With Donald trump as president, America has been pretty nice to live in

With Donald trump as president, America has been pretty nice to live in.

People who don't want him to be president anymore: Why?

Don't tell me because he is a "womanizer" or "racist". Even though I disagree with these statements, they shouldn't matter as long as your quality of life is increasing with him as president.

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He's a racist, but bump for Dem kitty titties!

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>Don't tell me because he is a "womanizer" or "racist". Even though I disagree with these statements, they shouldn't matter as long as your quality of life is increasing with him as president.
Unless your quality of life can increase at a similar or greater rate with a non-"womanizer" or non-"racist" president.

>they shouldn't matter

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He gets a lot of unjustified blind hate. It's getting tiring at this point.

My life has not been adversely affected in any way whatsoever by his presidency.

Enforcing existing immigration laws like every other country on earth is not racist. In fact, unemployment for minorities is at a record low now.

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>People who don't want him to be president anymore: Why?

Children are being torn from their parents, never to meet again.
Children are being put in concentration camps.
Children are being sold for money.
Little children are being put in court, without a lawyer or helper, to argue their own case for asylum.

TLDR he has turned the USA into an official child abuser. That's one of my reasons.

That's all extremely untrue lol.

1) endangers world peace through biligerent Triumphtism
2) American isolationism is bad for everyone
3) part of being a decent human being is caring not only about your own quality of life but others as well.
4) immigration control is different to all Mexicans are criminals and Muslims are terrorists.
5) America went from having its first black president who was arguably excellent, internationally respected and a true diplomat to having a right-wing white nationalist with zero international standing.
6) there is too much smoke around Russia for there to be no fire. How much influence there is or isn't I don't know but trump strikes me as someone easy to manipulate into making rash statements and actions.

Tldr he's a dick and makes America a laughing stock.

All of that is subjective opinion

1) Hasn't been a war. Don't know what you're talking about. We were closer to war under obama.
2) We aren't isolationist at all
3) Unemployment is at an all time low including minorities
4) Illegal immigration has always been a crime. Also the "muslim ban" only applied to 7/50 muslim-majority countries, the ones who have been known to sponsor terror
5) Obama was a doormat. Have you seen the Iran deal? It was horrible. We were paying them an extremely large amount of money to beg them to not make nukes. NAFTA was equally shitty
6) Russia has already been disproven. Even news anchors have been seen calling it fake.

It's been said that Trump has brought down the American unemployment rate further than Obama, Clinton, Reagan or either of the Bushes ever did, something Democrats have never managed to do and never will because
>hurr durr money should be free

It's also been said that Trump did more for gun control in the US than any Democrat would ever do, and it's nothing like some GOPs and their
>hurr durr guns should be free
And yet, all that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, who has been well trained in the safe use of guns.

The only discernible difference in my quality of life under Trump is that I can’t go anywhere without hearing about the cunt 10 times a day and it is exhausting. Apart from that, my life under Obama was exactly the same as my life under Trump and very likely will be exactly the same under Buttigieg/Biden/Sanders/literally anyone else because the system was designed to dramatically limit the powers of the president so the nation wasn’t flung into chaotic turmoil every time power changed hands. The reality is, except under extreme circumstances such as a world war or major economic depression, it really doesn’t matter all that much who is president. I may as well go with the guy who isn’t going to clog up my newsfeed because he insists on maintaining 80s movie tough guy persona for the sake of trolling his “enemies”

Don't you watch TV? He is bad and all the "ist" words!

doesn't make any of it wrong

I'll wait for the final numbers to come in before making a judgement on his unemployment rate, but as of 3rd quarter 2019, its down 3.5% vs Obama's 4.8%, so you're factually wrong there, not to mention the fact that Obama took over and did damage control from GWB's shit show. Trump merely followed an economic trend. So congrats to him for not being such a colossal fuckup to overturn economic prosperity single-handedly. And we won't talk about Obama's 11.6 million jobs compared to Trumps 6 million.

>Ignoring gun debate bc people are unbelievably retarded on both sides of the issue.

>Tay 2032.

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Good time to be a furry? They're universally hated by all walks of life. It'll never be a good time or okay to be a furry. Fucking degen.

11.6 million in 8 years
6 million in 3 years so that will be 12 million in 6 years with two years left. Trump is on Pace to blow Obama out of the water.

>has been pretty nice to live in

If you are RICH yes.
You fucking classist

The movie sucked but I wad still horney through the whole thing

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Uncannily looks like a blonde Daisy Ridley there

Why are you posting that nightmare of a movie? Love trump, but that movie was a trash heap. Fucking Ian what were you thinking? I know the guy has theatre background, but holy hell, seeing Gandalf with cat ears was a disgrace.

lol no.
You can drive a car and go to the concentration camps if you want.

But we all know you prefer watching youtube and some stupid hot conservative bimbo host spewing propaganda 24/7.


Crisis actors. Look it up.

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Get a job.

kek, you're delusional if you think he's going to get a 2nd term. And I highly doubt he could keep up the pace he set on that.

The only way he gets a second term is if Russia helps him out again.

Because some people are children and can't stand it when things do go their way. They don't like him so he shouldn't be president is their logic. Like a bunch of fucking toddlers.

