Waifu bread is warm bread

Waifu bread is warm bread

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Emilia signing in!

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Heyhey Aigis fren!

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Ohh god, he ran off and in the next thread ignored me for as much as he could before going away for good.

I continued to
reply at him until he gave in. But now he's kinda' sperging in the totally wrong direction lol.

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Hey there, how are you?

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Now that I see this pic over and over... I literally need to get rid of the page lines...

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OCD is a killer!

Really? That's hilarious! Wish I could have seen the transformation myself~

Hello hello

My eyes are dry from not sleeping last night, but aside from that am good! You?

Tomo ball

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I just got off work. I'll sleep in a bit, but I'm hanging around until then.

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Oh yeah. You work as a maid? Do you make... toast?

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Best girl

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nice balls

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Dubs of nin nin


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Oh cmoooon

Cute ninja!

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Hirasawa Yui

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Just a liiiiitttle? Maybe some cinnamon toast?~

Heyhey Yui!

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I love her very much and she is kinda cute

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Dubs of no!? ;~;

Only kinda cute??

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Yes, now stop.

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i like this picture but it took me a good while to realize it was Battlefield V and not Battlefield 4
gas mask tins make me happy
have we spoken before?

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Oki ;~;

A couple times yea! Mostly we miss eachother or just don't talk much the^^

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Well I would say she was more busty tbh

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I really don't think cute and that are mutually exclusive, but yea I think you're right!

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Nice song!

Tweet tweet.
Oh did you hear about that new LL mobile game in JP?

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Liquid Richard claimed

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Hallo cute, is it the All Stars version of LLSIF?

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Mhm mhm!
Also no u

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Thanks it's from my favorite artist. Hoping that he announces a tour soon.

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Yee I'm pretty hype for it. The movie for Sunshine is also coming out on dvd in March so I am hype for that as well. Emilia is god-tier cute tho

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Glad we reached an understanding.

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That's cool! I can get why he cam be a favorite~

Mhm mhm! Also thank you ikr!
Super hyped for the game as well tbh


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Very fortunately.

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funny enough Anomaly just posted ab his trip to Japan and there is a LL All Stars poster int he vid lmfao. youtube.com/watch?v=4cF_txA6giU

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Trips of fortune!? The universe hates meeee ;~;

Lmao that's amazing. Free advertising~

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Do you have an artist you would recommend?

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No, it just knows that toaster aegis is a mistake.

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Hmmmmm... thinking along similar lines, I'm a fan of Snails House!


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Well, I'm going to go to sleep.

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Sleep!? Depresssioooon!
Fr tho nightynight!

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Dubs of manliness!!
(A pp)

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A thick smelly waifu

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Fax, I just went to Einsteins and got a ham and swiss wrap.

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I... don't know what Einsteins is, but a ham and swiss wrap sounds yum yum!

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It is a bagel/coffee place that has quite a large menu. They have one on campus so it is only like a 5 minute walk :D

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Ninjas get sweaty

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Haha don't forget the meeting is on Tuesday.

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Navel juice lol

Yeah... Went out to get something to eat... And I totally forgot to fix the pic... Also went away for a shitload of time... Sowwy.


Cirp cirp

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Dub dubs of... coffee?
That's super relatable tho tbh. I almost exclusively go to places on or near campus just so I don't have to go far~

Heyhey Rem fren!

Well yea but... showers?

I...c. heyhey!

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Imagine the S M E L L
Oh? I didn't get an invite to the /waifu/ meet n' fuck?
I'm not jealous that I don't get to go, i'm just jealous I was never invited so I can decline.

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old fag coming through

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She doesn't get the time.

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Begone moot

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Welcome back fren!


Why not?

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sup user

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Not sure if he means a poster that's been here a long time or a boomer that is a homosexual.
I guess there ain't really much of a difference of I think about it.

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Can totally agree with you on the whole screaming. I'm a coffee junkie myself.

