Fav Cred Forums Sluts part 2

Fav Cred Forums Sluts part 2

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I have like 100 pics of her

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go on then

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Cred Forums's Cred Forumsuttery queen Cred Forumsecca

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Is she from toronto, I think I know her

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Sexy golf chick

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What do you wanna see lol.

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Always mel

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Dont know. Just saved from here


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Post her volleyball pics sooo hot.

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Dont have

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Who wants her nude?

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sure why not

Oh man those are her best pics. Search archives for link.

any pregnant?


what would I even be searching for? just show the link if you have it or know it

At work atm maybe tonight

sure thing i'll just wait here

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I'd love to pound Moriah's ass. Especially if she was tied down and unwilling.

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definitely her. interest?

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Relieved, yet disappointed that my slut isn’t here.

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same. although if she was itd probably turn me on like no other

It’s a weird mix when I see her posted. Hate that she’s exposed but also turned on that others like her body and cum for her.

i saw my girl get reposted maybe twice and it turned me on a lot.

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Made you cum didn’t it?

yeah big fat load

Does she need bbc?

Here. Saw this posted weeks ago

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Kik of sluts? It’s for a work

Yes Pure heaven

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phat ass

Hot. More?

I get it, she’s kinda hot, but why is ass sexualised anyway. Serves no function for procreation

because my weiner wants to fuck it

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Why not an armpit? Less poop

hell at this point id fuck anything

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Armpit, mouth, feet, ass, tits My dick don’t care

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holy shit ... moar!!!

Plz moar

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Ass twice. Pussy. Ass. Mouth. Back to ass and then ass

amen brotha

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More of her please!

Absolutely this slut, and her mother.

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jesus. you have pics of her mother as well? pls share. let's make this a family thread too.

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Indeed a favorite of mine. More please

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are these really famous b sluts or just ppl posting their girls / ppl they know and then samefagging.

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Yes user I do.

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I assume the gross and

Is that heather? I’ve got some nudes of her saved on a hard drive

Clothed FB pics don’t mean shit

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For me it’s my friend. First girl I’ve known IRL I’ve ever seen posted on Cred Forums. Makes me diamonds every time I see her.

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She in ur collection?

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God I want my wife to wear pants like that

My favorite titcow

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They are called leggings Bro

Cherry slut

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What’s her most attractive feature

Does your wife have an ass like that? If yes, please post your wife

Found in a thread last week

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Same chick from the Spain thread, good reposting there chum.

And she’s your favorite?????

FUCK thats nice

No shit, but not all leggings have that seam in the ass crack to just suck them in there.

Idk man. I bet Mel gets eye fucked on the daily. Wouldn’t it be shit to deal with that 24/7? I want my gf to dress down

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Maybe. Think it has more to do with ass than pant style but idk

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You want your girl to dress down so other dudes dont look at her?

Not exactly. I just don’t really want the added attention of being next to a girl who every guy in the place is getting a hardon for cause her ass is broadcasting itself

Is this hypothetical or like your actual girl? Kek

I don’t mind at all. My girls ass is great. A little more of a pawg than Mel. I love the attention she gets. But I’m the one she goes home with. I’m the one that gets to fuck that ass.

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Ex gf. Maybe i shouldn’t have complained about her getting eye fucked. It’s just annoying. Imagine a dude walking around with a giant dick visible below paper thin pants.

This. Being insecure about you chick getting looked at is beta as fuck. Take it as a compliment then take her home and dick her down

more! OP? i have a huge mega of her

Just a fan with a small collection

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Share the mega?

100% mah man gets it. I love fucking her crazy talking about all of the attention she gets.

God damn alpha user. Just let dudes jerk off on your gf’s ass. No biggie as long as they clean the mess. If it bothers you, you’re beta.

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Fuck that. Post best ones here. This fucked up community exist for a reason.

