Rekt. Lets do this

Rekt. Lets do this.

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Is he ok

>that skin color
as usual

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It's amazing that there are 3 people here and nobody knows how to cut power to the machine.

I know, fucked up.

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was he ok


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is he dancing? passed out? seizure? what a fool!

Add tazmenia devl noices for full impact

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as a former forklift operator that give me chills


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what a stupid fucking machine

holy macadamia!

you have 10 seconds to name something dumber than travelling by forklift

it looks like a lot of your fellow operators are extremely neglectful. and pay the price for it... in full.

travelling riding a atomic bomb?

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one time at at our lading dock, one of the "experience" guys try to load into a truck but it was still parking, the driver pull forward as the guys was tying to enter the box truck, and the forklift operator fell between the gap, almost decapitating him, he got badly bruise.
the worst part was that OSHA got involve and some of Mexican employees got deported because the company was cutting a lot of corner when it came to our warehouse. personnel.

now imagine a warehouse of 12 employees reduce to just 5! for over tree weeks.

damn man that sucks about the work force being depleted like that -- i'm glad no one died

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this one made me really sad...poor girl, probably had some solvable problems with things that didn't really matter anyways...just wanna take and hug her...F


1lunatic 1icepick? does anyone here have it? my hard disk died, no backup, i'm gettin nostalgic

Fuck this machines.

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If he survived that fall he will be very injured

This is the closet I have, I think its on my pc at home.

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put on a seatbelt. fastest method of travel

lucky fucker

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What the fuck is even going on here. Also that guy behind the counter is so nonchalant

ridiculously fake to the point of cringe

Love how they are dressed in pairs.

Does anyone have any of the cat videos too? I watched the doco the other day and my curiosity is killing me.

I thought the Japanese was angry and pulling on a lever

and the guy behind the counter was just ignoring the tantrum, and walking away from it

I can tell hes one of those indians with dark spots over their faces. Isn't there over a billion of those? Who cares.

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Ok, no problem.

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The Iron price... in hemoglobin.

Giid it?

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>i told you not to eat my noodles

>the dude on the right's perfect backflip


Click the play button in bottom left of video not center.–-luka-rocco-magnotta.1149/


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Thank you!

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My bad with link

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From what I heard the emergency shut off buttons are fake af, they're literally just plastic shells so inspectors THINK they've got emergency shut off because a couple of extra yuan isn't worth basic safety

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How on EARTH did they not swarm on the white?

>0:12 officer forgets to turn off his active camo

electrocution, he cant release his hand off the power until the guy at the end pulls him off


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Nice draw! he was right on it, that saved your life man

Full version

At least he did a flip

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The machine didn't do that you stupid faggot.


rekt should just be renamed to wagies - seriously they dont give a shit about your safety - physicallyu or mentally - BAIL OUT

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>12 employees reduce to just 5! for over tree weeks.

Damn, wish there were that many job oportunities in my country. Maybe I should go there.


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Is he ok?

Awesome, the owner hopefully was fined heavily for not hiring real Americans.


>5 years later

Ayo white man cure my prion disease.

Was that a severed dick at :45?

So much confusion

Not if your name is slim pickens

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Holy shit, that was perfect.

What are these niggers nigging about?

Yes lets just let the niggers have guns good thinking liberal assholes..

Always be carrying. Around blacks never relax

I don't think she would've fucked you tho

>Believe it or not he actually made a full recovery after this. I think he even started a charity to help local disenfranchised youth get off the streets and out of gangs.

I don't get it, did they crash?

Nerve gas

Blacks have no chill.

Nigger mating ritual

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someone put the beginning of the mario theme sound to this

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I wonder if he survived.

Jim dickskin

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He chinged when he should have chonged

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I wonder if it was painful.

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He's OBVIOUSLY dead, but I've always been curious what the actual damage from this incident would've been. How many bones broken, other internal damage, etc.

why is he so disgruntled?

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he even waves to the electrified fan but the other guy doesn't help him anyway!!

