cum hitting her face.... I remember it like yesterday. God I miss cuming on that little slut....

there are no girls here. there never were, and never will be. But we can all pretend we are girls and make up stories. Is that what you want, faggot?

>a few years ago
>be me
>sign up on manhunt
>16, lie and say I'm 18
>message this 50 year old
>exactly what I'm looking for
>tall, 6'4
>talks to me like I'm a slut
>says he'll dress me up
>has wig, makeup, nightie, gloves, panties, stockings, heels
>choker on top of it all
>so scared but can't stop checking his profile out
>(the website showed when you checked out a profile)
>messaged ME saying how long I'm going to just check his profile
>"sorry, just nervous"
>tells me to give him my number or he'll block me
>I give it to him

>She accused me of rape to my friends
roasties gonna roastie

bruh think how close you could get a sniffer in there

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Obviously continue!

Honestly a CrossDressing Stories thread could be a good idea, even if most would be solo stories about getting caught or avoiding being caught.

What's manhunt?

>text him
>asks what i've done
>"I'll be gentle baby boy"
>fucking diamonds
>"how long have you liked men?"
>"not sure, just been this curiosity"
>"let's satisfy that curiosity"
>text a little longer
>gets me to come over
>get to his house
>knock on his door
>"hey baby boy"
>(I told him I love being called boy)
>kisses my cheek and grabs my ass
>I remember my jaw was just hanging open, didn't know how to react at all
>he smells so manly and he's so big
>leads me to the bathroom
>(did an enema at home like he told me)
>bent me over his sink
>starts to eat my ass
>felt unbelievably good
>"I have a surprise"
>says he's going to shave my ass, even though i think I did a good job at home
>shaves everything
>crotch, ass, balls
>felt so emasculated and feminine at that moment
>spanks me and grinds his cock on my ass through his jeans
>"ready baby?"

A guy out to fuck a guy

Online hookup

Some chick on Omegle, chubby latina who wanted to smoke weed and fuck.
It sucked but no regrets at the time

ffs it's 2020 user

>eats my ass some more, spanking it
>"wait here, don't move"
>spanks my ass one last time hard before he leaves
>gets the lingerie
>he puts it all on me himself
>stockings first
>then heels
>look in the mirror
>smacks my ass again
>leads me to the bed
>"face down baby boy"
>eats my ass and fingers me for like 20 minutes, gets me ready
>hear him take his pants off
>too horny to care, but incredibly scared
>pokes my balls with the head of his cock
>"do you feel that?"
>"yes daddy"
>grabs my hips and pokes my hole
>"deep breath"
>really gentle with me, rubs my back as he slowly goes in
>"are you okay?"
>nod fast
>hear him laughing
>gets more lube and goes about 1/2 way, I can't help but moan

How do you actually meet someone off of Omegle?

and yet you still need to lurk moar, newfag

>>that weird guy down the street that deflowered you

>"you're doing good baby boy"
>getting really into it
>"thank you daddy"
>gives me a reach around to drown out the pain
>goes the rest of the way in, slowly
>lets me get used to it
>rubs my back while I calm down
>strokes me while he's all the way in
>tell him he can move after a while
>small fast thrusts
>didn't like it
>goes all the way in and out, slowly
>fucking love it
>does this for like 30 minutes, feels so good
>flip me over, gets me to the head of the bed for missionary
>strokes me while fucking me, faster this time
>moaning with every thrust
>calling him daddy all the time
>"let me know when you want to stop, I can last all night"
>sexiest thing I've ever heard
>ask him to make me cum while fucking me
>strokes me faster
>moaning louder
>fucking me faster
>"cum for me baby" over and over
>"let me know when you're cumming"
>about 2 minutes later I tell him
>he pulls out and cums on my chest and face first
>I cum as soon as he stops
>yell "thank you"
>best orgasm I've ever had
>shy after I cum
>he gives me wine to calm down
>sends me on my way after a while
>jacked off so hard when I get home

Met up a few times after that, always crossdressing.
Creampied me one time after he pressured me, dumbest thing I've ever done, but didn't get anything and it's been years since then.
Never told him my age.

Try a local tag, but still it’s rare af. Did it again 3 months later

I hate tags, I only use question mode

When/why did you stop meeting him?

What do you like about crossdressing?

When I was 11, I was seduced by my friend's older sister when I had a sleepover there once. Lost my virginity that night.

>be me, 14
>have girlfriend, 13
>have made out, done everything above the waist
>she's grabbed my dick thru my jeans, but not more
>friend's party coming up, parties were always opportunities for couples to take the "next step"
>gf tells me she's going to suck my dick
>fuck yeah, can't wait
>dress nice, douse myself in Axe body spray, its 2001 after all
>party is "lit" (Ron Howard: "It wasn't")
>we eventually find an unoccupied corner to make out in
>she doesn't want to go further "in public"
>convince her the bathroom will be sexy
>people in the first bathroom
>open another door, friend's older sister's bedroom, empty, but she's around
>she has her own bathroom tho
>start making out again, getting hot and heavy
>i'm making less than subtle hints that she needs to make good on her offer
>she's resistant, just wants to make out some more
>do you want to do this or not?
>i'm scurred user, never seen real pp
>she starts crying, inconsolable, tells me to go
>i leave the bathroom, dick hard, but disappointed
>close bathroom door behind me, realize friend's older sister has returned
>she graduated the year before, when i was freshman
>hey user, did you fuck your little girlfriend?
>no, she was going to give me a blowjob but got freaked out and now she's crying
>aww, she left you blue-balled?
>she looks at my tented shorts
>you want me to take care of that?
>she gets up and locks the door
>pull it out, she says, lets see it
>i've had at least 2 beers, so i'm like, fuck it, y not?


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No, user, don't cont. Jesus Christ, why do people ask if they should continue? OF COURSE CONTINUE! It's been good so far.

>6 yo
>so is a girl i went to school
>play doctor with her and another boy
>drop pants, see other boy's dick.
>not interested
>see smooth hairless cunny
>ask hee to spread her legs so we can see
>he views from the front, me from the back
>het to see perfect pink butthole
>hes licking her from the front
>eventually asks me to seitch places with him
>do so, eating her out like crazy, spreading her and looking at everything before putting in my mouth
>jaw gets sore
>watch her pee
>other boys go home
>lick her some more afterwards
>have to go home too
>did more the next day

Still have dreams about it.

>be 14 year old youngster
>at cousins cabin in a country
>cousins are 14y and 16y, both girls, really nice and pretty
>spend your days just chilling, harvesting mushrooms etc
>give good image 'bout yourself (i guess?)
>evening comes and we go to sauna
>nudity is natural, so we go all together
>just thinking 'bout my nude cousins in a hot sauna gives my penis small erect (well it's kinda erect, not so clearly, but it gained more size)
>get every steam of out sauna and go swimming naked and then back to warm
>trade erotic looks with your cousins and smiles, but no one aint saying a thing
>mine and my cousins parents can't stand the heat anymore and they went to grab some wine and ignite the grill
>me and my two amazing cousins, naked in the sauna, sitting next to me
>in this part my boner was getting even bigger, and the cousins clearly saw what i was thinking bout them
>i was embarrassed and tried to hide it
>cousins were giggling and they said "its okay" and started to show their special parts
>"you wanna touch my breast?"
>susans seal of approval and start move your palms toward dem titties
>"can i touch your dick for exchange?"
>fsst hard place, dont know what to say
>out of nowhere, wild dad appears in sauna!
>"we have an emergency, girls get the fuck out fo here!!"
>cousins leave and dad takes huge crap on the sauna stove
>he turns me laying down on my stomach
>"im taking a shit on your back, son"
>okay dad
>the shit is ejecting on my spine
>dad is rubbing da shit all over my back and ask: "do you like this, do you?"
>to be honest, not so much
>"me either, i thought you would"
>never speak 'bout shit episode with my dad

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How old was she? How did she seduce you?

