Butterface/ugly but fuckable thread

Butterface/ugly but fuckable thread

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great one. Moar ?

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Is she a butterface?
volafile dot org/r/15x861w08

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Is she butter?

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nah, she's girl-next-door cute

Fucking hot! Where in UK?

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She's actually kind of cute, in a nerdy way.

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Even with that face?

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Too many tattoos, looks trashy.


that is a brown person

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She has more now

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Yeah. Just go for it man.
Back in ny college days I had a girl like that. She was nice and really cool to hang out. It was fun. Good blow jobs. Fun sex. Anime nights. We went out to eat. Nobody gives a shit. Just have fun. We "broke up" because we just got busy with life.

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Fellow Becca lover

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semi butter like a oil


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Lube her up or go in dry?

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nice have more?

So many bodies, so many eww's.

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She doesn’t like wearing bras

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Nice xray can u do this butterface please

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some of them have a cute face

she green texted her thigh

>great job you trash bag

>if you only knew how bad things really are

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Fucking more!!

"Bolton Wife".
She's everywhere.

Got a better pic? Black doesn't do well and there is no nip in that


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Dude looks like ladyyyyyy!!!!!

Watch out, they spit! And they Don’t Miss!!

Absolutely disgusting

no, she's just a butt ugly landwhale
if you fucked that you need to kys

agree ... i'm already stroking to her ... any more, op?

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pls someone have moar

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Full butter

?? You dont think shes bad?

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Only lift the skirt and spread the goods if you’re NOT a trap

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Would you bang it?

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She's not...

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post all

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you got discord?

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This girl is cute af, you're an idiot, user

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Wow.. Kerrygold... premium butter

Spread pussy, nao

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Then I’d smash her emo pussy to flip that frown upside down

Some of these girls are not even close to butterface.. either your standards are too high, or you're a faggot seeking validation for your gf

Not buttery

Holy five head!

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Needs bush.

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That goat totally hit that.

There's nothing ugly here.

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no, post em

Rotten Robbie's long lost sister

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yeah, she probably loves dick like most butterfaces

apparently this is the wrong thread for her

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She does. Very dirty bitch. Used to enjoy group fucks

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Keep posting

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Please tell me there's more

I need this in my life

Bump love to know

Spread that fkn snatch

Pull them titties out

Perfect tits

Only pic I have of her

Complete fail, butterface is meant to be hot af except their face, all of these are just munters....

no you

these threads are a bit misleading because anyone on Cred Forums would fuck literally any female that would offer it up, regardless of their appearance. she could be
>total grenade
and Cred Forums would nut within 5 seconds of sticking it's penis inside of it

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She has an amazing body

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Dude, i said tits out, not filter the butter. If i want to watch clarified butter I'll pull up Gordon Ramsay vids


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Let's see more of it with that face

where's the butterface?

Show butthole, this slut definitely has a pic of it somewhere

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Not buttery. Would smash

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What a body

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That's the hottest kind of woman.

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Goddess alert.

Looks like she would have plenty of lube on her own.

Anybody got more?


Not a butterface

Add some cum to the mix? Hot that she's had a train run on her?

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God I want to molested and pissed all over by this whole picture

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Why is there always a pack of latina women at the club with one guaranteed to look like pic related

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Look to the first pics poated....or here

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more of this chubby slut

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Yeah I’ve got hundreds from over the years. She doesn’t get posted much anymore though

Who's this? Moar?

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Would you?

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Shes got downs

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Not sure why but girls that are into swimming always seem to be ugly. But girls that do track and more specifically pole vaulting for some reason are always impossibly hot.

Mostly because they're without makeup and their hair jacked when they are in the pool. I'm sure most of these would clean up very nicely.

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I figured out when I was very young how easy it was to get girls like this into bed. Now I have a major fetish for butterfaces. Especially ones that have a tight body or nice tits.

Not a butterface, just ugly. Butterface means great body, but her face

How old are you now?

Face of a guy Jesus christ

Yeah, I know, read the title of the thread! It says "ugly", right?

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Teach me your ways sensei . . .