>Kid delivers 3 kicks
>Guy delivers 3 kicks
Whats the issue here?

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this guy actually lived believe it or not. They caught him a few hours later with no injuries. Its unclear why the cop crashed.

he came out in 1 piece, if you can PROVE he's dead I'd listen. It was violent, but dead? No.

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yes, not sure why cop crashed, probably lost control of the car. the dude int he back survived and was caught a little bit later with no injuries

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Great placement of that crate but at a high price.

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stop this pathetic whiteknighting, no woman likes that beta shit man

At least he didn't know suffering and rejection.

7 co-workers... nobody help

he didn't know wealth or pussy

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are poos aryan?

looks like they believe in reinsertion

Of course that woman will go to jail because of sexual assault on the guy, with the aggravation of him being completely helpless.

that's what you get for shitposting

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That dude in the back flying

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I don't know but hes got nerves to ruin the heritage of a cutie from a tiny country when theres a billion of trash people like them.

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kwockla gickba! those filthy monkeys

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>from what i heard
In what absolute shithole do you live to even believe that

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what happened here? suicide or the driver didnt see the guy fixin the wheel?

lol just like monkeys

Interesting. Same uniform as car wash fuckhead, minus hat.

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It was probably very painful. If it killed him, he likely would have died from crush asphyxiation. A very uncomfortable way to go.

He looks in one piece, if you watch the video frame by frame, there's quite literally zero chance he survived that.

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I can't believe someone turned the machine up instead of helping him.

It is china so it isnt that unbelievable


For the first couple of seconds i thought it was some kind of cosplay festival

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well he'll be needing that money to buy more beer

I guess the second movement could be considered in self defense, since the crowd had promptly decided to kill him!

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>"Look on the bright side"

Then why dont you go work over there? Oh wait thats right you dont want to give up your air conditioned desk and soylent fridge. Fucking faggot.

I know the big mechanical forks are stupid heavy but initially watching this I wouldn't have guess that would have been heavy enough to crush his skull.

Join now before it's too late

Stairs are over rated

This looks like a Hilary Clinton production

This fucker needs to buy some lottery tickets

shamefull disrespect, they hit the leg, no control on those excecutors

Eventually OP will kill himself, it's ok

lol nigga got fucked

A nigger

do it yourself you lazy faggot

tbh thats what he gets for having his forks raised.

T. best forklift operator on a site for 1.6 years.



is that a limo?

Good day to you all,

we are just here to serve and protect and want...our...communities to be safe enough for our children and yours..., let me transfer you to our associates...

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It's ok, OP will eventually kill himself

The nigger is dangling from the hips. Fake and gay just to smear a flag.. way to obvious

Is anyone willing to murder me?
My body would need to be found and it has to be done in a way that my family is suspected so life insurance pays out.

Best self defense video

Turn it off you fucking idiots....

My fucking sides


The CHIMP OUT has begun

what is the machine?

Got the full vid with sound?

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One limp chimp coming right up : D

The limpness of this chimp is breathtaking

A silkscreen press.

lets play twister extreme edition

>just wanna take and hug her
before or after she died?

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They should have Dodged that car

Post rekt in Cred Forums so we can have sound

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Chimps going limp

Well, before I'd want to hug all of her.
After, I'll settle with just taking her head to bed with me and throatfucking it.

I love Cred Forums My friends are here. Gettit.

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Poor reflexes and survival instinct.
He coulda saved his life by moving 12 inches to the left or right.
Or, by moving the thing with the forks down and forwards not backwards like a fucking dumbass

Free turban

emergency stop buttons cost money, dead chink workers cost nothing

Yeah, that's China for you. But get ready. Soon everyone will be this way.

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so courageous

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Double tap zozzle

Typical black friday.

Please explain the point behind this...
What the fuck was that?

obviously a porn

Black people are the worst

i'd call 911 and SWAT them. God only knows how many children they've victimized.

Wow, some cats are fuckin braindead

All he had to do was back it up and reposition....