Humans with animal features are my fetish that's why

>Children are being torn from their parents

No, they're not? Oh, you mean the children brought into the country by adults from wartorn countries seeking asylum?

>Yes those people we should pity them

Those same people having children in wartorn shit hole countries knowing full well what they're bringing a child into? Those people?

Fuck off idiot. I'm not even American and see this dumb fuck statement as idiotic.

I guess the conservacucks foaming at the mouth during Obama's tenure was totally mature though yeah?

In what way is it any different for you specifically?



Drone strike and deportation loving Obama was a saint.

But Trump, although he could act a little more professional, absolutely fucked every nay sayer in the rear. Common sense & no faltering in the eyes of the rabid fascist leftist who's only real argument is >orange man bad & screaming racist over and over.

he withheld military aid from a country at war with one of the united states’ main enemies so that they would investigate a political rival. he has openly sought out foreign help in the upcoming election, several times. his economic plan is, in short, cut taxes for the rich and big corporations to help the stock market. he’s showing early signs of dementia.

i won’t lie and say he’s all bad; i like USMCA and some immigration policy. but the bad outweighs the good.

His identity group is represented and not the identity group of people he hates.

Identity politics allows for the Forever War. No compromise is to be had.

Oh, tell me about the time Obama got impeached by stark raving mad lunatics, frothing at the mouth. Exactly.

explain to me how Trump’s actions weren’t impeachable.

Concentration camps lmao
Also it's the parents fault for trying to cross the border illegally

To the gulag you go

Don't even ask that. Justification, coping, twisting of facts, outright lying, is the bread and butter of politics

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Trump's presidency is just undeniable proof that the Republican party doesn't have the well being of our nation's citizens in mind. Countless tax breaks and bills passed to ensure that the wealthy can have every bit of America in their fists with little to no repercussions... until those consequences are shoved into OUR faces and we're told to deal with it. Whether or not you think climate change is real and factual, you have to admit that it's fucking awful that the 1% literally do not care about the little untouched land and wildlife we still somehow have left. We have more than enough in taxes available but where the fuck is the money going?

We're at a point where the citizens themselves are too uneducated to properly take politics a little more seriously beyond choosing a party and simply sticking to it. At this point I don't argue with pro-Trump asshats because most trumpers would rather think that listening to Fox News all day counts as getting their fill of what's going on in the world. There's been more than enough evidence regarding the 2016 election and Russia obviously meddling in more than just the election itself, if you're not looking over the documents and what we've pieced together you are actively being an anti-American or you simply are too stupid to care. By this point Putin is literally wanting to rewrite Russian politics and call himself "Supreme Leader" because heyo Communism never really stopped over there! What fucking more evidence do you need you Communist, tit-sucking, faggots?

The electoral college is bullshit and voting doesn't matter, 2016 was more than enough proof for that shit. The only way we're going to get change is if the nation somehow, fucking s o m e h o w, is united in the strength that we simply want a proper government again. We didn't start a fucking revolution only for these cocksuckers, Republican or Democrat, to toss away with the laws of our country. Fuck the rich, eat them before they eat us.

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The tax bill that promised to close loopholes but ended up making them more prevalent.
The EPA rollbacks.
The cuts to social security.
That he's probably a high functioning retard.
Taytay has been annoying since we were teenagers, singing vacuous songs and dropping out of school to focus on country music.
>a former slave will gladly trade freedom for bread

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Dubs wouldn't lie to you, anons. Wake the fuck up already.

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I never wanted him to be president because he's a bully that doesn't respect private property rights and uses SLAPP suits to try and force elderly women out of their homes just so he can expand his casino's parking lot. Fuck him.

take it all in stride boys, hes… The Don!!

Because he didn't break any laws and he didn't do anything wrong. Now, you can either tell me specifically which laws he broke and give me the proof that he broke those laws, or you can go eat a dick.
I think we both know you're hankering for some sloppy dick though, just a big ol' bowl full of dicks.

>pretending as if he didnt save thousands on taxes.
user, are you unemployed?

You're fucking stupid. Did you give a shit when Obama did it?

I didn't. I get the same exact back in my taxes. However, I lost my ability to write off: mortgage interest, property taxes, income taxes paid in other states, living expenses when I'm working on the road, job expenses, vehicle expenses for using my vehicle while on the job, etc... Under the old system, I'd stand to get back an extra $4,000 to $5,000 this year, but with this system, the government gets to keep that. So I'm paying more, as a working-class person who does stupid shit like purchasing a home and investing in my profession. All this tax plan does is disincentivizes layabouts from trying to do the extra things needed to make a better life for themselves.

Also, they changed the W-4s this year, which will make it more difficult to manage my withholding. Now the government gets to decide how much it withholds from me, instead of letting me figure that out. They may have a right to tax me once a year, but they don't have the right to shake me down with every paycheck.

Yea sorry you spent all that time typing this up thinking it some riveting speech that was gonna move people lol nobody cares and you just look like you watch too many movies. Go get em action hero

i wouldnt want to live in america because even your democrats are conservative as fuck

all you ever do is fix short term issues. you're fucking yourselves over in anything long term. denying climate change is the dumbest thing in modern history