Post wives and girlfriends bending over while getting dressed

Post wives and girlfriends bending over while getting dressed.

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these are the special moments of life that give immortality beyond any torture or unfortunate retardation

getting ready for the beach

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Very nice

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another getting ready

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Not quite bending over, but god damn, those are some perky little titties

Ever eat that ass?

Her bending

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>my eyes in the window :p xxx

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She got the whore's tattoo
You're disgusting

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damn, moar?

That ass looks honestly disgusting, I agree with

If she spread her cheeks and told me to get to work, I'd go to work on that ass.

very specific thread
I like it
have my wife bending over while getting dressed

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Very nice. Thanks for sharing

Haven’t fapped in a week. If any user is down to share the wife/gf

KIK me @ Bullishcock


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no worries

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nice ass

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beautiful ass latina?

stand her up?

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Yea. And nice tits also

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I bet so many guys irl want to fuck her ass

Would love to watch her ass like that while sucking

Tell me she showed that ass while going to the beach. Her ass is really something special

sexy stand her up? front? reminds me of my latin wife

1/5 in a series of her putting these one any interest?

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maybe post more?

Ou yes they do, and they fuck her.

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your wife is hot


Are you a fucking cuck ?

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so sexy vola or kik?

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not bad

Post the one of her rubbing her pussy with her panties

That's my wife. Glad you saved here.
Here you go.

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Kik daniel.sick

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alwyas love to see Annie

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Women aren't into eating ass the way men are. Most chicks think it's not pleasurable and very unsanitary.

Any of her at the beach? Got kik?

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lovely ! more !

sexy!! more?

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Most normal people don't even think about putting their tongue in someone's ass. Guys who do that are closet fags.


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