Which one do you think gives better head, Cred Forums?

Which one do you think gives better head, Cred Forums?

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left, has good tongue action and nice eyes
right has too much teeth cause she thinks its food the fat ass

Idk but I want to suck on rights big ass titties

right sucks all the way to the balls

Checked, yes they are pretty nice and big.


Nice why do you think that?

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yeah fitter ones are always happier->better blowjobs

cause less self conscious and more popular

she looks cock hungry

It's the eyes I think she looks angry and ready to take it out on some poor happy little cock.

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Right is pretty fit herself take a look.

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I really need rights tits in my mouth.

true. ready to throat herself as rough as possible.

Based. Would you let her choke herself on your cock, user?

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would like to help her with her need for a streched throat

rights only worth a fuck if she loves me and neither do so fuck u both ur a husk of humanity and will die not understanding this

stupid retards

You cumming on her face or down her throat?

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oh fuck would be such a good time.

deep down her throat. then fucking her pussy, then nutting all over her face.

You need to practice having sex otherwise how are you going to please your true lover when you finally meet her?she's going to leave you for some black guy that can fuck the shit out of her and make her cum her brains out.

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she need it deep down her throat. she deserve a nice treat.

What position would you guys most want to fuck her in?
And yes she would be a great time you can tell she had a lot of freak in her.

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Are these two from Illinois?

Yes she does.

Scale of 1-10 how good do you think she sucks?

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No west coast.

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9/10 all the way down and tongue out for the balls

Fuck that's stuff you only see in high quality porn lol. So she looks like a super cock sucker to you? I can believe it she def knows how to polish. How fast do you think she could make you cum, user?

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2 minutes max.

id say right

Which sister do you think does it best?

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she looks like a berserker cock sucker. i agree with him when she want it she want it right now.

far right. always the cute one but she goes wild behind the closed doors

both probably suck at it

Lol I think you can last longer then that. I'd give myself 5 mins max though. Dont think I'd be able to handle those piercing eyes looking up at me for that long.

What position would you want to fuck her in most?

Also she's one of those fake Christian girls that's actually a super freak.

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The youngest sis

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Never would've been able to tell with the classy tattoo

but she knows how to suck a cock dry

>she looks like a berserker cock sucker

LMAO! Nice, I love it.

So if she took the both of you on at the same time she would finish you guys off in about 4 mins? Fuck that's impressive. I hope you guys give her a rough throat fucking for the 2 mins you each got.

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right would let you climb on her shoulders and fuck her face

Or how she shows off those massive titties. Would definitely "baptize" her if you know what I mean .

The Shrek, nice

Really wouldn't shock me tbh, she very stuck up bet she lets it all go in the bed room

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she would throw herself over a cock till she gets her treat, switch to the next one but keep jerking to make the first ready for another round. two loads are not enough for her.

Damn she looks so slutty in this one

cute screamer. talks nasty short before she cums.

Says and does things in bed shed never want her feminist friends to find out about

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I'd fuck em floppy then her mouth pussy and ass. In that order

Actually make that tits, pussy, mouth ass

she love it rough and always bareback

Hell, yeah, man. She definitely looks like the type that could fuck all night and leave you drained and exhausted. She probably needs minimum 3 or 4 cum shots. What position do you think is her favorite?

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I bet

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on her knees, sucking cock or on all fourth doggy style with lot of hair pulling and spanking

How hard would you guys suck on her tits?

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i guess she knows something about eating pussy too

left sis. she's so hot, that i'd fucking loose my mind.

hmmm you really think so?

Here's a nice pic of her ass. She got ass and titties! She's built to please and take a pounding.

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i'm sure. she like pussy juice down her throat.

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I would shove my whole dick in her ass and pump away until I fill her up with cum.

I’ll take some sucking from her too

she has cute tittys

I want everything from her

Hard. I'd pull her nips to hold her tits in place while I fucked them

which one sucks the best cock and which one is the best lay?

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she does, shame she hides them so much
So do I

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oh please more. anything showing off?

I think she likes to get on top and ride the cock, she likes being in control and punishing the cock, also she likes to lean forward so she can get her tits sucked on at the same time.

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she should show them more for sure

number 2
fucks the best and sucks the best please more.

would like to return the favor and suck hard on her tits

Yes that's a pretty nice ass isn't? She has so many things to play with!

This is the look she gives fresh cock.

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best? i'm not sure.
but i want left to fuck me good, and 4 to strip down and suck my cock.

more pls?

>This is the look she gives fresh cock.

no more showing her off

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nice trips.

any pics without sun glasses?

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Hazel Tucker

The fatter one. The answer to that question is always the fatter one.

4-5 cum shots minimum. Can you hang?

