Do you like tarot cards?
I have tarot cards.
Leave a post and I'll reply with your card with an explanation.

This is just for fun, im bored, soo don't take it too seriously. Or do! Maybe it'll be accurate :>

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i dont have them, am an atheist and think that stuff is silly, but the style is nice. id love a tarot reading. what do you see gypsy?

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I'd also be up for a reading, never had a tarot reading

ok user, i'm interested

Posting from Tucson.

I'm up for it.

Got some myself but kind of got obsessed with it so I put them up

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Curiosity compels me to make a comment of some kind.

How do I know which card I get

Tarot fam
The power is real. Beware of its danger tho. The accended masters are weaving themselves into our reality.

Your card is the 10 of pentacles.

Have you been working hard lately? Maybe there have been so many set back that it seems impossible to get what you want, but it seems like your work will soon pay off. You can turn your attention towards friends and family and relax. This card could also mean you will inherit something or get a gift or reward.

This card was drawn received accidentally, I mean to draw all cards upright for positivity. So your reading cod mean loneliness, financial failure, and family disputes.

Let me know if it's accurate :>

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OP here! I will get to everyone above that post^^ but unsure if I can do any more , we will see.

Drawn reversed *

Isn‘t Tarot considered a sin due to opening yourself up to demonic spirits?

Top kek

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Your card is the 6 of wands.

This card was also drawn reversed. It looks like you're avoiding something important, maybe because you doubt yourself. If you overcome this you will be recognized and praised! Maybe you're already being praised for something?


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It's a sin of divination, not necessarily demonic.

is me, i have been working hard, but not much in the way of setbacks, anything i decide to do i can do. I do hope my hard work is recognized, even in a small way like a raise or something. I am quite distant from my family, but if this is true, my ailing grandparents may be leaving me their farmhouse? i am also very alone. and i hate half my family.

please user, draw me a card

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What's my card user? Thank you for doing this.

No demonic spirits here sorry user, im sure it's looked at as a sin in many cultures/ religions. But I find it very fun and interesting

Holy crap I think that's pretty true 0.o

Card me

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Give it to me straight user, am I a faggot?

Draw me a card please, OP

Well I'm glad I was a little accurate! Keep working hard user:>

I never received a tarot reading and I don't believe in this stuff but whatever, please do a reading for me OP!

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how do you read what the cards say? does it just come to you or do you have a booklet to go off of or some shit?

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Which card tells you I'm going to get a big titty goth gf?

It's called magic you retard

thank you, this is a very cool thing

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Your card is the 2 of swords.

This could mean you have a very difficult decision ahead of you or it is already happening. Try to have a clear and balanced mind. You may not have all the information yet but when you do you will overcome this.

Thank you user :>

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Every witch has diff talents. The cards all mean something different to different tarot readers. The reading just flows through u like magic wink wink

if thats true then magic me a house full of snakes or hookers or some shit

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It does come with a little booklet, but it doesn't have very much information. It only give keywords. You can find the keywords online, every card has a different meaning

some insight into the direction of my life path please

Hello Tuscanon. Your card is the 2 of cups.

Are you in love? Your relationships look great right now, maybe you're attracted to someone you have a strong connection with. Be careful though, there could be a tension build up.


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this guy knows whats up

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Your card is the page of wands.

You look like a creative person, you're looking for new outlooks on life, maybe some past troubles have you down. Don't worry! Be enthusiastic and your outlook will change for the better.


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user, youve inspired me. i am probably going to buy a set now lol

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Hit me OP, Dutchie here

Not sure if you wanted a reading but.. Your card is the chariot!

Theres something major going on in your life right now. Many obstacles lie ahead, keep focus and you will get good results. Be careful of emotional distress and don't let it take control.

The art on this card is one of my favorites

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Wow, that's pretty accurate. Thanks for the reading.

Your card is the 10 of wands.

You seem stressed out over something.. perhaps your friends and family constantly put you on a pedestal and expect too much. Be resilient and don't be hesitant. Things will get better.


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Wonderful thank you !

Would you like a reading or are you past user?

100% Barnum effect.

Alright, why not. Haven't done fortunes in a long time.

Alright let's do this

Yes, I wish to practice more and learn how to feel the emotions for my reads, would you like a reading?

Yes I will take one reading please

Do me user, i could use a fortune telling

Believe what you wish.. but do not talk badly. I might curse you :>

I'll bite, haven't had a read in a while.

No thanku. Im a tarot reader too. Im proud of u user. Keep up the good work. Spreading Wisdom and Love is what we do.

