Smash or pass ?

smash or pass ?

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Titty fuck for sure

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why ?

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What about her?

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Would you hit from behind?

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Put a bag over her face, then smash

Just a paper bag? Or a plastic bag so you're also suffocating her at the same time?

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Dudes, wtf are you talking about? She is pretty. The glasses are no good, but she is fine.

Join now before it's too late

smash or pass?

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Pass. Looks a wizards sleeve


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Smash that little gape

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How about her

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Smash or pass

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i'd smash, such tight body.

she'd be a fantastic fuck

too fat pass

i'd give it to her doggy. any chance of a better view of those titties?

Same here

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mmm so hot. love her chest.