Nudes from before 2010. Red-eye, and older hairstyles. Saw a great thread like this yesterday...

Nudes from before 2010. Red-eye, and older hairstyles. Saw a great thread like this yesterday. Let's make it another great one, bros. Bonus points for pre-1980 nudes.

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Good one. Any idea of the year?

why did that last pic get deleted? it was hot as fuck

Check dat Jennifer Aniston hair. Pic taken in 2004 of my ex-wife.

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Her name is Anne Frank


fuckin awsm
more please

She had a killer body. And she was shy, bro. Prude, even. Very few men ever saw her naked other than me. I mean, pretty much no one other than one male doctor ever got to enjoy those titties.

Well, now we are divorced and probably tons of dudes have jizzed on her 10/10 tits. But back in the day her co-workers all had to fap hard, imagining her unattainable tits and pussy.

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You fappin, bro? I could show you her circa 2004 butthole.

any pussy shots?

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She was hair af back then. Don't know if you'd want to see the pubes. She had a really nice pussy and incredible asshole, but she didn't start grooming nicely until later in our marriage. Sadly, I didn't take any close-up shots of pussy or ass after she started shaving most of her pussy hair.

Its so hot thinking about coworkers wanting your wife!

I agree. Dude, she worked with a bunch of dudes. A bunch of nerd dudes who had never been with a woman with such an amazing body as hers. I know several had crushes on her over the many years that I was with her.

The most any ever got to see was when I convinced her to let some look down her shirt. She was wearing a low cut bra, so the top her big areolae were showing. She leaned over desks and gave a couple of the guys a good show of her amazing tits. I guarantee they fapped and splooged gallons thinking about her titties.

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My wife wears a lot of tight, low cut shirts. Thats her tits in the pic above.

Nice. Do co workers get to see her nipples?

I fapped so incredibly hard when my wife finally started enjoying having other men ogle her. After years of her being prude, we went to a resort where you could go nude in hot tubs and saunas. In broad daylight she got naked in front of dozens of men. It was amazing. Her pussy was shaved, and strangers saw her pussy lips.

No but I'm sure her nips get hard. Also she doesnt ever wear panties so I am pretty sure they may have seen up it.

Nice. Ask her, bro. You should have her describe times when dudes have glimpsed her pussy.

I would demand that she show off her pussy in a public place, somewhere where you can see dudes struggling to take a look. Would be so hot.

ex gf in bed 2003

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cockatoo huh? aussie? more?

Wow, big titties and firm while laying on her back. MOAR??

Agreed! Would have to be under drunken circumstances, but we live in Milwaukee so thats fairly common.

Great tits ! Moar ?

not aussie but picture was taken there
wish I had more, this was before I had camera phone and it was taken on an oldskool film camera with the holiday snaps
I can only imagine the amount of top win I would have from her if I had a cameraphone in those days

brilliant. where is she from?

she was a good slut, loved to dress up in lingerie, loved fucking in public

This woman is in her 40s now

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nice, bet she still looks good

got her number?


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nah she is a soprano (seems goody two-shoes now) with a couple of kids at my local church. 99% sure she has no idea this even exists.

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how vintage?

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All vintage is welcome

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Wish i had a cell phone camera back in the 80'-90's

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1997 polaroid

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2002 polaroid

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2003 early digital cam

anyone still here?

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yes moar


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any vag shots?

what do you want too see?

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yes, fapping furiously

I know they were $1 per photo, but tell me that you took lots of her? I'd like to see the rest of this session... thanks! love the soft focus / dark color palette of the Pola's .

Let's see her wet little pussy

Your wife? Who is she?

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I want to see that!

My mom from 1997

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nice trips. i have a couple dozen or so of her in two sets

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Very nicely done!
Did you find your dad's secret stash?


moar! story!

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thanks for the resp.
what a little treasure.
share her with me please?
em: rc4anon at gmail / k: anonFourZero

Go on...I just finished fapping to her

amanda knows they are out there.

Mmmmm. Love that (lack of) tan lines.
Mom used to get naked outside. On a boat perhaps?
Let's see her with a cock in her mouth.
Was Cred Forumsro's mom a cumslut?
Signs point to "Yes"

are there other intimate pics of her?
pls share.

Might not be a girl I know, but close enough to fap to. Got more?

I was snooping through my mom's stuff and I found a shoebox and an old camcorder bag buried in the back of her closet.

In the shoebox there was dozens of old pics and nudes of her, and the camcorder bag had an old camcorder and 8 tapes.

6 of the tapes were normal family stuff, but two the tapes had a red sticker on them, so I put them in an adapter and watched them on a VCR and it turned out to be 4 different sex tapes of my mom.

I scanned all the pics to my laptop and I recorded the sex tapes off the TV with my phone.