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Working in surgery. He died probably from massive compression to the head/brain/neck. You can see his neck snapping and his skull must be in 1000 pieces. His movements afterwards is probably a flight/fight reflex from the brain, or whats left of it.

There are worse ways to die tbh

lmfao this guy got life in prison

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Dumb niggers he's dead... you can stop killing him now....


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Wtf, massive public chimp out there

God yes, because it's a well known fact that all crossdressers are by default child molesters.

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I love this no matter how many times I see it.
That shrug he gives at the end is almost like he's saying "Oh you guys!".


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America have a nigger problem.

Sauce for the love of god. I've never seen gay snuff. And it's real

Fuck all street racers

Initial D + Forklift = Death.

Thats because youre shit in elementary physics

thats why I OHP lmao2pl8

I love you.

Nerf Tornadoes.

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It's old, came from orgish.

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this fuckin guy ahahahahahhaa so creepy

this one is an anti-wrek
based rider

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I guess I'll just have to take my electrical engineering degree and rip it up because I haven't interacted with a specific piece of equipment used in a 3rd world country.

damn dingos

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'smear' the confederate flag
"hey guys did you guys just hear that the confederate flag is bad and racist? what no? since when? the war we fought against it?"

Never relax
I woulda dropped back and left them to destroy themselves.

I read advanced books on work safety and learned fire extinguishers extinguish fires.

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Wasn't in america.
We drive on the right side of the road, driver's seat is on the left side of the vehicle

kek is this real?

New guy's first job was to sweep up and throw away old guy.

no they don't go off that fast, you'd never be able to throw it anywhere it would explode midair


They look dumb


This one makes me laugh
His face as his arms are pinned while he's getting sucked down. I'm just hearing a cartoon screech lol

either dumb, or some socio/psychopath.


Mate, after the molten residue, slag erupted. Nothing would help. Ex Alcan employee.

In Europe hot pots, are always kept away from the floor staff.

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looks like some stupid kraut was playing around with his dang granade, trying to spook some mussies and blew hisself back to tarnation


that Japanese got in the way, got wrapped up good. the metal was supposed to stay flat, cost that business a good penny or two

Oh fuck that.

He relaxed around blacks. Classic mistake.

Squad car no match for Master Street Magician.

It's kinda sad that hes considerate enough to put that blue sheet of plastic behind him. How bad can he be?

Russian* thats a Russian grenade you cunt

Why is he turning into a racoon?

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>I think I'll just stick my head in this machine that crushes things to smithereens

And this is why you're a wageslave working in a factory.

The atm told him ones enough

Best guess, 10000k for that press run. The supervisor and I hope, was charged and sentenced.

Isolate when inspecting. Power down when broken.

you Russian-loving faggots would give this great nation away for free just to lick stalin and putin's boots you shit-eating commies


How is the body still moving like that? Is it a reflex or gut instinct?

What a shit ass dog

You did that on your phon?

One of the most fucked up things I've ever seen

natural selection

I'd work there

I've never seen this much nigging in one video

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Is this how hot tranners from trap threads end up looking?

oh no.... chan's stuck in the machine
here, I'll make it go faster

I think that's actually more of a "I'm blind in my left eye and have third degree burns on 90% of my face" kind of shrug.


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Which of the drivers would court blame for the accident?

Chinese Liposuction.

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can't thank you enough

what part of being a sociopath /psychopath would make you hang your dong inside of a rock cruncher and try to unblock it? if anything this guy has poor health and safety because the people who control the laws in that country are pieces of shit

I hate cats and even i think this is totally fucked up. Sick fucks out there.

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How can people watch/experience this kind of shit, and not start hating niggers? This propensity to steal anything that isn’t latched on is genetic in these monkeys.

woman in the bottom right got that steel wedge thing right in the back of her head

Because not every nigger is like this.

how can people watch people steal from billion dollar companies and whine about it like little boot licking faggots?

baggage agent's all like 'time for my break'

Welcome to Weimerica

Ride reminded rudy poos of slave ship.

literally a looney tunes skit where their face is all black after

That's a Domino's

w tf f

haha stupid dog