Should I convince my gf to get an iud? Is it safe enough for me to cum in her every night?

Should I convince my gf to get an iud? Is it safe enough for me to cum in her every night?

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Don't trust them. They fall out or move, you a daddy.
Bag your shit up instead. Then test it for leaks with the bathroom spigot, before you flush that shit

Why would anyone flush a latex condom down the toilet into their septic system. Its not a fucking garbabe disposal, throw it in the bin retard

Wife has had 2. Cooper one and now a newer plastic one. Not even a single worry and I've dumped literally thousands of loads down the abyss. You can occasionally feel the string but you just change positions or move it with your finger. Did have to get rid of my cock piercings tho or you can get tangled...

incel detected

Wife has had one for a while.

Not that it matters, she always swallows

In real counties we have sewage systems. We don't store disgusting bio-waste until trash day. This is why you people get sick so much.

Yeah, at 60 its no longer involuntary so take my advice or don't. No fucks given either way

Had a gf that had one of these. Never pulled out, never had any problems.

No country has a sewage system designed for condoms you fucktard. Hell, even baby wipes clog that shit up.

Does create job tho, lots of unclogged position now exist because of restarts like you.

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No birth control is 100% effective.

Does that pic look like a goats head to anybody else?


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Copper IUD is better because copper itself actually kills sperm, it's also used as a Plan B method up to seven days after conception.

She will have cramps that are a little worse and insertion hurts like Hell so be supportive of her when she gets it done.

Also, if you have a big dick, she's likely to bleed a bit after sex (not as much as a period) regardless of how much time has passed.

It's great cause you don't have to worry about a condom breaking or if she's forgotten to take her pill, just go to town at anytime for the next 5 or 10 years

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Also the IUD is about the size of a quarter so don't show her that picture

Yes there is. It's called a vasectomy.

Not 100%, read a book fartfignewton

If you had them, you would understand the absurdity of your statement.

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Put it in the bin...
Its not like she'll sperm jack you or anything

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You need to have a gf first,loser.

Wrap the used condom in a ball of toilet paper (if available in your country) and is causes no issue.
Or take it with you. She will sperm jack you if you don't...... Idiot

Condoms are reusable in his country

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Good thing you're using condoms, because you don't need to reproduce.

Wrapping it in tp does next to nothing. The whole reason tp is flushable is because it's made to break down in the water, meaning if it somehow gets caught in the pipes, it will dissolve. Condoms, paper towels, and other materials are not, and are significantly more likely to cause a non-biodegradable blockage that will only get worse and cost you loads in plumbing repairs.

My kids a all grown now.
They were all planned
This works 99.99%
Take advice or don't. No fucks given

Wrapping condoms in tp has nothing to do with planning kids, you retard

>Wrapping condoms in tp has nothing to do with planning kids, you retard
This is for disposal after you use them.
Using them prevents children
Preventing children is how you decide when to have them

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they're ridiculously safe. depending on how your gf's uterus is positioned (some are tilted backwards), you may or may not be able to feel the strings with your dick.
note: they are not "strings", it's like dental floss material and it's kind of sharp. my gf has a weird uterus and when i fuck her doggystyle and her pelvis is higher than mine, i'll hit her cervix and it's painful for the both of us. then again, it's painful for her even without the IUD so whatever.
she was uncomfortable and sore for a good couple weeks after getting it put in. also, she had some bleeding off and on for a couple months, and it was maybe 6 months until her period stopped. she still gets like a "micro period" for a day or two every couple of months now.

it might be worth feeling around in your girls vagina to see what positions you can touch her cervix in. like, just use your middle and ring finger to to see how the surface sits, and the depth of it.

Nah man, they always stab my fucking dick. thing ever. We bump the lumps almost daily for years. No worries ever.

No shit, I responded to them saying to flush them, and that wrapping the in tp makes that okay.

Their response to that was about the planning of their children.

Don't be an autist, follow the conversation.

I’ve been dropping nuts inside my wife for two years straight now. The IUD is awesome!

Are you fucking restarted?

they're like 99% effective when placed correctly. just get her to do her research/do it with her and go to a clinic/doc that has good reviews. just make sure that if it ever comes out to get some backup pills she can take before getting it placed again. the arm implant is p effective too and less invasive