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Keep posting your ex

how many times have you fapped to your own mother?

How many times have you used these things

What a treasure!
Was that mom n dad or some other stunt cock?
Any girl-girl action?
I'd like to watch her fuck too. Any interest in sharing those vids?
perhaps you'll drop them in vola- r/xftgx3n0

Way, way, way too many times to keep count.

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My dad wasn't in any of the sex tapes. I don't recognize the guy, and no girl-girl action. I'll drop the vids in a bit.

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many thanks.

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naked this one for Cred Forums please?
slender bod, looks comfortable in front of the camera.
want to watch her fuck

She does? Curious how you know?

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getting closer. I like what I see here.
wedding band. are you still together?

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just what I was hoping to see.
like the flare of her hips
little boobs with pink nipples
and those glistening lips.
want to fuck her mouth
will she abide?

As promised, here's my mom's sex tapes:

Will she let you fuck her mouth? No.
Me, yes.

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Go on. Would like to see her do just that. Finish on her tongue, or on her face, or on those pretty little tits.

99-2000 ish
Showing her ass for a camera for the first time at a fresh 18

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Good girl. Lucky guy.

She is a good girl

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Before Cred Forums there was the rush of getting your film developed at the drug store and knowing that that guy or girl working the counter probably saw your girls nudes.

Show face

Cursed image

Keep it up and she'll have another lifetime fan.
Enjoying this immensely. Thanks for sharing.

Or getting the packet of photos back and seeing that the intimate shots were no longer in sequence. You *know* they were taken out and shown around the shop, then stuffed back into the envelope.

not gonna lie pretty tempted to do that, even with just a shitty disposable camera...i think i know a girl who'd be up for it as well

I’m getting a nostalgia biker just thinking about it.


love her slender body and those perfect little tits.

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k: anonFourZero

all the way naked?
looks that way.

The best pic from yesterday’s thread

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Love nude in the car

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Anyone know where to get film discretely developed now? I have 4 disposable cameras with nudes of my wife on them that I've never developed.

Walgreens still develops film. Well they send it out to a lab

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why do it discreetly? just fucking go for it! id do a little shop tho...dont take it to big chain store..look for a place thats run by a little old couple or something..if you see any young guys working theyre def gonna take some!

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got more?

Shall I bend her over my knee?

Never seen this set? These are probably the first images I ever posted online of her back in 2004-ish

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yes, I've seen some of her photos before. pls continue.

Save any of them? Post one of your favorites.

Sadly no

I'm sure I do have her saved, but I'm not at home at the moment. I keep those pics offline.

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fuck discretion! just walk in there like a boss! if your wife is hot so what..give them a taste of what they cant have!

Who is she?

Girlfriend at that time, now wife

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Where did the pics go??

This is late 90s. She still likes to pose for pics and still has great tits.

Attached: 08150006.jpg (1600x1200, 865K) time you go on holiday or take a trip to a different city..get them developed there..then no risk of them being spread round your home town...if the people there are dicks..

Pretty sure this was a red eye pic but I fixed it years ago.

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Repost the face pic!

Would love to go back in time and use her hard knowing what I know now about her kinks

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God damn that’s hot

Done, just wanted to fix the comment about red eye lol. More face here.

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What are some of her kinks?

The classic "we saw some BDSM on the internets and we're trying it out" phase pic

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I love her masturbating in her panties! Got Kik?

Classic early awkward bdsm pic

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Cell phone pic, probably 2003-04

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Loving these

Nipple clamps, bondage, toys, some anal plugs. Being exposed outdoors (which we were already doing back then a little.) Fantasizing about being fucked by other guys in front of me, but too shy to actually do it. If I'd known back then it would have been much easier to get her into trying it for real.

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Loving it. Any pics of her being exposed outdoors?

Thanks, I love showing her off even now. If you've been on /b asian threads you'll probably recognize her, she doesn't look that different in her 30s-40s.

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only saw them? how hard is it to make a copy of your own if you're developing and printing them:P

she still makes my cock hard

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She’s very hot. Current pic for comparison?

Nothing old of her naked, because cameras back then sucked in the dark mostly, but I have this one.

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This is pretty recent.

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Also have a great video of the first time I made her strip in the car in daylight but it's not in webm right now, and probably too long for here.

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any more of her?

Will you post it in a vola file room?

Damn she looks great

Got Kik my friend?

I don't have any pics on my phone so Kik isn't really useful.

If you make a vola I can show it and a few other things, maybe some current pics too.


Ah well keep posting!

a few

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No files? :-(

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Yeah I’m waiting also

By far best girl itt

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How many pics you have of this goddess? I want them all!

like 9 i have pretty much posted them all i think.

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She from Florida?

Oh sorry. Thought there was no interest.

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Old girlfriend. Has a couple of kids now but is still hot.

