So did Trump learn that his actions have consequences or is he going completely off the rails because he learned that...

So did Trump learn that his actions have consequences or is he going completely off the rails because he learned that his actions have no consequences in the end?

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The latter. And why the fuck shouldn’t he? I’m pretty much convinced that he’s playing life with cheats enabled.

>because he learned that his actions have no consequences in the end?

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>Asked russia and china for help in 2016 elections
>Asked ukraine for help in the 2020 election

He's never learned anything in his entire life. Only cares about himself and does whatever he thinks will increase his chances for success.

Thanks to his lawyers he understands now that he is above the law, and can do whatever he wants, as long as the GOP controls fox and the senate

sorry trump u got false flagged
u will only lose unless u remove johnathon fragile x syndrome from pine gap before ur presidency ends, its ur only victory condition, before presidency u were a neutral, now ur an enemy if task not completed, ally when done. xx

rest of this is bullshit and a fools errand

remove johnathon fragile x syndrome from pine gap = world wins

if not we lose for retard, not evil. distinct difference.

retard benefits no one not even their own anosognosiad selves. just built up like that through history cause no one had the courage to do real work and murder that schizophrenic down syndrome autism psychosis literal dead corpse shit sitting in pine gap

Prove it

>he is above the law, and can do whatever he wants

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Except beat Trump...

Donny asked russia and China to hack the DNC for emails. He said that on national television. Mulvaney said the Ukraine thing was pro quid quo and rudy said he wasnt in Ukraine for policy, both was said on national television. Nice try tho

He learned that he's above the law.

He joked for them to FIND the emails. They had been hacked months earlier.
you are another fucking zero-

You mean the emails that Hillary gave tbem via an open server?

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So we agree he asked other nations for help in elections

No I mean the russia that the DOJ said it was their policy to not indict a sitting president collusion thing

If you were wrongly arrested for a crime you didn't commit, do you think you would learn your lesson about your non crimes?
Fucking retard.

>he's above the law.

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So the corrupt DOJ?

can I buy some drugs from you?

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>send personal lawyer for digging up dirt for election
>personal lawyer says its not for policy
>your budget direct says it pro quid quo too
He did nothing wrong, KEK

The DOJ is corrupt now? Kek

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Trump did nothing wrong. Either present proof of wrong doing and cite the exact laws that he broke, or suck a dick.
I think we both know you're hungry for dick though, lets be honest.

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They statements I made where made on public television. Just because the repubs Senate bootlicked and didnt do what no senate has done before (remove a president) doesnt mean he didnt do it. Also ask bolten

>They had been hacked months earlier.
Nope, an attack happened hours after the speech.
As he alluded to "explosive new info" about Clinton, Don Jr.'s meeting with the kremlin agent was happening the same night.
Then as the Mueller team found, the Trump campaign met with shady russians hundreds of times and lied about it.

Put this together with the fact russian gangsters have been in Trump Tower for decades, how is bank Deutsche Bank has voluntarily payed fines for laundering billions in russian money, OR HOW HE WAS TRYING TO BUILD A FUCKING TOWER IN MOSCOW WHILE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.

>did Trump learn that his actions have consequences
He was acquitted. He didn't do what your feelings think he did.

Just because the repubs Senate bootlicked and didnt do what no senate has done before (remove a president) doesnt mean he didnt do it. Also ask bolten

>sends lawyer to look for shit he find emails from overseas
>a few thousand
> none of them have been investigated
> the embassy you’re over gets hit
>citizens blood now on my hand

Trump did this

If Obama had even considered doing this he would have been lynched

There you go, suckin' that dick. Good job faggot. You should get together with this faggot and just suck each other off. Maybe you'll find the citations and figure out the laws while you're gargling each others crusty balls.

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Rightfully so

The senate has never removed a sitting president you fucking dumb leftist kike

>has no argument
>hurr durr dicks
Kek, great job

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>doesnt mean he didnt do it
ONLY democrats voted to impeach him in the house vote. Only. democrats. That totally means he's guilty.

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Fucking Retard. If i kill you and the judge is my brother and we tell the witnesses to fuck off, and he aquits me. I still killed you, even though the law didn't punish me

>implying trump isn’t being “lynched”

"didnt do what no senate has done before "

I love my president

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Damn he still got the (you)

Only repubs voted to acquit him. Only repubs, totally means he is innocent.

So smart, such a stable genius, bigly.