>>cousins were giggling and they said "its okay" and started to show their special parts
They were teenagers, this isn't childhood "you show me yours"

She was between 14-15.
She invited me to her room late at night when everyone was fast asleep, wearing just a light green t-shirt and light blue and white striped panties.

>wearing just a light green t-shirt and light blue and white striped panties.
Thank you, so many stories skip the details of what the girl is wearing!

But my my, shimpan pattern panties...

The real questions are being asked in this thread.

My sister was 14 I was 10 .. it's was when I first started puberty I guess so I had boners all the time but didn't really know what to do or why. So she would take me into her closet and get me hard because she wanted to know what to do when she went to high school was nd met real boys. She would jerk me off, suck me off, and on the rare occasions fuck me. I didn't know better and it lasted about a year. I've never talked since

>I've never talked since
Spotted the larp.

I'm on my phone.. I've never talked about it* since

I remember a girl in my class had to fuck her brother after losing a bet.

Sister changing.

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Did some sexual things with a friend's mom when I was in middle school. First time, she was lying on her back on the couch asleep, and I figured I wouldn't disturb her if I just slightly lifted her dress to peak at her panties. I stupidly thought that would be enough for me, but the next thing I knew my head was between her thighs sniffing at her crotch. After a minute or so, her thighs squeezed my head and she ran a hand through my hair. Stayed like that for a few minutes just sniffing her before she let go and got up.

Got sc?

>Be 10, really love friend.
>One morning at my house watching Pokemon
>Suggest we should go down on ourselves
>Was awkward the following days lol

>Be 19, Senior Year (Got held back in 5th grade)
>Ask girl to prom
>She says yes and asks me to be her boyfriend
>I say yes
>Fast-Forward 3 months
>It's my birthday, we're at a club with other students
>On the ride back she lets me finger her

>Be 26, lost feelings and emotions, starting to lose faith too..
>What's the worse that can happen?
>Show up to Escort's hotel
>She's a little bit crazy but that's because she was paranoid I may have been a cop and she had literally just smoked up weed lol
>She gives me blowjob with condom on, coool
>She gets on top of me and t-minus ten seconds i'm done

I'm not going to lie.. I think I've become an asexual, I'm 29 now, had sex twice now, it's trash.


You should try gay sex at least once, even if you feel straight. It might awaken something exciting.

oh yikes. shes got a nigger in there bro

a friend's older cousin jerked off into my mouth when i was 12. i dunno how old he was but he was in high school and was spending a few days at my buddies house with his parents. he goofs around with us and later says he'll teach us how to jerk off. i knew what it was but had never masturbated yet so i did want to know. told me to come to his room with him when friend was sleeping. starts showing me guys jerking off on his computer and tells me to copy them.
was pretty embarrassed to take my dick out, was the first time anyone other than my parents saw it. he took his cock out while i was jerking off and started masturbating too. he told me itll feel good to cum but i was too nervous to orgasm. he stands up and tells me to open my mouth, i ask him why and he says just do it so i did. proceeds to cum in my mouth, tasted bad and it shot to the back of my throat so i started to choke a bit. told me to not tell anyone then said we would talk about it later. he went to sleep and i was too confused to jerk off.

5 years old, next door neighbor girl (around same age) introduced me to vagina and we played with each other's genitals.

Thanks you fucked him up. But you’re right though

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Found some porno magazines in the woods when was about 7 or 8. Took next doors daughter to see them. We copied what we saw in the pictures.

I remeber she was fascinated by foreskin.

Ahh that was a good summer.

I guess I did fuck him up. Bummer, but if he's that sensitive he doesn't belong on 4chins

My friends 9year old sister when I was 15.
Didn't get to probably fuck her until she was 10 but we did everything together

>Doesn't belong on Cred Forums
The irony


Story time

I don't follow

You all are constantly ass hurt over stupid shit.

You must be new here

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No, that's why I know how full of bullshit you are.

Well hello, brother.

My older cousin used to like teaching me and her little brother about sex. For some reason she used to go nuts about having me suck on her tits, to the point where she started lactating. Crazy thinking about a 14 year old lactating without ever being pregnant or having a kid.


Friend has little sister, she's always hanging around being annoying.
At 8 she starts flirting with me, at 9 my friend finds a picture of us with a heart around my head, starts teasing her.
Her family calls me her boyfriend.
A week after I find out my face is buried between her thighs.
5 years later we are still together and now her family knows.

Stimulating the breasts can induce lactation. That's probably what she did by playing with them herself and having you and her brother suck them.

How old were you and your boy cousin when this was happening?

I wonder if she got off...

>5 years later we are still together and now her family knows.
and they didn't tell you to get the fuck out forever?

Story time faggots about how I took the virginity of a girl and she proceeded to ruin my life.

>Be me
>Be 17yo working at shitty burger place after school
>Two of my friends work there too
>One of my friends tells me this girl he's always have a crush on is coming
>She comes talks to all three of us
>I'm getting weir vibes from her but whatever
>Fast forward a month of this happening
>My homie tells me the girl is working with us now
>That's great user since I know she like her

How sweet and pure!

Some girls are allowed to have boyfriends at 14.

>Hooked up with minor
>Life gets ruined

and nothing of value was learned

They found out when she was 12, and they have known me all my life, think they are just happy I'm not a nigger or spic (tednecks)

>I remeber she was fascinated by foreskin.
That means she's seen male family member's dicks and they were circumcised.

Sweet. How did she react to her first orgasm?

>says storytime
>proceeds to fill up only 30% of the maximum text
yeah sure, let me know when you're done in a week

I guess this kind of hits 2 of the categories.

>Be me, around 6 or 7.
>Be an overall nutcase.
>all over the walls.
>somehow never got ritilan
>super overly sexual.
>always trying to spy on the neighbor girls.
>anyways, very used to seeing my mom naked.
>sleep with her. talk to her in her room, all that.
>watching local news story about breastfeeding
>this was years ago, but it was about mom's breastfeeding their kids until they were way older than they should be.
>this was suuuuuuper taboo back then, it's more accepted now.
>not that had any clue.
>ask mom if I can suck on her boobies.
>she says "omg, user, no!" and does the thing where she covers us her chest.
>i ask why not and start pulling at her shirt to get her titties out.
>little me was basically raping my mom.
>eventually, she concedes and i she lets me take one out.
>I really don't understand what I'm supposed to so I kind of nibble on her nipple.
>she says no, not like that, user. You suck. Like a binkey.
>there's not much more to the story other than my mom let me suck on her boobs for 15 minutes when i was like, 7.
>I do remember she really enjoyed it, though.
>i started off on my knees on the couch, but she pulled me into what I guess would be called nursing position.
>when I told her I was done she told me "no, you stop when you get milk."
>I was like, "nah, I'm done."
>Cut to 6 months later I've sucked on every mosquito bite around.
>titty sucking bandit.
>now it's one of my fetishes.
>thanks, mom.

She did have an older brother. I also remember her holding onto my peen while I took a piss, she waved it around like a little hose. Kek

Yeah it is kinda sweet

>She did have an older brother.
So I wonder how she saw his dick. Then again, she saw yours too.

>The girl is working with us now
>She's always bring me ice cream and shit
>My friend notice she's into me and tells me to do nothing
>I say of course cause Bros before hoes
>Fast forward another 2 weeks
>It's pass 11 at night
>I got night shift and so was this girl
>We are the only two left and ask me if I can drive her home
>I say of course no problem
>We get to her house and she kissed me
>Her tongue was extra soft
>She ask me in since her parents aren't home

? user said he was 17, he's the minor. We don't know if the girl is too.

