I stole two of my sister’s adderall because I wanted to try it and I feel amazing...

I stole two of my sister’s adderall because I wanted to try it and I feel amazing, I’ve always wanted to know what people thought of my body but seeing as the farthest I’ve gotten it kissing a girl, no ones seen me naked. But I decided fuck it, it’s time to change that, I just wanna know what people think.

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bruh get a girlfriend

Why do you care about what fat incels on Cred Forums think about your ass and balls? Seriously, just get off this site and live your life.

Clean your fucking shithole op and not your fucking ass you keep waxing your pigsty of a fucking house faggot.

No fucking way. Cody?

Holy shit.

Dude you’re so fucked.

I’d eat that ass and lick that cock and I ain’t even gay. Show cock and balls un tucked


based copypasta poster

>I ain’t even gay.
Sure faggot.

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I just messaged you on Facebook. I suggest you respond unless you’d like me to send your pretty picture to Michelle. I’m sure she’d love to know what you were up to while you were high on her adderall.

cock looks like a third leg, what's its girth circumference? gonna make a girl scream at some point in the future with that monster pussy stretcher.

spread open for us and let us get a nice look at your butthole. no homo of course.

OP is a phaggot

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Lol Michelle is gonna see that cock and drool. You kinda need a tiny dick in order to get blackmailed like that. You’d be doing him a favor

o shit, this thread may have just gotten interesting

Balls aren’t touching

Well unfortunately for him we don’t live in Alabama, or even the south for that matter.

uh oh, someone went silent when they realized their actions may have consequences and maybe posting nudes online, especially somewhere like here, isn’t the best idea.

How about you tell us how exactly you recognized him from his cock and ass which as he said, haven’t been seen by anyone before?


would fuck

you're pretty hot, post more

So then you’re just jealous he has a bigger dick than you? I’m confused as to why you’d blackmail him.

I’ve been to his house and in his room multiple times, it’s been a while, but it’s the same room. And do you see the shit on top of his cabinet? That’s a stupid ass contraption that he built and he decided to tell me about it for 30 minutes the first time I came over. So yeah, that’s Cody, and it makes sense he stole adderall from Michelle because he talked about her taking it before.

I’m not blackmailing him. I’m just saying it would probably be in his best interest to respond to my Facebook message. Which he has, by the way.

fuck my throat in that position pls

>google search
>some websites say this pic was posted on them 6-8 years ago
yea OP is a faggot alright

Wow you are fucking lame and somehow a bigger faggot than OP.

If i was OPs sister I'd think blackmail is way worse that a stolen pill and nudes. Jesus Christ what a cunt. I have siblings and would just laugh, everyone does something fucking weird.

i want to service your cock OP

nice butt poste more

No he hasn’t

You realize it’s not even OC picture, and your larping is just sad, right?


I like your peen

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post more dicks faggot

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Moar boi hole