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Exactly. So that doesn't mean you're right either thinking he's guilty

Well then that dog's a faggot.
>Implying Trump wouldn't just be afraid of him and run away.

Kansas City is in Kansas you stupid uneducated fuck. It's in BOTH states.

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Yea, seems like witnesses prob would have helped right? Whose majority voted against witnesses?

The judge and our president are kin? This changes everything! Give me sources so I can tweet it

Although there is a KC in both Missouri and Kansas, Kansas has nothing to do with the KC Chiefs. Nice try tho

That was US government policy. It wasn't crazy Rudy running around Ukraine spreading a bunch of bullshit.

And that rudy even said he wasnt doing policy

The question is if we learned we have a first-stage dictatorship.

Hurry up it’s past out bedtime bro

I declare this to be fake news

Donny doesnt love putin and kim and praised china for shifting towards it


God, I hope so

If you can read the transcript and believe he did nothing impeachable, fucking go live in Russia or something. We don't want you here anymore.

He didn't learn his actions have no consequences, he already knew that.

>there is KC in both Missouri and Kansas
This is all you had to say you stupid fuck. Try again.

Trump doesn't learn things. Wind is mysterious to him.

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Who even cares? It's in the transcript, and Trump doesn't deny it. End of the Republic.


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You’re a ignorant beta cuck, take Florida for example nobody says the Florida dolphins stfu you liberal cry baby and grow up

hey stupid non educated fucker, there is a Kansas City Kansas. But, your dumbass couldn't pick out Kansas on a map anyway

Remember windmills kill lots of birds, that's why they are bad and that's why donny rolled by regulations on companies that affect bird populations


Donald will be just fine. yall worry to much! do something with ur time! get a job! Walmart is hiring!! and u can meet some nice people! don't wanna work? ok, stay home! get on some kind of medication and veg out day and night! relax!! or how bout a vacation?? get away!! get ur mind off things! maby China for a month or two? bottom line is...u got 4 years let, so.....chill

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I can read the transcript. Apparently you can't. So maybe you're the one with the feels, you filth.

>only repubs
What was the verdict tho

No arguments? I'm still waiting for you to tell me and show me the exact laws he broke. I want citations for the laws that he broke and evidence of him breaking them. My argument is that Trump did nothing wrong and his acquittal is my proof. Just waiting on you to get tired of sucking that dick, but it looks like you're experienced so we could be here a while.

Remember cars of highways kill a lot more birds...

Looking for more info on this

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OJ was found not guilty of murder

I can't even begin to explain all the ways in which that is a false equivalence. Either present me with the specific laws Trump broke and the evidence irrefutably proving that he did, or you can suck a dick with that other faggot in the thread.
Again, let's all be honest, you're really into sucking dick too.

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Is pro quid quo illegal? What did Mulvaney say in tv it was?

Damn you fox news and your real news


Can't wait to see all the crybabies again. "He's like so NOT my president"

I'm still waiting for one of you massive fucking faggots to tell me the exact laws he broke and show me the literal evidence of him breaking that law.
All you idiots seem to wanna do is suck dick instead of prove me wrong, it's unbelievable how many faggots I'm surrounded by.

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Ed Buck is a top democrat donor and a swell guy everyone likes

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If the laws you spew are too much of a reach, you cannot impeach

Fuck dude, do you have a trophy for sucking dick somewhere? Holy shit. What laws he broke and evidence of him breaking them, can you or can you not fucking do it?

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all based on that whistleblower person, who doesn't exist, all of this nonsense because somebody told somebody who told somebody who thinks Orange man bad

I don’t want you here anymore go live in China

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opps, everyone seems to forget this whole entire impeachment started on a whistleblower testimony who can never reveal their identity for reasons.......

Pay attention. By law he had every right to hold back aid from another country. It's our money. By law he has every right, and obligation to investigate suspected illegal activities concerning involvement with foreign countries. The "aid" money was not being used as aid. It was being funneled into private accounts, sent to other countries where it was used to purchase weapons, and larg sums kicked back to the Dems who pushed for the aid money to be sent.


cause Trump would "Clinton" them of course

Keep making me Johnny Cochraning your ass

Trump would steal the primaries from Bernie?


He stole everything from Bernie

And chillery

God, these next four years under all of our president are going to be interesting

Kill yourself


Are you asking for the evidence that donny blocked from the public and hearings. Yes a lot of people want to see that evidence and hear from those witnesses but you know someone and some party blocked it. Weird huh


If you can take the dick out of your mouth long enough, I'll need some evidence.
Me sending you a law about rape being illegal, doesn't make you a rapist does it? Oh, I know! Sodomy is still technically illegal, I should look that one up and send it to you. I think I could use this whole thread as pretty good evidence that you're a raging faggot too.