What age did you date at 17? Either you deserve to have your life ruined or your partner does, by your logic.

How does race even matter you child molester?

Story? Greentext?

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Interpretation leads to idiocy as always.

I mean he hooked up with an under age girl, and fuck off with you "WeLl YoU dOn'T kNoW" garbage, she was underage as well, everyone who is over the age of 20 can smell highschool musical drama when it's present. He fucked up by allowing drama into his life, he got what he paid for.

It matters to them. Like I said, redneck

He was a minor himself.

Again, who are you supposed to date at 17?

Who did you date at 17?

Your mom

>We are in her house now
>She puts water boiling for a cup of tea
>She says shes gonna shower and I can wait inher Ron
>Minutes goes by and she yells "user, could you come for a seg"
>I go and she is completely naked in shower
>Ask me if I can rubb her back
>Dick is diamonds, she noticed
>Do you like me user? She ask
>Well ye...yes I mean your body is amazing you're really pretty
>We go to bedroom
>She puts me on the bed and goes on top
>Blood starts coming out
>I'm a virgin she say
>I proceeded to fuck regardless of my friend fellings towards her

few years ago, was in Japan got a blowjob from my gf in a hospital bed while she had to stay there

I didn't think so.

Good for you, because if you had gotten a date before 18, you'd deserve your life ruined. t. you

Why was she hospitalized? Ether of you Japanese?

Yes, I wonder. I don't think she was active, untill we found the magazines that is

You understand the law literally gives no fucks who is what just that he fucked a minor? Right?

Like, if I took a dick pic of my own dick at 17, for some reason had saved it all these years at age of 31 and I was caught with it, i could still be charged with child porn, right?

>he's on Cred Forums at 31
And I thought my life was sad.

Oh, you have no idea the depths of my pathetic life lol

I’m about to be 38. Life is shit.


12? So you would be 18 then?

Now I feel bad; just turned 61. Fuck.

After that we went out for 2 years, I fucker her almost daily then she cheated at me with the friend who always liked her, we broke up and she started fucking with Avery guy who ask her, a year later she keeps coming to my house daily for a month just to fuck me, I the find out she's been fucking other dude while she was coming to my house I broke all communication.
Another year passed and I hear from a friend she's been fucking two of my best friends. Found out is true, I confronted this girl on why after 3 years she keeps fucking my friends. She says is nothing wrong with it. After that I loose connection with all my friends. Last year I found out she have a baby with the guy who was my friends, the one who Introduced this girl in my life.
I ask the girl about it, she says the father could be any of two guys she became a hore. And cherry on top of the cake?
Her son came out a retard

>No self esteem
>Slightly bitter at life

You know, all the check boxes

She's Japanese, had something with her stomach don't remember what

Britfag here

Lonely middle aged alcoholic woman used to let a group of us chill at her house. She would buy the alcohol and we bought the weed.

After a few weeks of this she got a bit suggestive. I was there alone one night and she offered to suck my dick. One thing led to another and we fucked.

I told a friend and turns out she'd done the same to all of us.

How old were you guys ?

Continue boss.

My friend found out when he walked in on us and she told her family a few weekends later.
Since that we have started to fuck more at her place and she loves to be loud and call me daddy, things are delightfully awkward in the mornings if her dad is home.

40 here, at home watching the kids for "fair day", life's pretty good, weather's weird or we'd be at a park

My first time technically was penetrating and cumming in a horse.

What I consider my first time was with a girl a grade above me. I was a 16 yo forever virgin and this chick would sit beside me on the bus everyday and tell me about some crazy time she had doing shrooms the last weekend. She was super cute but had the biggest psycho eyes it was unsettling. I was just happy to get some attention though. One Friday she kept hinting at being alone this weekend, but I was too dense to pick up hints. Her stop came up , and when I stood up to let her out she grabbed my hand. Gave a note to the bus driver (required notes for us to get off at unusual bus stops) and led me off the bus. We walked through the woods for a bit before circling around to an empty house. After an hour of hitting a pipe I was feeling tingly al over, but still had the presence of mind to drop the pills she took/gave me on the ground.

No idea what she took but after maybe 40 mins she was half-lidded and smiley. She put on MTV and it wasn’t long before our dancing went from jumping/laughing to head on my chest/butt grinding on my crotch. She kissed me, pretty sloppy but memorable as it was the first time my mouth/tongue had ever touched a girl. She worked at my pants and after pulling them down was kneeling mouth-level with my dick. She must have seen the intensity of my face because she burst into a fit of laughter and stood up. Put her hands out, head back like she was being crucified, and stood there. Finally got the hint and undressed her. First the shirt that came up over a tight, beautiful tummy. The bra freed sizable, fairly perky breasts. I knelt and took her bottoms and panties off in one motion. Before I could finish she had thrown her right leg over my left shoulder. I looked up at her smiling with those wife, crazy eyes as her, resting on the back of my head, pushed my mouth to her crotch.

Not sure why this is so long. TBC I guess...


I remember rubbing a family friends asshole once. I was maybe 6 or 7 and she was around 12. I would stay over all the time, cause her brother was my best friend at the time.

She'd let me put my hands in her pants, but only her ass. Whenever I tried going for her pussy, she would shove me away.

I wish i had more details, but i cant remember much about it.

Pic related. Left.

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still waiting for a greentext, this is literally my dream

And dad had never kicked your ass for fucking his underage daughter?

complaining about parts of a story which contains dinosaurs and laser-wielding crocodiles

How old is she now

Nope, even refers to me as his soon to be son-in-law.
Even jokes a big about how he wishes he was my age again so that he and the wife could go all night like we do. (Gross overstatement)



>at home watching the kids for "fair day"
You have a marriage? And children? And you're still on Cred Forums?

Where do you suppose fathers go to express their desire to fuck their daughter?

Do you really? How old are they? How do you feel about the desires?

When I was a teenager my little sister figured out she could use her body to get me and my friends to do anything.

She would let me feel her boobs and ass if I bought her shit etc. After a while she would taught me about how I was a total pervert that I would do shit for her just to get at my own sisters tits.

I told her that I was just like every other guy, it its not me but all men are easily manipulated by sex. She thought yes but not your own family. I told her that even my Dad would fuck her if she let him.

She called bullshit so I bet her 50$ he would.

A few days past and she gave me 25$. I asked where the other half was and she said: "You were only half right, I got Dad to finger me and I blew him but he chickened out before having sex"

So you are welcome Dad for the blowie form your teenage daughter

>Even jokes a big about how he wishes he was my age again so that he and the wife could go all night like we do.

I'm not one of them. I'm just saying they exist.

Personally stories like that are not my thing at all.

What stories are your thing?

Yes sir out in meth country

>When I was a teenager my little sister figured out she could use her body to get me
>She would let me feel her boobs and ass if I bought her shit etc.
How did this start and how old were you both?

Did you go as far as your dad?

Joplin Missouri? Lol

Men; sec manipulates us
Women; their pride and abhorrent need to be right about everything.

Men; sex manipulates us
Women; their pride and abhorrent need to be right about everything.

Kinda innocent joke, but fun fact he is 10 years oldrrghen his wife they meet when she was 20 shehadmy friend already but he raised him like his own.

Then at 31 you should be able to afford a lawyer who can get the charge dismissed as absurd.


That's not how it works lmao, are you even old enough to be on this site?