Just coming through? Not staying for a coffee or something?

butt liquids would be much more funny, but i decided to stay at navel juice

Check'd. It's good to be back and see this thread still up.

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been here since 09

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Yee, same. Unfortunately I am not a coffee drinker, hot tea is my go-to~ What're you studying in?
Howdy cute :D

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Because she's to busy being fucking hot.
Oh yes.
Still funny tho. A man if good taste I see

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To be honest I've been around this place since 06 but it isn't quite the reason to be proud about. Also to be honest I didn't care much about the chan culture. I just find it funnier than 9gag

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I don't know how i'm gonna make it bro..
I'm dying...
There really is no escaping this place, huh?
Yes indeed

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Not much. Getting sun foods rn. You?


Am a casul phone poster 80% of the time so I can stay on here during any free time my fren!

Geez, I was a little kid then

I major in animation and minor in vocal performance just because I can

Understandable, have a nice day.

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Heya blondie


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!? Why!?

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it's so fucking hard to quite this goddamn site. i don't know why it's so fucking dumb and the people here are fucking asswipes

sitting in my office with nothing to do. pretty sweet that i get to sit here and get paid to shitpost and trade nudes on kik

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Lewd. Nice.

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Trade nudes on kik!? (Also I thought kim got shut down...)

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I love Emilia

It got bought out and there's a cluster fuck of ads now

i've got one or two...

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Heyhey fren!!!

Dubs of love on your first post!?
Also good morning fren who is in love with me for some reason

Oh really? Didn't know that

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Might sound like an old fart but I hate phones. They are just autistic computers wannabe. I only use the god damn phone to take pics of my cars and play honkai impact. What a waste of money.

Well I like the people around here... At least some people. It's not a bad place if you learn how to handle it. Like I said. I've been around here since 06... but only as a visitor. I started posting seriously I think right before I went to university... that is about 7 years ago.

I mean only imagine. Been here since 06, 2 weeks ago I actually joined a waifu bread...

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Being rude.

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Good morning
how are you doing

That's nice, animation is pretty fun.
Hiya cutie ;)

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Old person alert old person alert!
Nah jk everyone has their own opinions on things. For me, phones are super convenient since I'm on the move doing something so much

How was I rude!?

Am good, you.

Mhm mhm!

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i think everyone comes here at first to see what the big deal is. always in the news because of our mysterious hacker friend. people stay because there is just something about it that draws them in. it's weird.

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Doing great now that i can talk to you again~


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Satan noticed and check'd

I miss old computer portables. I mean really pocket computers... But they are totally overrated now. Even if I'm on the road I need my computing POWAHH and not sum autismo android apps.

Well to be honest Cred Forums was quite the big deal in the past... Hacking was a real thing. Learning to actually do your own research and hack your way of researching, etc. But times changed, it was way easier back then.

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You right, ty

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A real charmer, this one.


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why no hearts for me

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Maybe that's because I need specific apps, maybe...

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Thank you

>Cred Forums was quite the big deal in the past
i think it was the notoriety the brought the people in but pol is where the autists live.

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The notoriety brought people to Cred Forums not Cred Forums specifically. Once here, people went to the most intereting and random board... and then... some left to specific boards, and other stayed.

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Maybe maybe~

Mhm mhm

Cred Forums is scary... but /r9k/ is scarier...

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when are you going to kill yourself

the thing is i've gone months without being on any chan but i always come back for some reason. i go to other sites but this stupid goddamn site always brings me crawling back.

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what are your plans for today

Nice dubs. Every day without fail nice

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No u, I lowkey wanna step outside and smoke but it is broad daylight ;-;

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>Cred Forums is scary... but /r9k/ is scarier...
i think the scariest board is /soc/ but that's just me... way to many cocks on that catalog.

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I mean I may be the only crazy carfag around here that always carries a laptop to remap the car while driving because "muh powahh" and "i can squeeze more hp if I mod the tuning curve of the turbocharger". I can't do that with the phone...

Same. But I know why I return. I need the random in my life whenever shit start being too ... normal and repetitive. This board never cease to amaze.

