You guys are spending Valentine's Day with someone right?

You guys are spending Valentine's Day with someone right?

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Yes, we live together.

Fuck no. Jedi don't do valentines.


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Yep. Me and your mom are gonna get it on, OP.

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Enjoy the sloppy seconds


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Actually your father and I are doing family style felching from her asshole, then snowballing the cum we deposit, along with her fuck sauce, into a goop of cum-spit-saliva cream that just glistens in the moonlight.

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do i count as someone?

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Anyone wanna go out tho?

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Omg malu trevejo just replied Oh mY gOhd

Yes, with my bros.

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i want to kms

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moar from roumanie?


it' so funny, to see the conserved pics and then the slut pics side by side. makes me think about all the women I know.

No. Anny1 wanna facetime to make it less painful?

with your grandmother. she's going to take her teeth out and give me a rimjob and a gummer