Would you marry an Asian girl?

Would you marry an Asian girl?

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Absolutely if I felt she was the right person for me.

>Would you marry

Yes, can;t decide between Chinese, Thai or Japanese.

She’s built for BWC

Slavic girls and Latinas are the only ones that make good wives and mothers.

Opinion on Russian?

Chillest, most down to earth women ever or complete stuck up bitches. There's no in between.

I would be wary about having a son with one, I wouldn't mind cute daughters, I'd advise them to get white boyfriends.


East Asian, yes I would.

I did. Got divorced after a year and even got a kid with her. Now I nearly don’t talk to my kid and don’t see him, and she is just leeching and sucking somebody else’s wallet dry. Fucking dry ass skank.

>ohw, and this woman is Indonesian, born and raised in the Netherlands. She is this fucked up because later I’ve learned that her daddy used to give her special attention.

Never had a thing for asians. Dated a korean solid 9.2/10
Looked like a model but loved stereotypical asian stuff. Playing Playstation, Nintendo and watching Fantasy Movies, Star Wars and LotR
Thought i found the holy grail. Personality was garbage..sadly so i dumped her.
Now i want a small Korean GF so badly..total fetish

Needless to say i would marry one

i'd marry an asian over any other girl

Koreans are the top tier. Chinese and Thai are low tier. Philippino is bottom tier.


Rather Asian than European. But to be honest, I have serious misgivings about the whole "getting married" thing.

Only if she doesn't have coronavirus

I did, and she’s wonderful. Not because she’s Asian, but because she’s a great human being.

fuck yes

she's sucking bbc on the side

you’re sucking bbc on the side

That one, maybe.

The typical crook teeth, overbite, wire hair, flat chested abomination that represents 99% of the race? No fucking chance

If they had eyelids? Sure.

I did too. I'm happy now though, I've been married 2 years and my wife takes care of me. I've never had a girlfriend care for my well being like my wife does.

>depends on the individual
i've known sweet submissive kind Asian girls
and I've known stuck up bitches
>only kissless virgins lump whole races together
get out of you moms basement and meet some people. some of thrm will be nice, some of them wont.

did mimi get rid of all her social media?

latinas will hold you emotionally hostage and steal your fucking soul. don't fall for this meme

Sure, if shes willing to change her ethnicity.

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That's amazing. Can they also rotate their vaginas 90 degrees so that they're in the normal orientation (so to speak)?

Only if she has a cock and cums on my face

I think so my guy

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only if she actually loved me

maybe they arent capable of love
maybe no one is
i dunno why i was lied to
i think my lifes a lie
my births a lie
not that im wrong
that the worlds wrong
truely be like that
literally ur every instant a joke or at best neutral as tollerable

Would me and my gf make ugly kids
B honest we were high as fuck

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if she looks like this then yeah

Yeah, maybe this autist would marry that top-tier beauty, if she's lucky.

Why do you think they're called orientals?

Lotta bitchmade fags ITT.

Depends, but that's same question I'd ask of myself to anyone. It most certainly wont be to bring anchor babies into the USA or her fucking yapping stupid extended family. She might be cute but NOT that cute if you know what I mean.

I wouldn't marry or have a child outside my race, stupid.

Just make sure to have daughters.

Don't forget that's a banned term now. Even with ramen noodles, the "ORIENTIAL" was renamed to "SOY"
What a bunch of faggots!

Naw, they just care about how much money you make, how much they can spend and when they can stop shaving and start to get fatter and walk around the all day in flipflops and a single oversized tshirt.

>from asian to latina

Can they ask their docs to turn them white?

That's all chicks not just chinks or asians

They try in Chinky land, they try to bleach their skin to make them look whiter or go to weirdo "doctors" in Brasil. Look it up, it's silly fucked up stuff.

what search terms?

skin bleaching whitining stuff like that, you're on /b do you need your hand held?
Does your mommy still wipe your little poopoo?

She just changes my diaper once a week, why?

Asking because you seem like a moron that can't come with your own search terms.

Ok, good to know my man.

No asian chick will respect you if you can't come up with your own search terms.

>Would you marry
No, that squeeking during sex would make me loose any and all erections. Sound like a god dam dog squeaky toy. How can anyone be excited by that. Plus lousy in bed.

Thats only in JAVs and its fucking annoying.


no, I'm not retarded

They copy that BS noise from American porn, this shit is pretty pathetic no matter from where but for the most stupid noise just look at our own, but then the Japs have to outdo it with the whining crap.
That's what the "mute" button is for.


I dated a pure Korean girl in college, she had really nice tits, but little common sense, she really liked to smoke and drink, however, she was also into being a sub, so that was pretty cool

literally every russian woman ive met has been mean,cold, insane, stubborn, manipulative, conservative... overall a total crazy bitch.

i’d marry one then fatten her up

I've met very few who didn't seem like total stuck up cunts. Not how I'd want to live my life.

I've met only 3 but they were nothing like this. Although I fucked a 16 year old who was born there and grew up in america and she was a total psycho.

This surprises me as the M-F ratio in the USSR was much fewer men than women, by quite a bit. You would think that with that much competition for men, they would be nicer.

Already did

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