Fuck her while she’s passed out

Nigga. The hair is beneath a hair cap and you can't wear makeup in a pool the chlorine would eat away at it further making them look like shit. Chlorine eaten makeup looks hideous

Get that fuckin crackhead gremlin outta here.

No because you would probably crush my pelvis

Butch lesbians have the tightest pussies

Thats not butter, thats no makeup.

Looks like a dude with tits.

Says butterface/ugly but fuckable. If you think that hambeast was fuckable then there is something wrong with you.

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Yes but with a paper bag over her head.

Second 4 Trips

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When u live in Tschernobyl, this is next door type

Is that Patton Oswalt?

would not bang

strictly Fwb

Chicks running track are not all dolled up with makeup. Hair or no hair girls that swim are ugly as fuck, just look at pictures of any Olympic swimmer when she is out of the pool.

I'm with u bro

School uniforms for an underaged fetish when you damn well know her ID says she’s 37 . . .


I would like to get her a girl scout uniform and then fuck her silly on a camping trip.

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My wife had the same body type with a 7/10 face, now she is at best a 3. As much as I love those thicc/chubby body types, they always going landwhale mode when u get in a partnership with them. It's a shame

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10 Dollar cum bucket

I'd fuck her relentlessly

Nope. Saying we’d be fuck buddies and that’s it

Every once in awhile I'm in the mood for a chubbo. Last one I had was built like this one. AFter tossing that around 2 or 3 times I start getting disgusted with them and myself and dump 'em.

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Because genetics.


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Yes, I like that, fucking retard!

Face is a little wonky but she's VERY fuckable. She has some stout shoulders/upper arms.


Yeah she works out a lot. Trying to make up for not being the pretty one in her family lol

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Even when they try and make a swimmer look hot they don't quite pass it off. Why? Because they are the most elite of female athletes and, ironically, possess more manlier traits.

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She a stripper or some shit? What the fuck

Dont' quite see the fascination with this one.

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I feel like most of these are regular ol white people lol.

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God damn. Face and tits in same pic?

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Cursed image

But there is a bra in that puc befote xrayed.......

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Only when she goes out in public

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Buddies gf, mom of two

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Not a goddess, but certainly Girl-next-door pretty.

LOL, the face gave away the Brit


She's margarine


If my cock is balls deep in her throat, she ain't a butterface.


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I'd take any/all of these QTs.

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Some of you guys are just trolling, or your standards are set way too high. There's some straight up cuties in this thread.

Surely you've discussed the finer qualities of hot vs. cute before?

Would smash

Ex from a few years back

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Would love to cum on that huge schnoz.

What do think?

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Cant tell but she has double ds.

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Let's see her tits

Your lucky, always wanted a butter faced latina bbw


Would smash hard

This thick breeder

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I know her lmao. guess who´s fucked

Nasty monkey feet.

Crazy look in her eyes.

More the chin then the face


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No such thing as a bbw butterface.

that bitch is at postinos - means she prolly gets drunk on cheap wine and sucks dick lol


Oh really, that's what that means?

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Thanks, user, for the up close 2nd view of her face. Eeewww. AND this is her face shooped up. I can only imagine what its real face looks like.

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my gf

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was she posted in the "what porn would she do" threads yesterday?

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You're nuts, she's an eight.


She's been around the block a few times, huh? How old is she?

Ain't nothing wrong with her other than she's got bad hair and bad skin.

She looks like shes down to fuck

Lets see the pusspuss

An 8?!?! No. Body is a 6, face is a 5. pretty much average. I'll raise the body score if see some noods.

Kek, nice one.

i thought the same. tame that fly away frizz and she's a solid 7 or 8

Small world isn’t it? You tell me?

Any more of her?!?

Solid 4 or 5, dude. With extra credit for being reasonably in shape, another 10-15lbs she loses the credit. She's average looking and would blend right with the crowd and you I wouldn't give her a 2nd look or thought.

well i like her bra

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I don't know. Was she?

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I am definitely sure some people in here got some high ass standards like wtf there's straight babes in here

Which ones?

35 Started popping out baby’s at 14 is a grandma already

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90% of them never seen a titty in real life

Who is this? I've seen a few of her pics! Such a nice body.

More please!!!

Any more?