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Body please

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Begging for cock

wheres OP

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you likin'?

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Zoe from last thread.

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here she is really beggin for it

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Most are close-ups but I have a few

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Nice to see your building a collection of her

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I dream about cumming on Clorox's face

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i need more pls?
would love to bust on 2,
number 2 and 4

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holy shit

I see thressa... best milf

Continue here

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more swim girls?

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Girl in middle

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I definitely agree with that, user.

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will always add

More pantyhose

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Of course the big fat bitch is a feminist retard.

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any ass?

Anyone want more of this slut?

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Can I fuck her please

everyone takes a turn cumming on her panties before they are put into her daughters mouth

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Join now before it's too late

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fuck yeah post some of number 5

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Here you go
Mmm sounds fun, hopefully a lot will join.

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i want more of both!

red is so hot, got that slim bod,
and left is so cute, would fuck her for days non-stop.

Want a threesome with her and her mom

workshipping their new master

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oh yeah.

nice trips.

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Nice trips

Any new thressa


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Oh yeah

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Any anons like?

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Mmm fuck.. training their tight little bodies completely unable to resist.. Lea needs to drench her little sisters face over and over

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Damn hot. Saw the other pic a few days ago and I want moar!! pls...


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more of right boobs

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Jesus more

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holy shit please more of her and her tits.

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Nice pair of buns. Sexy stomach aswell

amazing tits.


new bray as well

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No kidding, dream threesome.
Probably, although obviously idk what you have of her.

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so hot.

She's cute, more?

wwyd to them

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i capture them, tie them up and attach a brainwashing-device onto their heads. You step in. You can turn them into anything you want. What would you reprogramm them into? Would you hesitate?

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I want to take a lewd photo for ig. Give me ideas

Fuck me


So hot

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Holy shit yes plz

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she alone would be a dream. her and mom, that's fucking winning the dream lottery twice.

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Most recent?

start by sucking on them, then put my head between them while she strokes my dick, then fuck them, then have her suck me and fuck till i was ready to nut and cover those tits in white cream

more boobs

in love with them.

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oh yes.

Good point, imagine swapping between the two for long physically as possible.

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she loves to show her ass off like the whore she is

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tit fucking bra

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damn that would be so good.

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Cock in hand

which one should be your fuckdoll?

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Fucking seriously

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mmmm i love it too, keep it coming

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oh fuck yes, please more.

fuck yes


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oh my god need more


I wouldnt hesitate.. not even a little. I'd turn them both into semen demons, innocent little girls who are just constantly lusting for cum. I want them to be my closet sluts. so cute to the rest of the world but fulfilling the sluttiest tasks I can give them. They might hesitate.. but then ultimately they give in to their urges. And Lea would absolutely be her little sisters master..

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right is just like the bigger version of left. so hot. please more together?

protected or raw, which hole first

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so so so so so good.


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Ooh a cheeky little slut is she?

Any more?

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Want more of this tight blonde fucktoy?

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Holy fucking shit I want that ass on my cock

what a fucking perfect ass

Any anons see her nude?

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Left = instaboner



raw pussy, fucking nutting inside. then i want her to suck me off.

have fun

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yeah gonna need those tits

not yet. please share.

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nothing with her asshole?

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please more.

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Yes she is

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I have an entire album of left. I sadly have none of right

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So fucking agree

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She'd be a lot of fun. Love to fuck her hard and frighten her a bit

Sluttiest pic?

Should she handle multiple cocks at once?

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2nd time around gonna ride that ass and then bust all over the tits.

You should share that nude of thressa. It's great and wish there was more

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Yes, she should be DP'd and handed around like a little cum-rag

like she's begging for cum. more with daughter?

dorm whore

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the reprogramming starts as i tell them what they will become. You can watch them fight against it. But trused me, they gonna loose. Their eyes roll back up their head, when they return they will be your horney semen demons, your new personal sluts and Lea will no longer fell any love for her sister but only the desire to dominate her.
Just watch them fight the inevitable. What do you say to them will they still fight?


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more ass?

How would you go about doing that

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oh, she is

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keep those coming


nutting pic

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fuck yes.

