Who else is smoking pot?

Who else is smoking pot?

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I upgraded to crack

i upgrade myself to met

Nah homes, you got it wrong. That was a downgrade you silly goose.

Lazy hippies

Best way to smoke weed? I go between joints and bongs but I’m tryna spice it up

>smoking weed
might as well be inhaling lighter gas

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Nah I use hemp wax my guyyyyyyyyy

30yo, only started smoking in the last 2 years.

Gravity bong.
Grav bong
Bucket bong

You can roll a spliff to save weed and get buzzed on tobacco. One hitters and bubblers conserve weed, or you could always decarb and make into butter or tea for extra potency. Pic related is my bubbler/bong and I’m using a socket like a hobo

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Me. While on adderall.

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Op here, if you can correctly guess the strain I’ll send a pic of my nuts. No joke.

I vape high potency distillate, but plan on switching to edible/oral all together, i work in a weed factory too ama.

When will Illinois recreational pot become like Oregon’s prices? I’m in Northern Illinois and I want 1$ prerolls

Then you're missing out, butane is a potent NMDA antagonist and GABA PAM, might as well go hard or go home... That hemp wax won't shield you from emphysema.

Just realized you’re not the fucking fed

they only just went rec, so i would say at least a full years time, im in florida so i don't know how many companies illinios has. but it takes time for enough competition to stop screwing customers over

pre rolls are 8 bucks here, at least from the company i work for, and yes they are trash

I have 2 dispensaries within 50 miles. Other than that I’d have to go to Chicago

Future gays

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Stick to your wine, Dave.

Always wanted to make butter. Any tips or links to find a good instruction?

Ok explain this again to me like the retard that I am

youtube, so many videos on different edibles and shit

I always use about 2 tablespoons of butter per gram in a pan. Grind your stuff really fine, use a knife and a cutting board if you don't have one of those 300 dollar grinders. Heat your butter up to 50°C (That's where, when you put your finger in, it's like "huh that's tolerable but slowly getting pretty hot") and leave your weed in there for an hour. You shouldn't have any visible bubbles (except for some foam, that's normal) cuz then your butter is too hot and it vaporizes your THC. If you gonna use that butter for baking, don't go over 160°C.

I never seen a preroll for $1 in Portland. Maybe $3 at the lowest

Oh yeah and maybe stir the butter every now and then. I never really worry about filtering the butter, most of the grind stays in the pan when when I poured it, and that little amount that made its way into my cookies just makes for a really nice weed flavor.

the met gala? classy, my man

This has got to be the dumbest shit I’ve read in my fucking life. You MUST decarb before you attempt to merge the fats. If the weed doesn’t hit 390 degrees the thc isn’t even active. Temp maybe off 350-415 for decarbing.
God and you say you always do this, massive retard wasting weed. Not even getting high from it.

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I mean it clearly worked, and I never used more than like a gram at a time.

Just cook butter on lowest temps with weed, stir weed and don’t let it sit and burn, after your done let the butter cool and solidify before using it

Buddy he’s talking about Celsius relax lmao

I'm 12 and what is this?

I ran out last night. Gotta hit up the weed store tomorrow

>it clearly worked
On who nigga? Because the science is there, not enough heat = no activation = no high. There’s a reason it gets rolled up and burned not tossed into your mouth and chewed on.

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1. Vaporizer
2. Dabs
3. Joint

He's right though - I never bothered with decarbing. Seeing as it already worked like that I just was too lazy, and I rarely ever make edibles anyways. Maybe it's not worth it for just 1-2 grams anyways, but I'll look into it.

Retard #2
Wow clever it’s almost like I can read Celsius. The temps are still wrong.

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Did you know that marijuana makes your body secrete feminine hormones?

Can you send an ounce of that to me in the mail in Illinois pleazs

Fucking degenerate. Go be a Bernie loving commie somewhere else.

Who the fuck cares, we aren't wasting our time trying to show off masculinity 24/7

I secrete all over my wife while I’m baked

My man I’m in New Orleans you need to find a better plug.

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Alright, thankfully I haven't "waisted" as much then. Next time I'll try that - is an hour at 160°C enough?

Yeah, degenerates don't belong on Cred Forums, am i right

Valcano vaporizer is very cash. You get the tastiest hits and it de-carbs the weed so if you save it, you can cook with it later. Make a batch of rice krispies and boom

Soon enough you brain will get depleted of neurotransmitters, you'll get bored and start "experimenting"

If it’s raw bud chunky ground up 120c for an hour. If you grind that shit into dust 30 minutes at 120c should be good

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How hard is it to actually tend and care for a cannabis plant in Illinois?

Thanks, can't wait to try it out

Ay, I have a arizer. Volcano is way to expensive for what it does. But yup I use the avb to make butter.

mr edge lord, pot smokers are fucking retards and are the people who failed at life, coming from someone who used to smoke daily, i was a fuckin lazy piece of shit with no ambition or motivation

Northern Lights

>extrapolating generalizations based on personal experience
it's okay if you have lazy tendencies but try not to project that

>I'm a useless retard when smoking so everyone else must be as well

physicist, mathematician, software developer, serial tech entrepreneur, self-made decamillionaire and nighly pot-smoker here


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I wasn't a lazy person before I was smoking pot, not saying everyone who smokes weed is a fucking moron, but from what I've seen and the people who I used to smoke with, they had nothing going for their life.

Why the fuck does it still post sideways.

Nobody you fuckin' loser. jk

All "agonist" drugs cause downregulation of certain receptors. THC is a cb1 and cb2 receptor agonist. Addiction is more desensitising rather than depleting.

all pot smokers are lazy, gay and deserve emphysema

I’ve been a paramedic for 6 years, in the city with one of the highest murder rates in the country. I’m on the news frequently, I help train navy seals, and I smoke 2 ounces a week. I’m only 25 btw
What are you doing with your life shitlord?

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Doesn't it seem strange that marijuana is the new socially acceptable stimulant?


>2 ounces a week
thats not a brag

You’re retarded if you think weed is a stimulant.

Only Jews or communists want to slander weed.

I wish. I'm out of the loop on where to buy it.

Wtf this nigha on

Let's see how it goes for you in 10 years

Oh no, (they) are the ones behind this trend

Not really no

There’s cannabis within a 5 mile radius of you now.

Would be a moot point if I only smoked 2 grams a week. I’m more than functional smoking quite a bit. But good looking out dipshit.
I mean I won’t be a medic in 10 years, if your view is oh yea you’ll be burnt out the answer is no shit. That’s part of THAT job it won’t have anything to do with weed. But I have 2 years left in medschool so in 10 years I’ll be sitting wonderfully in some er somewhere slapping nurses with my doctor dick still smoking this gas. Suck me off faggot.

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I don't doubt that. I just don't have connections.

i understand the hyperbole but still that's a bit of a stretch, if we're talking in context of the US, we still have plenty of bumfuck redneck rural areas with illegal pot where you would have to know the right people

Feels bad man. Illegal state I assume? Just hang around tobacco shops, everyone and their Gma sells THC products these days

That’s crazy to think about. In the Midwest I’ve gotten used to having most drugs if I wanted them.

do you work a job? every job i've worked there's atleast one person who smokes and therefore has a connection

I got the valcano hybrid and I'm extremely happy with it. I know it's a bit overpriced but I feel the cost is worth the benefit. Plus my upstairs neighbor doesn't bitch about smell anymore

Sounds like a personal problem