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Image thinking it’s unlawful to collaborate with a foreign country yet think of people as a god who find foreign cartels


So we both agree, Trump did nothing wrong. Since you can't tell me what laws he broke or show evidence that he broke those laws, that's the conclusion we can come to.

By the way, they had all the time in the world to call witnesses and bring evidence to be entered into the trial before hand, you don't try to pull a rabbit out of your ass int he middle of a trial when shit isn't going your way, you retarded faggot.

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Let’s be honest the only time democrats find terrists is to give them money and/or import them into this place

Every day he learns that his actions have no consequences. Everyone is up his ass, including Supreme Court.

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If you need more proof you're fooling yourself

>Admits quid pro quo
>Trump supporters still in disbelief
>Thinks I'm sucking sick when in reality it's himself

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They had witnesses in the House which is practically a grand jury. The Senate which was moreso like a Court in this situation voted to have no witnesses

I wrote my senators and all they told me was that it's a sham trial. What's a sham trial was that there was no witnesses or evidence presented. Even if you're innocent, there's evidence...

>Trump literally saying "There was no quid pro quo"
Nigger are you high?
I want proof of what he did, not what CNN told you he did, I want the evidence and I want the specific law he broke. You can't do that, you can just suck did. It's like sucking did was what you were born to do, just a faggot out of the womb. I bet you nursed from your dads dick, didn't you? You nasty faggot.

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I can have ten guys saying you're a massive cock sucking faggot and a pedophile. Now you may suck a lot of dick, but that doesn't make you a pedo does it?
Still waiting on that evidence and the specific laws he broke.

I think he'll just go on the same way he's been going all along. Which is pretty off the rails already, but I don't know that he'll get even worse any time soon.

Trips of truth, you're doing God's work user.

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Still your president

I don't understand how these faggots can keep going like this. The way our system works is innocent until proven guilty, it's not some fucking stupid witch hunt. There needs to be evidence, and bringing witnesses with self admittedly no reliance to the charges set forth is ludicrous. Even then, the charges themselves are completely insane, as so many other sitting presidents (yes, even ol' bill) have fought subpoenas. I'm starting to think that this is all just a fucking communist brainwashing scheme to destroy our nation. Literally every Democrat who voted guilty for an innocent man who was not PROVEN GUILTY like our fucking system works should be executed.

Makes you feel like you're living in a fucking mad house, doesn't it?

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Narcissist sociopaths have no capability to learn. Cult leaders don't learn. GOP have become cult members. You should do some reading and get apprised about what you're up against, USA. It's not good.

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>He was acquitted. He didn't do what your feelings think he did.

Yeah, just like these guys and gals here.

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>just like these guys and gals here.

Not the same: There were witnesses at their trials.

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No, because these guys were acquitted by a jury of ordinary people, not senators pissing their pants at the thought of infuriating their constituents' by holding the god emperor accountable.

Obso-fuckin-lutely. Since when did common sense and what our nation was founded on turn into this soap opera. I feel like this is the biggest troll in history created by some faggot with power for the lulz to destroy any morsel of freedom and prosperity in the USA. Meanwhile china has concentration camps where they're just gathering up the sick and leaving them to die lmao. Worlds gone to shit so bad it isn't even funny anymore. Well the chinese killing thousands of their own with no repercussions and with WHO sucking their cock at the same time is kinda funny at least.

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consequences don't matter only intentions matter

Do you realise that there is no evidence? The only witnesses given in the house had no credence and were just shouting rumors/they had nothing to do with the situation in question. In this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. No one has proven guilt of anything, and this blind hatred is really getting stale. All this is doing is pushing independent voters to be Republican and pushing either side back farther to their extremes. I've said this before, but I'm kinda wondering if yall aren't just trying to create the biggest troll possible and completely destroy all freedom I'm this great country of ours for the lulz. Which I say good riddens anyways. I can't wait for it all to burn down. Just so I can stop hearing this incessant lying and whining. It's very tiring.

This is some baaaad Google translate shill garbage

I'm still waiting for one of you faggots to realize grounds for impeachment need not be a crime. "High crimes and misdemeanors" is ill-defined, but anybody with any morals left at all knows abuse of power against the American people for personal gain should be impeachable.