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This picture is the embodiment of this thread

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Posted this one in yesterday's thread. Named as I found it (I think on Kazaa) on the day after Christmas 2002.

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Best in thread. MOAR

that AC! Damn...

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Keep going.

Yes. Orlando

This is my all time favorite video of the divine Miss M.
So very young and innocent. And still she sluts it up for the camera.
Good Girl.

is she related to Nick Cage?

The first pic she ever sent me from a cell phone. At work under her desk with her boss a few feet away.

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Her body is below average you need to calm tf down bud

I like the way she thinks.
Let's see where this takes us.
Lucky dog.


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Yes, please.
The timeframe, her body shape.
This is just fantastic.
Thanks - pls continue.

want more of this one. top off? looks like she has small boobs... yummy!

I feel you I miss this time period as well

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2001 ex

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looks like you have a sweet collection.
willing to share all of her with a new fan?
love that round butt, and I'm hoping for some intimate content.
Show her naughty side - seeing that she was willing to finger her slit at work, I'm suspecting that she was more than a bit crazy in private.

damn.perfect little body.
let's look through the rest of your stash. please.

love that sparse muff

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mmmmm. nice!

Damn it, had some pissing pussy and piss sex with my exgf from back in 2002-2003, can’t extract from old hats drive.
Nowadays I see a lot of pee/squirt porn and realize I was into and doing that waaaaaay before it became common.

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I'd like to watch her fuck. Did you manage to take any vids? So smooth, so willing. Yes please


Attached: Jackie M 28.jpg (1544x1024, 241K)

excellent shot. enjoying the trip down memory lane?

no videos... remember that cameras were not on phones and that this was a disposable 35mm camera...

I was Getting her to just start to explore her wild side back then. She’s come along way.

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it was a good night!

love the way her young tits hang underneath her body. still firm. and she looks great with a cock in her mouth.

then again, don't they all?

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yeah she was still in HS here (18 though). definitely hot at the time...

deeply in lust with her.

was hoping that you had a stash of VHS-C video tapes of this hot little fuck bunny.

Glad you are enjoying yourself user!

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thanks for sharing. feel free to dump all of your pics here so I can enjoy her as well. you're the best!

Wow I DEF have the Vhs-c tapes of me and my girl. I need to figure out how to transfer those to my computer

Indeed. You were showing her earlier today as well?

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Still have the camera?
There are USB adapters to allow xfer to computer. check Amazon.
If you want to share those treasures, feel free to reach me later at rc4anon at gmail.
I'll cover the cost of the converter/adapter if that helps to entice you....


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Looks like it was taken with a Gameboy camera

Wow. Those eyes

Sanic is blue

>older hairstyles
there hasn't been a new hairstyle in 20 years.
Embrace the decline.

Nice. I know here. You know that she wasn't 18 at this picture. So i send it now to the Fbi. Wash your asshole faggot. You need it to survive...

Fucking Amazing.. love the innocent good girl smile and the amazing nice bush she has.. you know she cums hard and wet.

I have a 128mb flashdrive somewhere that has a bunch of porn from across the internet 07-08 that I got from my friend's iPod nano when he wanted me to hold it for him. He wasn't sure supposed to have it. Good times in freshman year.

10/10. Moar plox.

Part 2
Ok I found it pics coming soon


Nice. Looking forward to it

10/10 Would grab boob.

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Attached: f1f_Amy_Sue_Cooper05.jpg (680x1024, 331K)

you are hilarious fuckhead...

Attached: 127332736987.jpg (2000x1332, 759K)

>That scar.
What happened to her?

Knife fight

This chick looks exactly like my x gf, taking me by surprise.

Oh, shit!

Damn! She hot!

Read the rules everything on here is a work of fiction

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Old fag here, old school pics, when girls had bush

Attached: 1529720345309.jpg (766x777, 138K)

Another one

Attached: 1529718025117.jpg (612x433, 70K)

One more

Attached: 1529715787711.jpg (1024x779, 60K)

That was my type back in the 80s. Curvy, relaxed, down for a good time.

>me in the background

Golden Age

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Attached: 206303673_686049147_0.jpg (351x265, 6K)

I miss the thin cotton bras of the 80s. Not the foam monstrosities of today. Back then you knew if she really had tits or not and you got to see them jiggle and pop.

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Attached: img115.jpg (1712x2288, 769K)

Wife (then gf) when she was 19

Attached: latinwife19.jpg (479x600, 115K)

I miss the high socks

Attached: img169.jpg (1712x2288, 643K)

more of her plz, any ass pics?

Awesome! I appreciate it

She's beautiful

the daddy issues are strong with this one in the middle here. i'm very aroused

Sorry, but there's no excuse. They should have been doing at least a little trimming. Full bush is repulsive.