Attached: F.jpg (945x1213, 355K)

Attached: 49507202_162928504691649_7399152573131746883_n.jpg (1080x1349, 152K)

I want to call her mom when I cum inside her

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Hard to say she's always teasing her tits
You talking about the nip pic?

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Attached: 257953.jpg (1488x1984, 295K)

She's cute more?

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oh fuck thatts nice

Bred to be a slut

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Attached: IMG_20190927_074307.jpg (2048x2048, 749K)

God she's cute af, any body?


Attached: 1572351481308.jpg (678x1024, 84K)


oh no, there's not any more????

Attached: 60977067.jpg (733x1213, 126K)

If there’s a nude please please, share

Never seen it



Attached: 01.jpg (1080x1085, 938K)

thats the shirt

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Attached: FB_IMG_1568685594004.jpg (540x960, 89K)

Attached: 66447633_356111595063999_7290891930482738678_n_result.jpg (989x1232, 105K)

Stroking for her

Mmm me fucking too user

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oh so fucking hot please more.

Attached: 8588774455441.png (433x642, 679K)

I'd start by being all playful and sensual, making her laugh and shiver with anticipation, but I'd quickly become rough and slightly aggressive, so she sees a sudden change in me that unsettles her, but I wouldn't relent

so fucking hard for them

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Hnggg hell yes

more with glasses???

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Like Kristina?

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so tight.

K.k. from Michigan. Has nudes. Would die to find more.

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Yea I guess it's a nip pic. She pulled her top down to show her tit lol

Fapping like a madman for this mom

It's just her titty not a good nude like I'm hoping for, I gotta find it.
Good eye user
Me fucking too, god damn.

Lovely little face would be full of cock and covered in cum

Keep going

I look at Lea not wanting to look at her sister.. "why arent you looking at her Lea.. shes a really attractive young girl. Can you smell the sweetness coming off of her? Breathe her in.. smell your sister.. is it making you feel something in your little panties? Is your sisters smell making you a slutty mess down there? Look at her Lea.. up and down.. dont you just want to take control of her. Get closer and sniff her neck.. that's it Lea.. feel that desire to taste your sister wash over you.."

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Attached: 1505636911994.jpg (700x1466, 682K)

oh wow.


Oh yes she's cute


Attached: 9.jpg (541x540, 28K)

Oh yeah

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Attached: 629006C6-7E6C-41BC-95F4-ED566A21F7E9.jpg (1183x1475, 803K)

Attached: Screenshot_2017-01-11-21-52-57-1.png (993x998, 1.28M)

Lol yep that's the one, might have to post next thread.
Same here, you saving her?

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Love that body

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Attached: 20150809_130915000_iOS.jpg (750x1334, 496K)

Attached: 3F1D90EC-0BFE-4701-A682-D4A40A088631.jpg (807x1319, 740K)

More k.k. Insta is http.wrxckl3ss

Attached: FB_IMG_1580002085954~3.jpg (325x666, 33K)

Sadly she doesn’t take many pics with the glasses since she’s out of school

Wanna see the view from behind?

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Attached: 57118342_161936511486517_4617252213784126144_n.jpg (1080x1080, 199K)

Imagine fucking her on vacation in that outfit hnggg

Attached: 52713136_257889748474575_4561999803886431102_n.jpg (1080x1201, 81K)

Attached: EPKZJXPU8AAgIsG.jpg (1536x2048, 931K)

Saving everything

Fuck I’m gonna cum so hard for her

"No. You're insane. I will never.. I... Arghhh. No.... Yes... Argh... Yeah, yeah, yeah! I want her as my slave. She will be my slave. Yes, master, let's harvest her slutty body. Thanks for enlightening me!"


Attached: 1580133259135.jpg (1536x2048, 1.13M)

Hnngg yess, she especially loves those dresses on vacation.
Mmm good I'm gonna cum like a madman to her, what pic you gonna use?

God she's a little doll I love her, more

More ass?




more in next

Any of her in heels, more in next thread?

Yes I have a lot of her in heels, sure someone just needs to post/request first.