Faggot, Trump admitted to it. You're just a bot, aren't you?

Why does everything he do have to be about elections tampering? The dems are the ones who do that. Trump was handling deep state corruption

How does this man just keep on winning! All american hero!

The transcript. The transcript. The transcript. Trump admitted to it. God, you pieces of shit... you fucking pieces of shit.

Trump IS corruption.

Only because liberals are such faggots. Remember, your asshole got three million votes less than HRC. That means he's less popular that H fucking C, you prancing dickhead.

The true consequences will be felt for decades and many administrations to come. Like or not, a lot of the actual shit that gets done is behind "closed doors" where leaders are able to sit down and talk frankly. Now every time a foreign leader talks with a US president on the phone they are going to be very guarded in what they say because of the fear that everything in that conversation could be made public to the world. Take for example the Cuban Missile crisis. Kennedy and Khrushchev could both claim victories for standing tough because a lot of negotiating was done in secret. Something that never would have happened if they knew their private discussions would be exposed. for petty politics

Presidents will also know if they have a strong base and a majority in either House or Senate, they can get away with literally anything.

he learned that he's above the law and will keep committing crimes

So.........I am reading, nobody has a chance to defeat Trump 2020. Even the Main Stream are belated admitting this.

What are these hate filled delusional democrats doing? Trying to lose the House?

These hoaxes have cost us the Presidency, let's double down? Desperation?

I can't wait until another Dem gets in and all these dictatorial precedents Trump set up will be at their disposal.

And did you personally read the transcript or are you only going off what NPR tells you?

Or are you like my almost ex-friend.
Me: Did you read the transcript
Him: No, but if I did I'm sure I would interpret it different because I'm so much smarter than you

Democrats in a nutshell

That's because you're reading anonymous wordpress sites and Cred Forums. Trump has the lowest numbers since Ford. Read 538.

Yeah, I read it. You are so stupid you don't know a shakedown when you hear it. I mean that sincerely. You really must be stupid.

This is another reason why Republicans need to stomp in the next election cycle. Granted republicans started this BS but there wasn't enough of a backlash. If it isn't huge this time expect impeachments on a regular basis.

>Read 538
If you leftist fucks can do it, so can I. I read Alinsky in the late '80's.

If all you have is 538, you have nothing.

How are there so many retards like you on b

Prove it niggerfaggot.

good luck with that, the way things are going you're gonna lose the Senate as well

We are just here to serve and protect...our...communities are our priority. We want to keep them safe. Keep them clean and to plan out a better future for our families..., let me transfer you to our associates so that they confirm this with you...

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...And then the EPA said that it was "illegal" to dump 1 ton of toxic garbage into Gulf of Mexico...HAHAHAHAHA...but as a need Senator, Bill, you need to learn that you can skimp a little off the top from the small town mayor's salaries and from the small town cop's police department...

...Who is calling? That hill-billy red-neck thrash that wouldn't get into College without a mop and a bucket? Just throw a badge at him and thank him for his service or some shit...and tell my appointment to use the Bahamas account, my other account is under investigation but don't tell him that over the phone...

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Just like the Republicans & Democrats are currently making use of dictatorial precedents set up by previous administrations? The balance of power has been thrown out of whack because both sides are more concerned about their ability to "stick it" to the other guys when its their turn rather than what's good for the country. Trump is getting cock-blocked at every turn because Federal judges get to legislate from the bench thanks to Obama. You love it now but wait until a democratic president gets in. The problem is everyone is so short sighted that they'll agree to shit changes to government only with the eye to how their side will use them without thinking of these same shit changes coming back at them.


You have the right to remain silent and our court of law will be fair and just...

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See, you're just proving me and this gents point here. Not outlining ACTUAL EVIDENCE. Just feelings and opinions. Not facts that matter in any way shape or form. And yet you get all mad and call us ignorant. I feel so bad for you. I truly do. For someone to be lost of actual free thought and to be brainwashed by some elite that have sinister intentions makes me sad for you. I don't hate you like you hate me, I pity you.

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>And did you personally read the transcript or are you only going off what NPR tells you?
Bro it's barely five pages, why would you assume he didn't read it?

I'm sorry I didn't know you have the ability to mind read. Where exactly is the STATED shakedown in that transcript? The fact that he says the word "favor" Because unless you can demonstrate the ability to mind read the intent of that conversation is pretty open to interpretation. Not exactly evidence.