> Be me, 14 or so
> Family go stay with family over the christmas period
> Me, my 12yo sister and our parents stay with aunt, uncle, and cousins 15 and 11
> Sister is cute, short, well built blonde hair and freckles. Still a bit of baby fat around her face at that age so it gives her the sweet innocent look but shes also sporty and her tits are coming in nicely
> 15yo cousin is tall and naturally slim with black hair and perky tits, tanned because she's always at the beach
> 11yo cousin is fat af, nothing like her sister and not important
> Anyway, family decide to all go out shopping. I think my uncle was at work but not sure
> I fake being sick because I fucking hate shopping with girls
> Watching TV, playing vidya
> Get sick of their shitty games
> Exploration time
> Head straight down to the basement
> My uncles study is down there
> Start snooping
> Open his pc, just work shit
> Check his drawers
> Find external hard drive tucked away
> Moment of fear before I hook it up
> Nudes
> Pictures of my aunt. Nice.
> Start fapping as I go through poorly hidden folders
> Holy shit
> Pictures of my hot cousin from what looks like a spycam
> Getting changed, a few of her doing things like brushing her hair
> Videos too
> Fapping furiously now
> My sister shares her room while were staying there
> Never been interested in her that way but hes got a folder with a few pictures and videos of her too
> Fuck it, blow a load to my sister
> Looking at her perky tits and fit body
> Literally nothing of my fatass cousin
> Grab my laptop, copy everything
> Cum again
> Delete all traces I was there
> Go upstairs and spend the rest of the day jacking off
> Go home, start jacking to sister regularly
> Eventually get paranoid and delete everything
> Years pass
> Uncle killed himself a few days ago and I wonder if its got something to do with that

No, I'm afraid most of the country is meth country these days, but I'm right next to crack alley if that helps ... fuck no it doesn't hmm.

Far from the border, it's cold here now but no snow..
That's about what I'm willing to say

My first time was with my older partner when I was 13

Nah she'd never let me.

cut the purple prose

I feel you, user, not trying to delve too deep. Sounds like a N or S Dakota kind of place, meth is big up there too.

>cucked by your own dad

Anyway, how did this start and how old were you both?

Purple prose???

Hurry the fuck up user

Not quite that rural (hence the close proximity to crack alley)

You from Joplin?

Yeah yeah yeah. No one cares
How did the first meeting with her parents go after they found out?

I'm from KC, but i know Joplin used to be named in meth bust headlines all the time in the late 90s/early 2000s

overly flowery and abstract descriptive writing

> My female cousin sucked my cock when we were both 5
> She asked "can i suck your tail" before getting on her knees and sucking my soft cock
>we did it a few times. I would put my finger in her ass and touch her pussy. I think i kissed it once.
> this continued for a few weeks until her older sister walked in on us and we were naked under her bed.
> stopped being allowed to play together after that.
> turns out she was being sexually abused by an adult. So didnt know any better.

Fast forward a few years.
> Be me at 14 years old
> First real girlfriend.
> Making out
> I lift her top to look at her tits.
> Suck on them for a while
> she gets all shy and stops me
> i go and jerk off in the bathroom.

A few months later... Im 15 now
> Different girl
> making out, she puts her hand in my pants and starts jerking me off.
> super horny girl every chance we get i finger her she jerks me off..
> i lick her pussy for the first time she sucks my cock.
>We only date for 2 weeks but spend most of it naked. She asks me to buy some condoms but I chicken out and we never actually fuck. (until a few years later after a coincidental meet.

I am now 18
>been with a girl 2 years never got past oral.
>she decides she is ready to lose her V
>we fuck missionary then doggy i blow my load pretty quick.
>We have anal sex a few months later while watching the movie the Burbs.
>I came in her ass, she sat on the toilet shiting my cum out crying while i washed my cock in her sink.


You never told your sister or cousins?

Fuck ya user, has been a week of party up here, i work for a small business who has not been taking shit seriously since Sunday. Minimal work and beers for the parade and shit. This whole town is on fkn cloud 9.

This guy cares But my first meeting with them after they found out was when she called me to come over and have a talk with them. Had to check with my friend to make sure her dad would not kill me.
They were nice and sweet , didn't like the age gap but they approved because I was a good boy.

How old are you?

>she sat on the toilet shiting my cum out crying
Why crying user?

What does she look like

So close to those quads my guy. And I'm 36.

She was crying saying "i always said id never do it up the bum"

I don’t think I’d be able to stop laughing

Be me, 14 or 15yo, living in a medium-sized village in Europe 20 years ago.
I was out, taking a walk for whatever reason (I think I just wanted to be out because it was summer). Spot a girl a bit ahead of where I was.
11 or 12yo. I knew her but never really talked to her. She had dark messy hair, trying the goth style before it was cool, overall not that pretty, 7/10 if I'm generous, and rather, well, dumb.
She was walking outside of the village, toward the woods. Now I was very used to the nearby woods because I would do lot of biking on dirtroads there, but I knew this part had nothing interesting, so I followed her from afar out of curiosity.
She ventured into the woods following what seemed to be an animal track and I quickly lost sight of her. I kept following the track, got a bit lost myself, went back on my steps, re-followed the track... until I started hearing weird sounds.
Sounds that I immediately identified as moans since I had already seen plenty of porn tapes.
I kept on going with caution, and finally found her. The same girl, openly getting railed in the open by a hobo looking dude I had never seen. He apparently had a little hut made in the woods rights there. She was really, really into it.
I kept watching for a while, then carefuly treaded back without getting seen. I have an outdoor fucking fetish since then.

Nope. At first I was worried about myself getting in shit, then figured it wouldn't help. I've considered it but they probably wouldn't believe me.

Now that he's dead though I'm considering going to visit to "help" clean up. Smash the evidence or something so they don't find it, now he's dead all it would do is hurt them.


I'm a femanon and I have a story although I doubt anyone will believe me.

I once went to a band camp as a 22yo female and sat next to a 15yo boy in the flute section. (I know this sounds like a fucking joke). We flirted all week and ended up hanging out on the last day after practice and fucking in my hotel room, he was a virgin, I wasn't. It was actually great. 15 year olds have so much stamina they just go and go and go. Dick stayed hard after cumming, kept going. Left bandcamp and haven't really spoken to him much since.

I had to look up laws in my state to see if I could get in trouble for having sex with a minor and I could have but there's leniency because I was within 6 years of his age or something. Nothing ever happened though.

Feel free to ask questions.

Skinny redneck type, but she got her mother's looks so pretty fucking hot, deep blue eye, long blond hair, still pretty flat chested (probably stay that way) cute little butt (not white girl flat, but far from a big booty)
She does not have a hint of pubes (my fault)

Cool kinda hope and don't at the same time that I'll be here in 16 years.

That's cool. I have a thing for cute girls getting railed by filthy hobos, I'd love to see my gf raped by one. Did you ever see much of him? Ever find out the story behind them?

Re-posting this in every one of these threads...

Attached: Samantha vol 1.png (2636x5873, 1.48M)

My sister would come back drunk from dates or parties and I'd feel her up once she was asleep. First tits, pussy, and ass I ever saw or felt was hers.

...until vol 3 magically gets posted one day, I hope.

Attached: Samantha vol 2.png (3225x5927, 1.82M)

Tbf it was kinda funny, found out shortly after she was fucking her male best friend behind my back. So i felt better having took her ass virginity in such a brutal fashion.

Wish Id arranged a threesome tbh would have been fun to DP her.

Timestamp or STFU

>to "help" clean up. Smash the evidence or something so they don't find it
Or rescue it for yourself again.

No need to be paranoid now, you should have the skills to keep everything hidden for good.

do you wish it had happened?
Whats the appeal of a young guy for an older woman?

What was it like being involved with a boy that age socially (rather than physically)? Like, only 6 years but pretty removed in life experience.