Check'd. Just go out and enjoy a smoke user. You made me want to enjoy a smoke now.

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Not anytime soon.

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I have one more class today then I plan on relaxing until club at 6:30

I'm serious! Did I say something wrong!?

Dubs of cute

Never went there tbh

... those were words. Lol fr tho I didn't even know you could just... overclock car parts. The more you know!

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are you doing anything next friday

Yeah but it is illegal in Alabama unfortunately :(

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Well it's easy enough. All you need is at least 2k and about 2-5 years to learn it to diy correctly. You may fuck up a lot in the process which my bring your costs up. But yeah... I constantly edit the power map depending on what I need at that specific time. But most of the time I keep 2 presets in the ECU.

Ohh you're not home? I mean they can't ban you from smoking in your home can't they? Or what exactly do you mean?

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Huh? Is something happening next week?

Oh you mean thaaaaat kind of smoking

I c I c...
*doesn't understand a 3rd of what was said*

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I live in dorms on a college campus unfortunately.
Kimono of a cute :)

Attached: Hallobirb.jpg (596x600, 62K)

yee lol the devil's lettuce

yes! :)

Attached: smg4g_m.png (1495x1052, 1.25M)

>turbochargers for dummies

Ohh, why don't you go alternative tho and switch between alt and smokes whenever you can. It's difficult as fuck not to smoke when you crave a smoke.

Attached: 1580873522030.jpg (1280x720, 583K)

And here is the attached manual

Attached: turbocharger-magic.jpg (480x480, 66K)

>I need the random in my life whenever shit start being too ... normal and repetitive.
speaking truth there.

dont. you wont want that in your life

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Valentine's day :) want to spend it with me

I own a vape but I ran out of juice last Friday. But I wanna go smoke the last bit of weed I have left, but we have campus police that drive around all the time and I dont wanna get yeeted

Attached: Dank.jpg (640x901, 101K)

As someone who also lives in dorms... there are a lot of hardcore stoners around here lol. One thing I've noticed is one of my suite mates goes into the bathroom and turns the hot water on until it gets real steamy then goes and smokes in there to like... reduce residue I guess? It's something to do with avoiding detection... I don't smoke. I have done edibles before tho!


Duly noted

Oml... also thanks for reminding me. I will make sure to go to class that day so I can get more choco!

Attached: JFjRwLc.jpg (288x531, 33K)

Well of course I am. That's why I always come back. I wouldn't lie to myself. Also... /soc/ is the autistic facebook of this website. I tried going there in hope that I could actually /soc/ialize... but how can you do that when it's Cred Forums's fb/ig fap thread on repeat?

420blazeitfag I see... It's been ~1yr since I smoked the last joint of weed. I kinda' want some myself... but I lost all my connections in that year.

Yeees and the sounds are... orgasmic. I'm getting lewd and hot just by sharing this video.

Attached: 1580873017671.jpg (3000x2988, 1.58M)

Is that a no then

Attached: want4rjjej.jpg (2480x3508, 1.44M)

Lewd cat feeling even more lewd than normal?

Tell you what. I'll meet you half way since you're so persistent. I'll think about it.

0/10 missing Blingee

>lewd car porn
Yessss yeeeeeeeeesssssssss

Attached: why-twin-turbo-because-2blowjobs-are-better-than-1-36533369[1].png (500x351, 129K)

Attached: chrome_VYTchiayYK.png (358x539, 188K)

Your car is a twink? I see I see...

Almost demonya!

Attached: ebd3143696873fd1a6eeb21bdcd74e89.png (3540x2892, 599K)

Imagine posting a 3DPD

Attached: mai-shiranui-kof-98-ol-smiling-woman-holding-sword-illustration.jpg (567x725, 85K)

so close

Attached: chrome_MT05Ij0JtA.png (847x510, 387K)

oh okay
just don't say yes a day after it's over


Attached: 1581076350935.jpg (1916x1796, 379K)

the only other board i really frequent is /tg/ because the 5e thread is actually pretty good

Attached: asuka-langley-soryu-245.jpg (2507x3541, 452K)

Finally I found intellectuals who know what cat plane cuties is

I'm not into gaming to be honest... and /o/ is a piece of shit of car guys wannabe's. Sometimes I find some interesting stuff in /diy/ and that's about it.