You'd be surprised how many people just read headlines and use that clickbait nonsense in actual debate or conversation. I myself have even been guilty of doing it. Nice dubs btw Cred Forumsro

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For the same reason people read summaries and not original sources. Do you come to /b? How often do you see posts where someone brags that they're not going to read someone's post because its too long or can't be bothered to check a linked source, but they're still going to argue contrary to what was said.

This is what we've become. The lengths people go to in order to crucify those who defy the globalist agenda is astronomical. I wish we could all just come to the realization that this world is shit. We should be focusing on defending our country rather than destroying it ourselves. I hope the virus wipes out enough people so that we can come together and forget this nonsense.

too much logic and too many facts for you? Gotta get that shit off the front page, huh?

>off the front page
bring in the long tie guy-

Romney voted to impeach

Yep, this. When you understand what you're dealing with nothing will surprise you anymore. The long term Republican strategy is to undermine the federal government to the point of pf their target populations completely lose faith in the existing system and then step into the chaos as the solution. Rigid strict authoritarian doctrine is extremely appealing to people who are convinced the only alternative is anarchy. The ultra rate fascists of the 20th century had the first world war to lean on as the argument for their case. Modern Republicans have to create their own.

His beating democrats makes them rabid. Is that him doing something wrong?

>Romney voted to impeach
one of two charges. He voted not to impeach on count 2.

...And then the dumb bitch claimed that she was the "law"....HAHAHAHAHAHA.... we sent her to the ghetto where the whore was more worried about getting pricked by AIDS infested syringes than a Harvard course in rhetoric...

...Stupid bitch. Her red-neck mother bought her a 10 dollar back pack back when she was in first semester in College was worth over $150,000 in total expenses alone...

...Now she has to worry about not getting raped by NIGGERS in her "lawful" "office"...

...Am I right there bud?

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Settle down, autist! It was an analogy

>Anyone I dont agree with is fascists.

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russia hacked cambridge analytica and got personality profiles on an insane amount of american facebook users. it used that to help target manipulative ads towards people deemed "persuadable." the republican party actually hired C.A. for 2016 and has the same info that russia hacked. never gave it back.

russia also had several troll farms with a shitload of people participating on politically orientated threads on social media like FB twitter etc. they would hack an account and just pose as some every day joe.

also you mentioned wikileaks. those emails were hacked by a russian group believe it or not called "fancy bear."

but keep on wearing your tin foil hat, delusional idiot.

i'm not defending hillary either. she's awful as fuck but it doesn't change the facts.

I guess I would.
The transcript to me isn't proof of what Trump did, just an indication, piece of evidence which raises suspicion and warrants an investigation.

I think the democrats blew it by not fighting for Bolton's testimony (and other evidence) in the house proceedings. Instead duking it out in the courts (even if it'd be long), they accused him of obstruction of congress. Which I guess was a bad strategy because Trump does have the right to leave it up to the courts which of the witnesses and evidence he has to fork over and which he doesn't. The fact that he said the WH wouldn't cooperate at all is IMO a pretty telling sign that he's just doing all he can to cockblock the investigation to save his sorry ass. But even with that being the case, it should still be up to the courts to decide whether he has any case in withholding the witnesses / documents.

Maybe it'd be a better strategy politically as well. While he was being impeached, his popularity wasn't too high, now it spiked up again. So even if you're just partisan hack doing political calculations, fighting the long fight would have been better for deems.

Fair enough I reckon.

got sources, or it is meaningless.

Is that you again? Get the fuck away from me and pay your debt to Yao Ming you dumb bitch. Quit pulling that "white pride" card you retard. We are not your red-neck, Monsanto stuffed retard of a population you fuck tard...

...back the fuck up before you get smacked the fucked. Yao Ming and I don't associate with broke Nations....

...back to humiliating your own country men on T.V. and stuffing your gullet...


Oh yeah, India and Iraq says to stop sending your red-neck thrash over help those kikes. Please stop dumping your thrash on this side of the globe like you dump semen on your daughter's faces...

...and stop sending us friend requests.

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Were these 10s of millions in ads from a foreign power and did they all go towards one party?

nope, and trump admitted to doing what every president did before him, welcome to the u.s's boot on the back of your mothers neck, shame you non-u.s."people" have goverments that go face-down ass-up every time the u.s.a comes around

this is the modern left, people.

even better, they all had legitimate cases against them, lol

Trump is aquited and the trial is over with no witnesses. He is the OP meme president. Imagine all the new memes we can get from the next 4 years? Maybe even another meme war.

