President Bernie Sanders

President Bernie Sanders

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If he can defeat the dnc like Trump did the rnc then yeah.

Not this shit again. Dont you realize this communist will fuck you dry until you're begging for death as a sweet release once you realize you're being taken for a sucker with
>ma free shyt

Probably not since you're most likely one or all of the following
>lack basic understanding of how taxes or government spending works/comes from
>plain ol retard that wants to mooch of everyone else's back

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He cannot. RNC had the integrity to remove the superdelegate system. DNC knew better. They adjusted the system for the sake of optics, but if Bernie gets too far ahead they’ll just do what they did in Iowa and demand a recanvasse

I have two jobs

Stay mad snowflake

I'd rather have the faggot president

Iowa is showing 100% and Buttigieg is still ahead. Iowa also doesn’t matter nearly as much as people make it out to. Cruz beat Trump comfortably in Iowa. Didn’t matter then, doesn’t matter now.

No refunds faggot. You're going to vote for whoever they put against Drumpf, and its not gonna be uncle boiney.

Those poor poor billionaires

President Bernie Sanders

I said one or all...
So you're not unemployed but you are a retard that wants free shit and lack basic understanding of how government spending works and where it comes from

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You're getting cucked just like last time, and you're going to love it.

Sorry buddy but if you do some basic research you'll come to the realization that everyone is in agreement that this guys plans require tax increases on everyone not just billionaires


If he wins, its gonna be nice quitting my job and playing videogames all day while taking college classes the rest of my life while on welfare and food stamps.

I'm not kidding.

Yeah so what

>>ma free shyt
Where do Cred Forumstards get this shit from?
Hey asshole: 90+% of Bernie supporters aren't gonna get a dime of gibbs money.

We're trying to stave off a dark, ugly Orwellian future.

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Nice fantasy. I just want to go to the hospital and not go into debt for the rest of my life.

Retard confirmed

Are you serious user?
His whole fucking argument for
>vote for me baby
Comes from "free healthcare" and "free college tuition"
Have you not been paying attention to anything he's been saying?
Ppl hear the word free and cum in their pants.

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No u

Kek free college is the stupidest thing ever. This is exactly what people will do if its free.
Its suppose to be an investment, and investments aren't free.

I have two jobs aswell and confirm you’re still retarded.

There's already medicaid if you don't have a full-time job.

Full-time jobs provide you with very cheap/free health insurance. Even mcdonalds provides it.

can't, he already served 2 terms
could elect the tranny he was fucking tho

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You're jerking off over a strawman.
People want socialized medicine, and understand it isn't free, no matter how badly you want to ptetend you're the only real grownup in the room.

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>very cheap/free health insurance.

Don't make me fucking laugh

Intended feature, not a bug.

they dont understand its not free cause they are to stupid to understand the gov does not have its own money its ours it collects

There's walmart's benefits. $60 a month for the premier plan.

Ironically berntards support policy and a morality which would bring that about

Yeah and they need to collect some of those billionaires' money

$60 until you actually have to go to the hospital

Why are you laughing? It's a fact. I get free health insurance at my job. I've never been in a situation where I'm not covered. Even in college I had medicaid, I worked at best buy for a while and had insurance through them.

You'd have to be retarded to not be able to figure it out.
Still jerking off,
Still strawmaning.
Still wrong.

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Totally wrong. Doctors visits are capped at $35 and ER visits are capped at $300. They cover 100% above that.

It's really not hard.

Right? It’s exactly why nearly every other industrialized nation on earth is made up exclusively of fat, 40-something collegiate gamers.

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I work avg 55hr a week at my current job, but coverage at anywhere except Walmart or a place requiring a degree stipulates that you have to work for them for over a year to qualify.

>berbibent berbby berbers
This is you. This is what you sound like. Fag

>Wants to be taken seriously
>cites wikipedia

Can you please do society a favor and off yourself or at minimum get an education in something that will teach you how the economy works and a basic understand of government spending

Ppl don't realize they will be paying more in taxes for this shit

>est. 90 trillion in 10 years under the old fools plan

Taxing 100% of the billionaires won't cover this you mongoloid

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How old is this grandpa again? He makes crazy joe seem lucid. He looks like someone you see taking three hours shopping for an orange. This guy makes commies say ‘whoa thats a lil too far’....

>>Wants to be taken seriously
>>cites wikipedia
didn't read the rest of your post

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Your workplace is shitty then and I would either find a new job or weigh buying private insurance.

And this is a prime example of ppl choosing to stay blind to what's right in their face

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>Your workplace is shitty then and I would either find a new job or weigh buying private insurance.
THIS is why we need a single-payer system.
I shouldn't have to find a job that doesn't shit on my health care.

Well, if you don't make contact between the positive and negative terminals, but instead the positive and ground or negative and ground terminals, you won't get hurt. Assuming your wiring isn't fucked.

Daily reminder that socialism created the middle class.
See also: what Putin and Xi are up to is a horribly regressive move for the entire human race.
If we're going to save the middle class, and the only real hope for a better future for all people, we NEED more socialism in America, despite some random Cred Forumstard's personal power-trip fantasies.

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How about dont be a complacent slave and grind your way through this thing called life and strive for a better career that gives you better opportunities stop acting like you're entitled to anything and you'll get further in life

In my town without a degree, it's this or some factory jobs. I don't make enough to save up quickly enough to cover moving somewhere or anything, what with car issues, medical/financial/residential emergencies. I fucked up when I was like 19, and now I'm just kind of stuck on a path of meaningless, low-wage work and bills.

No user

We dont need MORE socialism. We already have some level of it here in the states...and it's fine but ppl become too entitled and this place is no long
>work for what you earn
It's now
>where's mine?

You give ppl an inch they want a smile

Wow, so sorry your mom didn't love you.

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Your mom didn't love you if you didn't have those ideas instilled in your head. Nice try

WAIT, is that a WuTang Clan logo?

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President Bernie Sanders

>President Bernie Sanders

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President Bernie Sanders

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guys what if it ends up being mike pence vs pete buttigieg when it could have been bernie vs trump

No doubt

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President Bernie Sanders

>They scared

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>The based irony

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You'll never get your free gibs, idiot.

President Bernie Sanders

In your delusion?

President Bernie Sanders

Does the phrase too big to fail mean anything to you

Pretty dope

Translation: too big to jail


Read a book.

That shriveled up prune is gonna drop dead of a heart attack before the election even happens. Even if he doesn't, Trump is gonna destroy him in the electoral college.

I don’t pay anything for my plan; I don’t know much about it because I’ve never used it but my wife has and she says it’s awesome.

How about them veritas leaks.

President Bernie Sanders

How about that nobody leaks from a nobody fake news organization