Also forgot to tag to

Attached: 1581074957476.png (750x1093, 1.84M)


I c I c. Nice to know! Tbh this is the only thread I actually frequent and occasionally the Akari threads too

Attached: Emilia_Shocked.jpg (1280x720, 66K)

>cat plane cuties

not sure what that is but cat planet cuties is the fucking bomb

Attached: asuka-langley-soryu-086.jpg (779x1100, 178K)

>what cat plane cuties is
Nigga, what are you doing?

That's what I thought. Next time it won't be just rp'ing... it will surely happen.

Attached: D3[1].jpg (1000x700, 386K)

Virgin waifu va chad husbando

Attached: 39f23006e8e85c37fa481bf645c1ba51.jpg (711x960, 84K)

Yeah I actually got caught last semester in the room that we did that. Edibles I wanna try really badly but everytime it comes up people are out or I am broke. My 2 friends just stopped by randomly and asked if I wanted to smoke lmfao. So I just got back from that, got super lucky cause I could hotbox. I have tried mushrooms tho and they are really chill.
Damn F. I am in Alabama if u are near I gotchu when it comes to plugs lol.

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Attached: Jill (001).png (1181x1670, 871K)

I have no idea how soon I can get there. I'm like uhm... in the middle of europe lol :3


Attached: 1580871571896.png (800x700, 704K)

Imagine being where it's illegal to have weed lol
Jkjk ily fren

Attached: 822072ad605b7cefa2a65853c8638c9c.jpg (998x1170, 110K)

different strokes but i am strong with the nerd/geek culture. plus /tg/ is more for guys who play 40K and dnd. other systems are popular too but 50% of the threads there are about shit like that.

you should check out some of the weird shit they post on /x/ those guys are fucking wild sometime

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Just remember the hammer and you won't make that mistake again, trust me. Tamamo had the tamamo crazy cat version... but Eris... Eris can hammerrape you while still being cute and playful.

Attached: 1581080219125.gif (400x225, 1.12M)

Fap to the sink = save paper
Use sumo.app = save forests

Attached: sumo_savepaper.jpg (1920x783, 127K)

Thanks for appreciating my boy

Attached: bb3d1f2f7f3986cbdde5ae6fce23d76e.jpg (1200x1777, 231K)

O big oof lmao.
I can drive like an hour to Pensacola, FL and buy it from a dispensary with a card :D I just couldn't come back into Alabama with that unfortunately. ly2

Attached: Cafe Kotori.jpg (431x600, 72K)

Dubs of hammer!?!?!?!?

He looks cool! Whas he from?

Vroom vroom to alligator land for a bit of that good good?

Attached: sotkmqncxnw31.jpg (1366x768, 408K)

It's not like we don't have amsterdam... or a junkie at the corner of the street who'd just sell you some shit tier weed... But hey, it's weed.

Attached: 1580871918497.jpg (850x1272, 498K)

Fell asleep, but I see you are still around. Dream castle was my jam a few years ago, great choice.

Attached: ulchan17.png (646x593, 217K)

I wish lol

Attached: Kotori11.jpg (637x900, 272K)

Do you remember the 5th element movie?

BIG BADA BOOM... will resound out of the rectal cavity.

Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice
Visit when? It'll be like eurotrip.

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Woo! Tyty. Welcome back btw.
Have you heard Flamingosis? Some pretty good beats there as well~

Don't let your dreams be dreams...


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Hes from haikyuu
That show has a plethora of high quality boys

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I see you're not taking this serious enough...

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I may try studying abroad in Italy in 3 years or so
Just do it!

Bred was erected