Who has more of her? I just saw these and ik her irl

Who has more of her? I just saw these and ik her irl

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she seems like a nice girl.

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Going to blackmail her? Hot

Like im shaking.. i never thought id see my friend drinking piss

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post photos from her social too

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Instagram huh? Give her name and I'll give you the rest

Send that to her and offer your services.

"For several years I've been in complete charge of pretty much everything in my life"

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huuuuuuuuuuuuge whore

Why do you seem surprised? She looks literally like the type of girl who would suck her own shit off a guys dick because she has an eating disorder and appreciates whatever attention she can get due to low self esteem and confidence. Humiliation is always a key factor in that category.

I Can Smell Meth From Here!

This right here

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It would be less gay to fuck a trap than to fuck that thing... She literraly has the body of a dude...
No matter waht you do Cred Forums, you manage to be gay, gg

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A nice little fixer upper.

is she on drugs or just anorexic? looks kinda like she's on meth

Just skinny af i think