Who initiated and why did you decide to have sex?

she wasn't that cute to be honest, and it was both hot and disgusting.
Hot because, well, I was a teenage boy watching live sex!
Disgusting because the hobo guy didn't strike me as the cleanest guy around. He was rather short for an adult, beer belly, unkept beard... I thought he was at least 40 but he also could have been an unhealthy 25, hard to say.
I learned a few months later that she had been bragging about having an "older boyfriend", but I wasn't too interested in gossip so I didn't learn much

>and we never actually fuck. (until a few years later after a coincidental meet.
Cute epilogue, how did the coincidental meet happen?

Stop degrading Scouts with your fucking perversions. Scouting is about more than base level hedonism you mongoloids.

Nah it was different then, I was a kid too. But I wouldn't keep that shit now. If he had more recent stuff when they're older though...

49 yo reporting in. my life's good.

I absolutely wish it happened, it was awesome! There were a few points of appeal, 1: I was rebounding pretty hard at the time and wanted to make my shithead ex jealous, and 2: he was hot. Like every though he was 15 he had a pretty decent scruffly beard so I had no idea he was so young to be fair about it.

I've always had a thing for younger boys because I went to an all-girls school and never really interacted with boys, so I feel like I missed out on cute teenage romance and stuff like that.. so I feel like I always try to make up for it in my adult life by being attracted to teenagers.

Socially, it was a bit weird. Like I was living in my own apartment in a different city and this boy was literally a kid in grade 10 living with his mum and kid sisters. He rode a bmx bike ffs. We hung out at the skate park with some other of his teenage friends and I felt really really old and out of place, ngl.

I'd say both of us initiated. There was pretty obvious chemistry between us. If you wanna know who made the first move, I'ma say me. We were lying on my bed in the hotel and I said "You know how you told me you're a virgin... well, you wanna not be anymore?"

Who cares?

If her family knows, does your friend?
If so how do they react to you having a girlfriend 6 years your junior? Its 6 years right?

>I've always had a thing for younger boys because I went to an all-girls school and never really interacted with boys, so I feel like I missed out on cute teenage romance and stuff like that..
Relatable, I think I read threads like this because I missed out on this stuff during my teens. Same for you? Although of course not every girl who went to an all-girls school ends up in incest threads on Cred Forums...

>and I felt really really old and out of place, ngl.
Just imagine you're young again, like that movie where Olivia Wilde lives with a teenager and hangs out with her friends!

>I'd say both of us initiated. There was pretty obvious chemistry between us.
It's just wacky and kinda hot to think this 15 year old flirts with you and without even knowing his age things lead all the way to your hotel room.

Yes 6

And they found out when her parents did.
They are all jealous.
A couple of them tried to get you ger girls too but one was threatened with cops sohe backed off.
She's kinda the ultimate girlfriend

Hah, I guess that's why I hang out on incest threads! I dunno I think the whole taboo of incest stories is alluring too.

And I knew the kid's age. He told me like the second day we met in the usual
>so how old are you
>oh wow I though you were like 18
>how old are you then
>oh wow I thought you were 18 too

How was the sex? Think you’d get with another guy that age? Younger?

>I dunno I think the whole taboo of incest stories is alluring too.
It's funny, I feel like I'm the only person into incest for the intimacy of it, sex between siblings in the same household, and not the taboo aspect.

>And I knew the kid's age.
At first though, when his beard tricked you!

>be 15
>raging virgin hormones, fapping to some good hentai
>it's 7pm and dad isn't home for work
>moms making rice krispies
>dumb bitch only knows how to make one treat and thats how to make rice krispies. I love me sum krispies tho
>about to cum but tissue box is messing
>stop the tingle and hide my dingle
>conceal mt. everest with shirt
>my boy genius self thought I didn't need to put my shorts back on cuz I was gonna be quick
>try to walk carefully, the feel of the cloth could make me explode
>mission: metal gear bathroom
>walking towards kitchen to reach the bathroom
>mom walking into the hall
>try to tell her later I gotta go
>my onix can barely contain it
>walk past awkwardly
>hall is narrow and she's in the middle
>she moves her arm
>grazes mr.johnson from under the shirt
>shoot my load on moms hand instantly
>dad walks in
>laughs then beats my ass

And that's how I got my first hand job.

Well I'm 27 now so going for a 15 year old would be much more creepy so I probably won't do that. I honestly reckon that I'll hire young male escorts if I get older and I feel the need for young boys again.

And the sex was good!! He was inexperienced and I honestly really like that. So excited and just happy to be there, y'know? Not to mention they'll hold a special place in their mind for you forever.

I had a similar thing when I was 15 or so, a friends pretty little 10 year old sister had a huge crush on me, told me we could do "grown up stuff". I didn't though because I'm not a pedophile piece of shit.


kinda vicious to spank you for a bodily function


Top kek

nice fiction, user. Lil bit too obvious tho

> they'll hold a special place in their mind for you forever

bam, there is it. Its not about the sex its about feeling important and appreciated.

My mom in 1997

I was snooping through my mom's stuff and I found a shoebox and an old camcorder bag buried in the back of her closet.

In the shoebox there was dozens of old pics and nudes of her, and the camcorder bag had an old camcorder and 8 tapes. 6 of the tapes were normal family stuff, but two the tapes had a red sticker on them, so I put them in an adapter and watched them on a VCR and it turned out to be 4 different sex tapes of my mom.

I scanned all the pics to my laptop and I recorded the sex tapes off the TV with my phone.

Attached: o.jpg (750x833, 108K)


She became a model 5 years later

Attached: 5F34B2FE-787F-4548-9120-2938E2EB7B98.jpg (1125x1404, 367K)

post vids pls

I'd say she looks like a model, but what do I know? The internet is full of selfies of girls I find hotter than plenty of models.

I will

Attached: d.jpg (1373x729, 159K)

I mean it's also about sex. Orgasms are great. Two birds one stone, my guy.

Yes. If I remember correctly I think it was a strawberry one lol

The best I ever found in my mom's stuff was lingerie and old swimming costumes

Attached: f.jpg (2283x847, 338K)

Sister's panties

Attached: IMG_023.png (461x819, 416K)

Sister who wears those panties.

Attached: 11852843_677370595740393_1508348.jpg (500x906, 106K)

The pink pair look pretty, but we can't really see what any of them look like besides the thong. Pic of them laid out and unfolded?

We were 15 when we first met. After we split I didn't see her for at least a year. She lived on the other side of the river different school etc.. Bumped into each other at a heavy metal club. She was rocking the whole nu metal goth lolita look with bright red hair.. she was hot as fuck tbh.

Some dude was being sleezy with her so she kind of latched onto me for protection. Anyway she was staying with her sister so we all walked home that way. I went in for tea. She was sleeping on a sofa bed. She went out and came in totally naked fully shaven. We made out i went down on her she sucked me for a while. She looked me in the eye and said "i want you inside me" she was on the pill so we fucked bareback. I came inside her doggy style with my thumb up her ass.

We never really hung out again. I saw her 7 years later in a hospital with her partner. She has a few kids now.. Cool girl.

>I saw her 7 years later in a hospital with her partner.
Seven years... how time flies.

>She has a few kids now.. Cool girl.
While you and I are still posting on Cred Forums. Depressing.

very nice pic, user, wish you had other non-blurry ones

How old is she?