...And it's all about the Cosmic inhale the smoke of happiness, and peace, and love with all your...

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Thats generally true.

you know that means a "suicide" via 2 gun shots to the head with both hands and feet bound
>seth rich was murdered by the democrats, covered up by the police chief of D.C who has strong ties to hillary clinton herself



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Weed in the lungs, and American steel on the hands... Good day, how are you?

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lost control of the thread, huh?

got another thread started?

is it pro or anti Trump this time?

Defy globalist agenda
Chat with foreign leaders

Pick one, faggot

Aaaawww shit, ya'll niggas out here thuggin' it and we out here votin' this how how we do muh nigga...

...we out here raisin' good women for good homes...

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Hey, do your daughters want any more Coke and can we add some suggestions for your next Cardi B and Takashi69 album...

...Sorry, guys. We ran out of beans and sombreros, but send us some burgers, divorce papers and Diabetes's tests if you can manage through your STD infested cesspool.

...So how we be more American guys? Is being too fat and lazy to work labor as men a good start or should we also take you up on parenting advice...

Attached: cjng.png (704x464, 414K)

...American women want jobs but not the kinds that those Tapatio-salsa Catholics want...I'll tell you that much... Blondes hear the word "jobs" and their mouth starts watering as their responsibilities start failing.

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Hey my Nigga, and then they said that your research on the libido was "up for argument"...


...And then the blonde's copied the porn-stars who died of AIDS.

...The officers copied the ones who died of gun shots.

...The Americans brought in that which caused a death by over-dose by the ton.

...And they kept on eating that which became the number one cause of death in their land...Death from obesity...

...And they said that "votes" and "rules" would keep them safe...


Hey my nigga, Freud, what you go for these niggas?

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The Negroes and the BBC fucked those blonde's up into the Top of Billboard...muh nigguh Darwin...


The libidal repression in their Christian society fueled their rampant unrepression and amoral compulsions that led these American whores...I mean young, ladies... to peddle that pussy on the dance floor while tossing their hand out to reach out for a BBC thrusting outward at the beat of Drake or a Wigger's beta-cuck-cock awkwardly dancing to the beat of Drake, while assessing their level of "coolness"...

...this of course coming from the libidinal repression generally associated with lower caste society members before the social collapse that led to the glorification of malicious and amoral evil does lauded as "rappers"...

... the generally clean split between ghetto-fed twerk-rats and their fat ass-pro governmental repression tards- obesity and cognitive impairments being generally associated with libidinal repressions- representing a shift in society by which the lowly indulged in amoral unrepressions and the less lowly endured their pestering and detestable state of affairs that was obtained through Christian repressions and social decadence obtained by Democratic demagoguery...

Darwin...muh nigguh... I think we gotta' get muh nigguh Decartes in here...

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I think therefore I am...

...not uncritical, impulsive and senseless as the discrepancy in incoherent and illogical commentaries disregard the plaguing death our dear friend Darwin oh so elegantly put it...

I think therefore I am...

...quite certain the Freud aptly noted the adverse effects of social repression that resulted in social turmoil in connection with the pathological nature of amoral unrepressions...

I think, therefore I am...

...quite certain that this general specimen culture is quite certainly plagued by death, disease, mental retardation and amoral insolence...

... We - fine gentlemen- would have better luck analyzing the auditory volume and rhythmic pace of sheep in order to attain some sense of sensibility and reason from our scientific and philosophical discernment rather than from the incoherent babble of these disease ridden, cognitively impaired, and Scientifically illiterate that serve us as an example of how to plague Nature with death, disease, amoral pathology, and God's Wrath raining down upon decadent, vile, and emotionally repugnant societies that would have been conceived of as psychotic delusions by the unenlightened mind.

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As if he needed any help against Uncle Joe lol

Yeah the guy that sacrificed his business, most of his friends and had his reputation ran though the mud countless time all to serve his country only cares about himself. Are you smart enough to know how fucking dumb you are?

>DOJ said it was their policy to not indict a sitting president
Because the constitution specifically says the president must be impeached, not indicted.

What would Trump have to do in order for you to admit that he's a fascist?

He blocked the investigations. That was illegal. That's it. He didn't invoke executive privilege, he didn't challenge the subpoena in court as he has with others, almost as if he knew that if he did he would lose. Instead he ignored it and then had the senate cover him by not allowing any new evidence to be collected. All on live TV while you watched and convinced yourself this was normal.