Post initials if you recognize

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That is definitely a Dell Inspiron

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Milf 2 kids

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Can someone properly explain to me what the fuck this fetish is about and why it's so popular? Don't want to make this a "they're all fags" thing. I'm serious about understanding this weird shit.

1. What is the appeal of this picture?
2. Are you looking at the woman or the dick?
3. Why does someone want to see their girl "tributed"?

>explain your bullshit
>is this example a "good" tribute? What makes it so?

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More omg

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Mom and daughter

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do my milf?

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Anyone wanna add to the collection?

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The appeal could be a few different things
-Just liking dick in general
-Enjoying seeing someone you know and lust after also being lusted after by someone else. A sort of validation really
>She makes me so horny and look she makes other dicks hard too
-Seeing someone you know in a sexual nature
-Degrading someone you know in a sexual way
-The pure depravity of getting a stranger to put his cock on the face of a girl who will probably never even know it exists on the internet forever
Take your pick.

please add more...

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Dear lord, that body.

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>-Enjoying seeing someone you know and lust after also being lusted after by someone else.
>-Seeing someone you know in a sexual nature
this is me, i only post "unattainable" girls that are already taken/married

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tribbing on kik, anyone i find attractive, no limits

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sample trib?

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just kik me itll be easier

Was hoping to see an Asian girl i posted a couple of days ago. Dont have the original image anymore.

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Anyone want her original pic to use?

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wrong one

wanna trade her?

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Please do a gif for her

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Can't I gotta go :(

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kk but when u will be here, post her and maybe I will reply

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Hey I'm looking for everyone to cock and cum tribute my gf pls kik me


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love it, thank you

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Please and thanks

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Cock Maddie plz

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pls m8

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Make my gfs body your background and show me, kik anonbroszz

Me from my trib thread a while ago

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I have vids too and a kill cumshot on my ipad but no clue how to make webm’s on mobile

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If you're doing tribs, Kik me @ wavyness2

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Anyone down to add their cumshot to this shota?

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Or this?

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Pats808 tho i dont trib anymore, was a one time thing, but i’ll trade my trib vids or other shit

Fags are requesting pictures of cocks.

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Here’s a screenshot of my cumshot since i cant webm

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damn! Any contact details?