Summarized version bc I'm tired af
> Be me, about 4/5
> Raised on farm in the middle of nowhere
> Dads a mechanic, mom sells horses
> I wander around the farm as a kid doing kid shit
> Go looking mom one day
> Over the hill
> See mom with her shirt off near one of the horses in the back paddock
> Freak out and run, dont remember exactly why
> Mom explains she had bugs in her shirt
> Forget about it
> I'm about 22, move home from interstate temporarily after a breakup
> Only one pc in the main house, another in dads shed
> Going through recents to clear evidence of the porn I downloaded onto my hard drive
> Find weird filenames
> Girlfuckshorse.wmv, dogknotsteen.jpg, shit like that.
> Do some snooping
> Lots of beast porn
> Figure its my brother
> On the down low tell him to delete his history next time
> He reminds me he knows more about computers than I do
> Maybe its dad?
> He has a pc in his shed
> Mom spends more time than anyone on the pc
> On "animal care" forums
> Remember what I saw as a kid
> That back paddock is where stallions are kept for breeding
> mfw my moms into bestiality
> mfw I might be half horse

I can try
>mid-late 2000s
>11 years old
>having overnight at friend's place
>he has two older sisters and one younger sister
>play around all day, mostly video games
>second oldest (14-15) and youngest sister (8-9) join us sometimes
>night falls
>about to go to sleep
>get done showering and brushing my teeth
>second oldest sister lurking outside
>she is almost a head taller than me, shoulder length brown hair, and long legs
>wearing light green t and panties
>quietly asks me to come to her room once my friend is fast asleep
>fast forward to almost midnight
>no lights on, friend sleeping big time, my eyes wide open
>quietly sneak out of the guest fold-out bed
>very quietly walk down the hallway, enter second oldest sister's room
cont maybe

Oh and also
> Mom started taking an interest in large dogs
> For as long as I can remember I've had a thing for seeing girls fucked by animals
> Not attracted to my mother at all though
> Have qt gf now, hoping to see her fucked by a dog or titfuck a horse one day

>22 vs 15
>”within 6 years of his age” so okay
female math. Glad you got your slot filled, tho.

I suck at this

>be me male 12 feemale cousin 7. One day left in charge of her while everyone else goes to a farmers market. I'm half asleep on the floor when she comes and lays next to me. I put my arm around her and fall asleep. I wake up to her holding my arm humping it. She aslo has my hand was down her pants. When I asked her what she was doing she said she was playing the boyfriend game.

Continue user

Attached: 1548832819375.png (225x233, 135K)

I dunno, although I lurk on Cred Forums listen to swedish punk rock and have holes in my jeans Im also married a parent an RN and i own my own home so...

Well? Go on.

>When I was 6-7 I lived with my aunt and uncle for a couple years.
>They had a son (Wes) 11-12 and daughter 13-14 (Sara), as well as a rotation of temporary foster kids they would take care of.
>Wes was kinda chubby, but was nice and your typical 90's kid, wore a backwards hat, liked to skateboard. Quickly became like a big brother, hung out a lot. Played lots of PS1 and Sega Saturn.
>I was a cute kid. Skinny and athletic, messy blond hair.
>Took showers together regularly (parents wanted to save money on water). Was first dick I ever saw. We're both cut, but he's so much bigger. Curious.jpg
>My first boner, he notices. Wes starts to rub my hard little cock, pretends to clean it. Soap, and water, and his soft fingers gliding up and down my smooth shaft, teasing the sensitive tip. Feels so good. Lightly squeezes my balls, I yelp in suprise.
>He stops. I'm disappointed, but don't know how to tell him to keep going.
>I grab his dick, rubbing it with my fingers, copying what he did, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I can feel it throbbing and growing, so I squeeze it my hand and can feel it respond. It's twice the size or bigger than mine.
>He starts touching me again. We just fondle each other, for what seems like forever, feeling every centimeter of our dicks and balls... softly, but slowly getting rougher.
>We're just staring at each other, silently. It's so quiet, I can only hear his breath, and mine, getting louder and louder but lost in the pitter-patter of the water of the shower, like rain.
>This becomes a ritual we do every time we take a shower together.

Here again to share the most awkward first time ever.

>be me, 15 years old
>dating girlfriend, we fooled around with oral but no sex yet
>it's her 15th birthday and I'm at a big party at her house with friends and family
>she gives me a look and brings me up to her bedroom while everyone is downstairs playing games and socializing
>"fuck me for my birthday present, user"
>get into bed with her, both naked and under blankets
>a bit of oral then finally ready, fool around with condom and slide it on, no clue what I'm doing
>get on top of her and slide my cock in, feels fucking good and almost nut instantly
>cue her fucking mother walking in with a friend's mom
>gf's mom shows other mom all the posters and artwork in girlfriends room, turns ceiling light on
>gf and I just awkwardly lay still under covers, me on top of her, obvious what we were doing but don't say anything to them, they try not to acknowledge us
>this goes on for 5 minutes
>they leave, we are way to sketched out to continue so just get dressed and go back downstairs
>gf's mom shooting me the absolute worst looks the rest of the day

Definitely not a highlight of my sex life but lost my virginity so idgaf

we were on a high school orchestra trip. we had already gone a year without fucking, she was super prude. well, our flight home got delayed so everyone got their own hotel room comped from united. we stayed in the same room, and we were making out. she was all “this feels like destiny” and started begging me to fuck her. pic related

Attached: 019DBD8D-CD57-4261-B089-FF5D0D2841DC.jpg (652x960, 179K)

That is not how laws work. Your case is retarded and not relevant to a 17 year old fucking someone within his age group. Minors can have sex with other minors and often with adults where age of consent is 16 or something, depending on the language in the books.

Ok pedo

>you're here forever

>Be 10 at my best friends house (also 10)
>No parents home
>Randomly asks what I would do if a kid asked me to suck their dick
>said i dont know but i thought nothing of it
>Have had sleep-overs
>we've wrestled before where his crotch got in my face before and he started dry humping it
>few weeks after he asks me the question were wrestling again and hes got his crotch on my face again
>starts humping me alot
>asked if I can suck his dick
>say ok while he keeps humping me
>start licking his pants like a tard
>tells me to stop and takes off his shorts
>I feel it and it's hard, he gets ontop of me and jumps my face for a tiny bit before he takes his underwear off

We had the same type of lady who lived behind a friend's house. She also would take in the kids "who got kicked out of the house" by angry parents. This was in the late 70s, early 80s.

Her husband was disabled and a drunk. Which meant he was passed out much of the time. She was a little overweight but passable for horny 14-16-year-olds. Most of us had a go with her, or at least got a drunken blowjob.

I once walked into her eating out a girl staying with her. That was mindblowing for a 15-year-old boy, I will tell you what. I wish I had jumped in instead of freaking out.

Either way, lots of itches were scratched by that lonely middle-aged lady.

I'm sad to say I played along with her like that for years not knowing her dad was the one molesting her. She is in lots of therapy now and wants nothing to do with me.

I'm to nervous talking about this to continue

>Not even fucking her once
I want nothing to do with you either

>knowing stuff makes me a boomer
ok retard

We did start haveing sex when she was 12. When she was 15 what when I found out what was happening to her. That's when i tried to put a stop to it all. It didn't work because she started to think she wasn't good enough. She was very unstable after that.

When I was 12 I went on a camping trip with my friend, her dad and her dad's friend. I guess they had already been doing stuff to her for a bit, but anyways, we were sleeping in the camper. I wake up because dad friend is in the bed with me and playing with me and I look over and she's getting fucked by her dad.

I'm unsure really what's going on. Honestly think they may have given us something or at least me. I don't really resist though. Lose my virginity watching my friend get fucked by her dad.

They take turns on us throughout the night. Don't wake up until afternoon. It's raining out, can't go hiking. More sex.

So you bitch modes and now she's in a shrink's office. Good job cuck

More details? How hard did they pound you, how deep, creampies, etc?

I was 12 and he was i believe 10 at the time not super sure but at times she would just spontaneously start masturbating in front of us. She would kind of tell us what to do to her and we just obeyed her.

The first time I came to contact with sex was watching my mom blowing two construction worker dudes

that good boy is having a nice sniff

You gotta greentext it or share more details.

good. you will know they're your friends or not if they believe her or not. a true friend is biased for their mates

I think we need to hear more about this

It was just that or something happened after that?

