MLP thread

MLP thread

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Fuck off back to /trash/

no u

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i guess this is the right place then

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There's an entire board dedicated to this shit. Fucking use it.

this is like saying Cred Forums is not for traps
and you have boards for it
>use it lol

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Never heard of a blue board?

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Fuck.... Think I just went brony

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Damn, how do you not breed her through that table, that ass is begging for a good clapping

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send me pone in thigh highs.

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Am I a browny if I enjoy mainly the porn of MLP? “Pic Related” was my intro to the current reboot of MLP.

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I honestly never watched the show. Just love the porn of it

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I don't get why everyone is so uptight about anything interspecies. Any symblance of human intellect and we'd be balls deep with any species. Flurries, zoophiles and the like get shit on while mass effect is some how okay to get romantic and fuck aliens on? Hypocricy is the biggest crime of humanity.


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Im just saying, humans are filthy fuck machines and the only thing keeping us from openly boning literally any other animal is some loose moral enforced on us from society and we are still quietly boning every other animal. Give that animal human intellect and they have their own society? It'd be a lot more public for many reasons, slowly at first but inevitably it's be as free and open as gays and trannies.

Got a point there

I'm horny and angry and have a loose point to make!!!

I noticed lol

You’re good. Cred Forums is for venting, wincest, chubbies and YLYL(for me anyway)

And so much white shaming propaganda apparently.

A shame I'm at work, I wanna fap hard to that white mate on her back, that ass is astounding.

Is Rule 14 finally died?

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What do you want to do with her?

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Eh, rules made up by gigantic faggots who still post child porn, oh sorry I mean "LoLiCoN" and animal porn, never had a leg to stand on.

Mating press, just like all with all females.

absolutely nothing.


Lol I want to smash the chubbies on the slam pig threads

Fuck her hard til she thinks it’s rape, then rape her till she enjoys it

Imagine the smell from her buttcrack

A nicely shaped ass will ALWAYS over rule a lot of ass.

Nah. I’m a chubby chaser. It’s like fucking and cuddling a couch. I love it!

Nah bro, all about the nice, well formed ass. Just the right amount of muscle and fat for that satisfying clap.


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>> /mlp/

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This. This is the Cred Forums I remember.

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Really cuz the one I remember this would a thread of actual horses getting fucked or real CP

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I hate furry and bronie stuff but why do i want to fuck the shit out of that ass and pussy >~

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Made for breeding

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Love these alien cock sluts

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To each their own. My experience with the normal gym bunnies you aim at were negative. Complaining about anything. My plus size exp: “that all you got?” Me~”nope!*smerk* My fiancé is plus size. I drive her nuts and she loves every second of it

Never said gym bunnies bro, I'm saying ones that aren't amorphous blobs for asses

Ow, my childhood . . .

True. Sorry. It what I’m used to and burnt out on. The same cookie cutter bodies in magazines get stale

Momma too has those breeding hips

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Nah dude, I like my wife hipped girls with nice asses but I won't deny a g bunny either. Wide hips or skinny bubble butts, as long as the have a nice shape to them, I'm dick up for her.

Wow the autocorrect fucked me here
Wide hipped*

Gym bunnies*

Same. There are curvy women to the way you explained, but if she’s built like a square or a 12yr old boy(like 70% of Cred Forums liked ‘me) I’m limp

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Pic here is hot

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This is not

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I’d still smash

That's cuz you're a desperate virgin
>And so am I

Point being a nice, tone and we'll shaped ass will beat a bigger, shapeless, cellulitis ridden ass any day.

True, and all bronies want deep equine hole.

All furries are closet zoos.

>when you can no long affiliate yourself with cheese pizza due to pedos unironically using it as a codeword

Humans will fuck anything if not preprogrammed by society. We love fucking.

Didn't say I actually wanted co, I think it's fucked, but in context of "make Cred Forums what it used to be", that used to be a daily occurrence.

She looks like my ex wife on my honeymoon. I legit love chubbies and BBWs and my standards aren’t impossibly high which causes tension from the get go.

I wouldn't be so stringent about the females look in real life but for my porn, I want the ideal.


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Porn - 5 stars
Real Life - 3 & up

Was a brony 5 years ago

>initially for the show
>b grabbed me into perversion and went full clop
>after went ONLy for the clop
>years later realize the real stuff is much better

Fuck you b

Why else have porn?

>get into the show 9 years ago
>the fandom was innocent until time went by
I'll never feel the same again after reading cupcakes

like...fuck my life

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i'd rather be a ponybro than a brony tbh

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okay i'll stop, im melting down anyway