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i hope its 2 for both

i will or die trying

I would love to see her ass and feel her suck my dick. I bet her dick sucking skills are out of control

not a bad choice

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Her tits are really fucking great and she shows them off like nothing lol.

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We need nudes

left is great, speaking from experience

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right cuz uglier

Based. Pretty bad quality but you can see how nice and fat they are here. And perky too!

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she is proud of them for sure

It would be great I'm sure

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At least pics of her tits holy shit those nice. I bet her nipples are a nice pink.

so hot.

oh yes, she'd be fantastic please more.

Bet she has some nice hard nips that stand right up with a little sucking, then pinch nicely between my thumb and forefinger

oh damn that's hot !

I want that girl sitting right on my dick and going to town

got any with 4?

Why don’t you go for it? Man up

As she should be imagine how many cocks have gotten to slide in between those babies!

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wet and slick by her drooling for the next cumshot

Yea she needs all those cum shots to cover those massive things to keep them nice and smooth.

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she has a bf

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oh please more, show her off she's so sexy!!!

Damn she really does have some nice tits.

Get drunk with her and her bf. Get her alone. Pull out your hard dick. Casually ask her to suck it. If she does then have your phone ready for video or pics.

If she doesn’t then say you are too drunk

you like?

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I’m coming to terms with the fact that I can’t cum looking at her fat tits nude

Would fuck hard

she needs to lactate

Any ass shots? How is she at sucking/fucking?

Probably some nice wide brown areolas to paint white

Doesn't sound like a terrible idea

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i love her tight body.

anything else of her?

she's a little inexperienced but she has a good tight pussy and she uses a lot of tongue during BJ so it's pretty good imo

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I've been told she has light pink nips, she sent nude pics to some dude and he showed them to my friend, he said her tits are a great 9/10. I'm trying to get a hold of them now.

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You have to cum inside of her first for that

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i'm ok with that

Twin slam pigs I know

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Slam cows

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The one on the right bc she's less hot. Chicks who aren't as hot have to actually develop good fucking and sucking skills, hot chicks think just being hot is good enough.

Wish I had her nudes I would have been more than happy to share with you guys. Those tits need to be shared with the world and not hidden away.

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Right is pretty fucking hot but really slutty looking too.

lol yeah prob more accurate tbh

would like to see her pussy

Probably looks like hers. She def has a bald pussy though I think.

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bald and hungry for cock

Kek I knew she reminded me of someone! She looks almost exactly like pornstar Madelyn Marie! So she even LOOKS like a pornstar and if she's anything like Madelyn then she's an excellent fuck who can suck a mean fucking cock.

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she would look awesome spitroasted

On her back, one cock in her pussy, one cock in her mouth, and one cock in between her tits. And then everyone rotates until they get a pop in each place.

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Same cock hungry eyes, tan skin, brown hair. Damn this bitch already a pornstar.

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we shouldn't forget her tight asshole. she needs the whole be filled expirence.

have to save the asshole for dessert.

but she crave to be airtight

she has a nice ROUND tight ass. yum.

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perfect to slap it

would love to bend her over my knee and spank her like a little girl.

and rub her afterwards

give u this nice smile as she gets punished

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and begging for more

She looks like a pretty sweet conservative girl why do you guys think she is such a slut?

>a pretty sweet conservative girl
that are the worse

Because weve seen her posted a thousand times

Which one Cred Forums?

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Because she basically has her tits hanging out in every photo. I bet she gets groped a lot when she goes to parties and clubs.

She's showing off her tits a lot, tattoos, angry look in her eye like she'll fuck the shit out of you, general provocative pics. also like 90% of women are whores so the numbers play in her favor.

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imagine her rough angrily sucking on your cock and not stopping till you completely

i imagine that.. a lot lol. i love her angry eyes.

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or she give you a very harsh handjob and talks nasty

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that would be great too

Which one do you think gives better head? Only proof for one of them

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left easy

I'd have to try both out to see which is the most enthusiastic, nobody can tell from just a picture.

neither of those two, I don't want STDs


What a terrible thread

Neither, they both look like disgusting cult type south california hippies, I don't need their stds or their cult messages.

She is a great cocksucker

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I feel sad for that guy, I bet that bitch puts him through the ringer and he's to stupid to tell her to piss the fuck off, but then maybe that's her brother.

Kys, incel.

Just make sure to get checked for STDs, she looks pretty dodgy and likely fucks niggers.

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Some people are way too desperate in this thread. It's sad.

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I’m on the west coast let’s do this.

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Let's sandwich that bitch

which one do you think gives better head?

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Definitely the one on the left.

Both at the same time

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They both look like virgins.

nah, one of them is, guess which