: nice trips & I have looked in the archives and I am pretty certain that there never has been a
> "Samantha vol 3.png " ;
Whoever wrote parts 1 & 2 apparently didn't get round to writing the 3ʳᵈ part yet, or if they did, nobody made a screencap of the third part.

The original greentext thread where Part 2 was posted can be seen at: ; or .

My aunts boyfriend raped me when I was 13. I tried telling my family about it and they all thought I was making it up. When he saw that he was getting away with it he kept on touching me whenever he could. It took me hiding my dads camcorder in a pile of stuffed animals to Catch what he was doing to me. Somehow it's my fault it all happened.

I caught my mom masturbating when I was young. I asked her what she was doing, she explained that sometimes she does it because it feels good and proceeded to discuss how I would masturbate with my cock. She grabbed me a tissue and encouraged me to lay down next to her and jack off. I was rock hard from watching her moan. Also completely distracted. So I waited. She finished herself and curled next to me and told me to jack off. I start stroking my cock and she starts talking about how great sex is, even if it's by yourself.

She rubs her legs on me and caresses my chest. I have no idea what's coming (figuratively and literally). She keeps encouraging me, telling me I'm doing a good job. And then it happens. I have my first orgasm and cum buckets all over myself. She grabs the tissues and wipes me off. Laughs and says "Now you know what to do... and you'll be doing that a lot, so enjoy it."

I was 12, she was 35. And I still jack off to that to this day nearly 20 years later.

My first sexual experience was getting my ass knotted by a small-medium size dog when I was 13 and babysitting.

Put the kids to bed at around 8, went to go pee and the dog followed me into the bathroom and started humping my leg so I got curious and bent over the bathtub with my pants down. Went straight for my ass.

It didn't last long, dogs cum in seconds but getting knotted feels weirdly incredible, so I rubbed two out while he was stuck.

Worst part was my sister came home while he was still knotted, luckily it was towards the end and I just pretended like I was taking a shit or something that would take a few minutes.

>Didn't lose my actual virginity until like... a year and a half later in a rape
>Still prefer getting knotted and masturbating over actual sex honestly

Was she naked? Have you ever talked about the incident again with her?

My little sister always wanted to do dumb shit like play house. Even if I didn't care anymore. I was 13-14, she was 10-11 at the time. So I decided to make it worth my while and I started dry humping her and getting off while we had "mommy daddy time." She would have to strip to her underwear, and I'd do the same. I'd mount her and grind until I busted a nut. I did this for at least a year. I never actually fucked her. But the closest I got was actually grinding on her leg with my cock out and cumming on stomach a few times.

My uncle taught me how to masterbait when I was 12. He also made it possible for me and my girlfriend to have sex when I was 14. Evarything needs a cool uncle like that.

Yeah, she was completely nude. My family was always very sex positive. She and dad divorced a few years later and she's never dated or re-married. We're still VERY open with each other and I've honestly considered offering to fuck her. I doubt she'd say no, to be honest.




>Taught me

and uh, how did he do that?

That's a good sister ever get to see her naked?

>be me
>playing pokemon gold on gameboy color
>construction workers doing shit outside
>hot summer day, they are both pretty sweaty and propably stink like hell too
>I can see then from my window
>mom goes out to talk to one them
>I kept watching them
>mom then grabs one of them by the hand and goes inside while acting like a little girl being all happy and shit
>I sneak outside my room and go downstairs to see what weird shit is going on
>hear quiet gagging sounds coming from basement (there was a huge hole in the floor of our kitchen at that time for installing a food elevator or some shit. Never go done btw lol)
>my little dick gets instantly diamonds
>I need to see more!
>There were some small gaps between the staircase railing where I could see the dudes ass bouncing back and forth
>He was standing up fucking my mother in her mouth while she was on her knees
>Oh fuck! I get a rush through my whole body, never experienced this before
>guy finishes in her mouth and shakes his head as if not believing what happened.
>he goes outside and the next guy comes in shortly after
>now this one was fucking hot
>The second guy was really aggressive and held her head pretty tight while ramming his cock in there like a caveman
>he even ripped my moms shorts and shirt off
>now the best thing was that she was hardcore into it
>She even grabbed around his ass in a tight grip and was helping him move his hips
>Dude came super hard and loud and it kinda scared me but thinking back now it was really fucking hot shit
>since that day I always watched her closely but never saw anything like that again
>When I discovered fapping I fantasized pretty much constantly about that

What did it feel like having a dog cum in your ass? Do they even produce much?

I like you. You're crazy, but I like you.

She got very shy once she started developing breasts, etc. I saw her tits when she was like 14 or so. Masturbated like a beast immediately after. We never had any sort of sexual relationship. Which is a shame, she was honestly really hot in her teens.

>somehow its all my fault
Its not though. Fuck that guy and your whole family. I'd leave them and never look back. Hope you got your shit together and are okay user.

Raped by a neighbor in my closet on top of my toy chest at 5 years old

Tell us the story in great detail

how old was she then?

>And cherry on top of the cake?
>Her son came out a retard
Holy shit. My sides. Hahahahaha

What you want to know.
I was a virgin, they did take it relatively slow. It wasn't just all about them. Got my pussy ate out too. Had given one bj before, when they realized I wasn't any good, they just didn't push the issue.

No jizz in my pussy, but they came in my ass.

I was around 12 or so
She must have been like 43

No thankyou

Then stop fucking posting, no one is here to coddle you

Felt warm I guess, that time it was a smaller dog so it wasn't a whole lot, but dogs cum quite a bit, a lot more than humans do. It keeps going for a couple minutes as long as there's pressure on the base below the knot.

Anyone have the screenshots of that user getting fucked by his cousin bc he let him use his xbox?

Eh, not everyone is good at creative writing.

Not you again

Have you been with a bigger dog? A bitch?

Why not give it a shot at least?

moar of her?

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I am in fact pretty terrible at it

Two larger dogs, not into female animals since there's no real indication that they enjoy it and they don't cum so feels rapey bruh.

All good, thanks for sharing. I'm just a horny perv looking to yank it to some detailed smut.

>Be me 19yo never even had sex
>Worked on myself and got better haircut, lost weight
>Visit overseas with friends
>Open Tinder
>Match with cute 21yo 8/10 blonde chick
>Chat a little
>She definitely wants me to come over
>A bit nervous, dunno if I'm ready
>Agree to go to her student apartment
>I go there
>We drink some wine and start kissing
>First kiss
>First time putting on a condom
>Having a bit of a rough time figuring out where to put my dick
>Dick gets a lil soft
>She tells me to take the condom off
>Dumb me hits it raw
>I cum outside her, with a world record cumshot from her vagina area to her face (I was dumbfounded too)
>Realize I just fucked a random girl with no condom
>I'm an idiot

When I saw him I asked him lots of questions about it. He handed me the lotion and said try it so I did. We ended up jacking each other off. For my first time with my girlfriend he let us use his bed and was the look out.

I have the weirdest boner right now.
You have any pics of your body? Not going to even ask for face. I'm extremely curious as to what a dog fucker would look like

How big were the larger dogs? Both the overall size of the dog and their cock? How was being knotted with them?

Bitches can enjoy it, I constantly got my girl humping my finger hard core and she would bark/growl and shake hard for a bit and catch her breath the cuddle and kiss me all over. I was too big to actually fuck her but I think if anything was an orgasm it was though moments.

Detail the mutual jerk with your uncle or fucking your girl?

Lul no. I am average height, average build, average to above average face. I am the perfect everyman.

Looks mean nothing, probably just the severe childhood trauma (No I wasn't molested) and lack of self respect.

Pitbull and some kind of shepherd mix. Their dicks weren't anything massive or anything like that, the knots are always fairly large, smaller than a fist, maybe baseball size or so for the largest.