Heh, somewhat vague but I can't fault it being correct in a way. Thanks for the read!

ty for the definition, but most people are familiar with the idea. these are general remarks, but its fun listening to others talk about it.

Your card is the 3 of pentacles

You're attached to something or someone, maybe they need you, but don't push it. Teamwork might be needed.


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Imma man with a million business ideas, but no connections or capital. Help a guy out, oh great card reader?

Thank you. I'm not sure what this means but I will keep it in mind.


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Your card is the page of penticles.

You have such big dreams! And of course you want them to come true. Approach tasks pragmatically and stay grounded. Do not focus on short term goals at this time.


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Your card is the 6 of pentacles.

Things seem good for you. You seem content with some sort of relationship. There is harmony in your financial status. Maybe not now but soon. Please remember to take care of yourself. It looks like you might be slipping. And don't be selfish! Generosity is everywhere.


Draw me

I'd like to know how bad I'm actually doing

Repent, witch.

Your card is the queen of wands.

Be determined user! Your strength and willpower will come in handy at this time. Be calm throughout everything you do. Do not let your anger get the best of you.


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Card me user? This is a neat thread, thanks for posting

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Your card is the 8 of wands.

I put half of the cards upside down. Your card was drawn upright so the answer is.. well yes.

Now that you've admitted this you can be free! Run as fast as you want and enjoy your time. Why were you hiding it for so long?


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Repent Deez Nuts Boi !!!

Have incredibly bad luck that has been witnessed by third parties. Miracle that I am still alive. Thank you for card reading

Your card is the queen of penticles.

Is there something wrong in your family? Maybe something do do with your mom. Be compassionate at this time and be kind hearted. Do not neglect family at this time.


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do me! do me!

I'm very skeptical, but honestly I'm curious too, so roll

Za warudo best tarot card

Your card is strength, reversed.

You are at a weak point in your emotional aspect. You might be insecure at this time and lack the ability to do anything about it. You will have to get over this rough point. Be strong user!


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A little too accurate

Your card is the 6 of swords, reversed.

Unfortunately you will not be able to obtain a big titty Goth gf at this time.

Maybe you broke up with someone recently or lost someone important. I'm sorry user it is a grim card. You need to move on.


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Aiit annon, hit me up with my future

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do me pls! i just kissed my s.o. for the first time yesterday and could use smth to bring me back down to earth

Your card is the tower.

I'm sorry user. But this card is worse than the death card. A disaster has happened and it has left you in ruins. Or it has yet to happen. Prepare yourself for a major sudden change. I know you're scared. But this was put of your control.


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Ive always been quite fascinated with this OP, and am definitely curious to see what the universe decides to tell me especially with what I’m doing right now In life.

Would definitely appreciate it.

Do your worst

Your card is the 8 of swords.

You are alone at this time. You've been isolating yourself from something or someone. You must be open to change and be ready to resease. Self reflect and know when you are at fault.


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Thanks OP

There have been so many replies. I'm afraid I'm getting tired. If you would like a personal/private reading please leave your Kik or other messaging service. I will reply to a few more.


Your card is the knight of pentacles, reversed.

You are bored. You need something to occupy yourself with. And, not everything needs to be perfect for it to work. Accept imperfections and move on. You are a strong person, but don't let yourself succumb to the boredom.


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Your card is the queen of wands, reversed.

You may have lost your confidence along the way. You must be strong and keep pushing through. Do not be selfish and take what you can get. If you must make a rash decision, make sure you are fully confident.


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me pls! recently got into a new relationship, would like to know what the cards have to say!

I will make more threads like this in the future, probably always on /b since /x gets all the tarot stuff. I've always loved /b for some reason, and I wish to give you all insight.


Thanks for your reading!

This is quite interesting, let's do this!


Will everything chill out soon?

long time ago, on some site it rolled me my tarot card(I don't even know if its real so), tbh when i red it's description it pretty much sums up what I'm like in life. Is this shit for real?

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>rolling, need to know wtf I'm supposed to be doing with my life, because everything I've tried so far has failed to produce results...

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Hey guys! I've finished for the night, if you would like a personal reading pls leave your Kik or other messaging service and I will be happy to give a reading later on.


i dont have kik sadly. have a nice evening then.

Just my luck....

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tell me my fortune

checking in how are you OP

Please draw a card for me

Pretty interesting stuff, would like a reading

If the Cred Forumsread is still active, I'm down for a read. I have a deck of my own, but never took the time to learn everything.

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Hi user! This seems interesting. If you're still active I would like a tarot reading please!

Do mine op

play it on me