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Orange drank better than grape drank foul.

yo' dick is smol

Nigger tongue my anus

OP sucked it better

Nigger KFC Chickunz Watermelon Koolaid oogah boogah where dem white wimmens at

ima poor

also checked

You will never be like rihanna bitch gtfo

"Still not as good as Kelly."

Who the fuck is this, pagin' me at 5:46 in the morning?
Crack of dawn and now I'm yawnin'
Wipe the cold out my eye
See who's this pagin' me and why
It's my nigga, Pop from the barbershop

"Look, bitch, those niggas from porn with the huge cocks are freaks, 99.9% of black dudes have average sized 6 inches"

Yo pussy STANK girl

smell my foot

"You aren't really on birth control? Jokes on you, AIDS made me infertile"

calm down biggie


he was trying to explain how bernie sanders idea will not work and how 13/50

lets raid Lil Duvals Instagram

He’s very popular and easily triggered and will respond

The white girl I was dating...

Mo azz less sazz!

Foul? Kek

Based, oldfag.

Your brother is better in sucking dick

Everyone is right, even I can't stand the smell.

Yo pussy not good as Moma's