That usually happens my cousin stopped wanting to play when she got pubic hair.


>severe trauma
That sucks user. What habbend?

I'm ok I moved out as soon as I could. Took me 6 boyfriends and one girlfriend to find the right guy to handle me.

My cousin is gay. I found out because he showed me some gay porn. Told me it was normal. Looked like the dudes were having fun, so I let him fuck me in the ass. From then on we had a sexual relationship for a few years. I miss the feeling of his cock throbbing as he would cum in my ass.

Lol. No worries. I mean it was 9 years ago. I can't go into blow by blow of what they did. Plus I'm a terrible writer. But if you want to know more specifically about something, I just need some prompting. I'm more or less an open book.

Sorry that happened to you. How old was the neighbor and was justice made?

Walked in on my mother cheating on my dad at a very young age, later my dad walked in on my mother cheating on him and kicked the bedroom door in, messy divorce, two different alcoholic/abusive step parents, mother was borderline munchausen by proxy and the borderline part is up for debate among the people that know her well and since I was the youngest I was the target of that. Uhhhh, I'unno man the typical shit that fucks with your head for life.

I would cuddle her but my girlfriend wouldn't like that.

condoms are a meme, just gotta check the meat

femanon here. When I was 10 I went to a sleep away camp. One day they took us to a water park. Was in a wave pool and a couple of the guy counselors were tossing us back and forth. I don't know about the other girls, but they started groping me.

Bus ride back, one of them tells me to sit with him in the back. More groping, he takes out his dick and makes me play with it. Cums in my towel. Tells me not to say anything.

Next day after lunch, he asks me if I want to help him with something before activities resume. Takes me to the ropes course shed, gets me to blow him.

A couple days later were a camping under neath the stars. He takes me to go get a drink of water, end up in his cabin and he fucks my ass.

How do you feel about the whole affair now?


>be 16
>definitely a loner weirdo, but I was dating this one girl for about a month
> be a pussy and do nothing but make out despite her signals
>she leaves me
>about a week later a girl messaged me and starts flirting, I assume she just heard because she didn’t like the girl I was with and it was a small town
> message for a couple weeks and offer to take her to lunch
>cute tiny blonde but a really quite girl
> gets giddy and suggests we ditch
> we do and go back to my place
> admits even tho she’s quite she’s always horny and masterbates nightly
> I man up after my mistakes with the other girl and ask her if she wants to fool around and she throws herself on me
>making out w her on top, we were shit but I was diamonds and she agreed to let me finger her
>I can’t make her cum bc dumbass
> she helps me figure it out (sort of)
Mind you we’ve been at it for la while now
> she gets on her knees and says “I watch porn all the time so I think I’ll be good at this”
> 16 yo me almost came just at that
> wraps her lips around my cock, stats bobbing slowly
> getting faster and faster as she’s moaning with it in her mouth and starting to gag
> a pressure builds up in my dick like never before
>she’s got drool dripping out now
>burst with the pressure of a fucking firehouse and fill her mouth and she pulls it out as I’m still cumming
> cover her hair and face
> “user holy shit I can’t go home like this”
> tell her she can shower but my dad gets home as she’s showering
> make up super awkward excuse but he knew what was happening and I’m pretty sure he was proud
>got the awkward talk tho
>continued to get nudes/ get parking lot blowjobs for girl until she became a bitch and kinda went crazy
>Had two kids at like 18 lmaoo

Laying in his bed both naked watching porn. I wasn't doing it right so he had be sit up and use both my hands on him till his cum came out all over my hands. Lol I was thinking he peed on me. He hands me his boxers to whipe my hands off with and explains what cum is to me. He started on me again but I wasn't feeling anything so he said since I made him cum he would do something special to me. He gave me a blowjob till We heard a car door shut.

when i was 9 my older brother (15) started making me give him blowjobs, he never fucked me, but he made me suck his cock at least 3-4 times a week. after he moved out I stopped talking to him entirely and only see him at family gatherings. i hate what he did to me

Were you with the girl scouts?

I was 13 at my girlfriend's house. Her mom was upstairs and I put my girlfriend's hand down my pants. She started giving me a hand job while we made out. We were really quiet and I ended up cumming all over my girlfriend's pants. She was like "WTF?!?" Like I had a choice in the matter, she was jacking me off, what did she expect. She ran upstairs to change and her mom caught her. Cum everywhere. I got kicked out of the house and we weren't allowed to hang out alone after that.

You got molested bro

Is your life fucked because of it?

I mean ideally, it wasn't the best situation. They took advantage of me. I wasn't in a good state emotionally at the time. However, I did have fun them and for the next year. My family moved right before school started. Lost touch with my friend.

In hindsight, I wish they were a bit more attractive. Also, when I was older and was in therapy kind of had an epiphany that she probably was getting raped since she was 10. So that's obviously not great.

In terms for me, I'm fine. No regrets. I just don't bring it up with guys I'm seeing, because when I have it's "oh no, poor precious you" or "you fucking slut"

No this was a co-ed church camp, although it wasn't really church oriented. Except 30 mins of bible discussion on sundays.

Fucked my little sisters best friend at thanksgiving. Started out way before that with oral, fingering, BJs and such, but she was having a sleep-over with my sister, snuck into my room and lost both of our v-cards without a condom. Went on for years in secret, solid FWB thing. Then we found other people and stopped. Still some of the best sex I've had.

>Gotta keep the brain wash flowing

I know but atleast I knew what I was doing when I got in my girlfriends pants.

some therapy, but otherwise okay. i feel like some people in this thread have had some fun experiences/experiments with family and that's fine to me. it was more about the way he handled the whole thing. i'm bi and have no issue sucking a dick or getting fucked. my girlfriend and i sometimes invite a third (guy) for threesomes. mostly for me. if my brother hadn't been so rapey about it i probably would've appreciated it more. also not as young as he started. i didn't understand what was happening at the time, y'know?

Doesn't change you got hard molested bro

Possibly, although I dont remember much about it. My parents just sent me because they didn't want to deal with me for a month.

Bible studies isn't brain washing it's a history lesson.

>>We have anal sex a few months later while watching the movie the Burbs.
>>I came in her ass, she sat on the toilet shiting my cum out crying while i washed my cock in her sink.

And they said romance was dead.

Pfffffffffffft damn you got brain washed hard.

How do you feel today about what he did?

For my 15th birthday I convinced my mom to have sex with me and take my virginity.

Unfortunately I was having a birthday party with 20+ people so she ended up sneaking me out into the garage where we had sex in our van. No one ever knew where we went for those 30 minutes...

When I was 14, my 10 year old sister sat on my lap and laughed when I got a boner so she started wiggling around and grinding on me. I laughed and sort of tried to get her to stop, but of course she wouldn't (I didn't want her to). So I started tickling her. She kept going and I came right there in the living room with our parents sitting across the room from us thinking we were just playing. After that she would do this from time to time. We're both in our 20s now and I recently told her what was happening and she told me "I didn't realize it at the time, but I do now!" and just laughed it off.

You got one crazy fun mama.

Looking back I'm actually grateful for what he did. It was traumatizing at first but the experience really harden me as a person and I think I came out stronger from it.

Im glad you got something positive from the experience

>i'm bi and have no issue sucking a dick or getting fucked. my girlfriend and i sometimes invite a third (guy) for threesomes. mostly for me.
I guarantee that your brother raping you turned you into a faggot and you're just in denial.

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Details user, details

100% didn't enjoy the anal rape the first time it happened. I enjoyed the attention tho. I don't hate him. I would say it didn't fuck me up or anything, but maybe had some problems later on with adult figures and trust.

I can't imagine my head skills were any good. Guess I don't understand pedos. It's not like I can go back and change anything, but I'm not really traumatized.