Having your gf dick you down is the most alpha

I agree but otherwise I want the mega

Nobody is jerking ON her ass but idgaf if dude goes home jerks off thinking of my chick that he saw in public kek.

That’s a thin line. What if they jerked behind a glass window with her nude on the other side? Pretty soon some rando is fucking her butt hole while you watch

The most alpha. Alpha nirvana

this thread always turns this way..starts out as posting favs then some anons dont read the title and start posting their gf/wife..
fuck off to pics you shouldnt share/gf/wife rate..theres plenty of them!!

Anyone have her full set? I need it.

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Full set of a shitty pic?

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is that amy amyson?

this is the favs youve saved on b? this is weak..theres so much hotter material being posted like every 5 minutes, but this..this is what you save? headless/faceless pics...blurry pics..non nudes...

Kill yourself, incel.

No, he is spot on.

this chick has been one of my favorites

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Mostly agree, but these are /b sluts so cropped or blurred faces is expected since they aren’t models or pros. Sure, there is a lot of HD porn posted to /b, but that’s a different category. Still, It’s hard to imagine why a 5/10 chubby bitch or similar is anyone’s favorite....

this one does it for me. More front?

Let's see em

See. Cropped or not, this is hot. If you want professional high def pics go somewhere else. I think decent quality pics of amateur girls acting slutty is hot af.

Dumb facial expression with a little under boob is not hot

Shes definetly a hot little slut

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yeah thats true...and ive been guilty of it before..i would never post face on here, but theres still hot amatuer pics that dont show face and arent blurry
maybe its just my taste but this shit
i do not think is the best of Cred Forums
thanks man

oooooihh a blurry sideways pic of one boob and nothing else...hold on while i fap to this guys

No one said they were the best, incel.

why do you care so much faggot

>I do not think
Yeah, probably just your taste. zzzzzz

imagine taking your time to link all these replies... who is the real faggot?

If you can’t agree that Mel has one of the best amateur asses on /b your opinion doesn’t amount to much

You are

Her ass is a 7 of ten AT BEST
t. Latina lover

That’s a trap

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Does she only have one outfit ?
Go to vickis and buy her some new lingerie dude

Ahhh. Enough said

New shit on the way

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Let’s see the booty of your Latina /b slut favorite then

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Cute and nice tits

never said she didnt have a nice ass...she does..one of the best on Cred Forums though? hmmm...
also i was more making a point about the pics being posted...
but to each their own i guess..everyone has different favourites

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Post that Latina /b slut booty or quit bitchin’. I like ass. I want to see it

hmmmm...interesting...that sticker on the mirror looks familiar...im pretty sure i have another of her saved from a kik group..

Share my gf

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oh yeah, shes notorious for using that stupid can you not sticker

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yeah...saw it in a group i scanned a code for...didnt think she was..um...you know
but i guess she is!
see...that pic is hot..that might be a fav...but the other ones...
maybe kjust because theyre part of her set and she in general is a fav Cred Forums slut...

wrong thread buddy

>didnt think she was..um...you know
but i guess she is!

what do you mean by that? lol

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well judging by the rest of the stuff that was being shared in that group (not of her... just in general) i kinda figured she was below...

that idk for sure, cause idk her personally just have her pics, but a lot of girls these days are hard to tell about that, some look below and are actually above, some look above and are actually below, you just never know these days without knowing them irl

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thats the pic i saw!
yeah its getting harder and harder to tell...ive def been surprised by some i see...only to see them here or reddit...
there was one girl i loved and someone told me theres tons of her and she was above...short black hair, pretty face, few pics in a bathroom..i know thats vague as hell but all i can remember.. either the mods are asleep sometimes or i just have no idea to tell age lol
shes banging tho

oh id definetly fuck her, wouldnt even ask lol shes a sexy slut

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yeah...without question..well thanks for adding more to my collection dude!

heres a bit more enjoy

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@sierrasuckkks on kik to buy my ex gfs nudes

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where from? is her name sierra?

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> the true queen

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My offer still stands here