If you could chose one human to be your slave, who would it be or what would she look like?

If you could chose one human to be your slave, who would it be or what would she look like?

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like her. got nudes?

I claim this one

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fuck! she must be 40 years old now

you have more of her please

Nice. Saved.

Age is just a number. Sex is art.

Can I bring her back from the dead.
New Zealand cam whore I fell in love with


I'd rather have cat goddess


Everything you got in here, op
heroic deed of the day

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Source is around 30 now. Camera man will get out in 20

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You OP so I can lock your pedo cock into a chastity belt for ever.

>You OP so I can lock your pedo cock into a chastity belt for ever.
Before spewing big words lean what they mean, idiot!

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big words for a tiny gay

I would enslave someone and then free them immediately because humanity

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why enslave them in the first place?

My own ego, tho not sure it counts as human

Yall got it wrong, niggers are easily the hardest working slaves.



eek this doesn't look very legal

The one single photo is actuall all I got


you don’t look very legal

Chelsea Clinton

For reparations

yeah she's legal. I can't remember the name but shes like 28 and has a twitter somewhere. Trust me I thought the same thing first

op, how old is she?

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>op, how old is she?

Not now op, on 2005, the year of the picture. If she was 8 I'm calling the cops

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To make them appreciate the life they had taken for granted.

Found it

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I can’t argue with this
perhaps that’s what we need to truly build a better world



my anus is erect

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only correct answer.

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Oh boy

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What's wrong, since when is creame illegal?

Link not working?


old enough for cock

18+ obviously

This twat. He'd be licking my toilet clean until he expired. I'd make sure he had a lot of work to do.

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Post more if legal

it was just a random save from Cred Forums, don't have more

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Bump for extreme interest in that vola room..

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the link works, just open it..?

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vola got taken down

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New room


Solid choice.
I can never forget those eyes, she was hella into it.



lost all my CG years ago. Makes me sad.

All for the better honestly, I'm glad that I only passingly saw shit like that when I was young since it's sketchy as fuck to keep that stuff around nowadays.

probably. Still...


Volafile org/r/15yay2m5w


Please more


Any links to other rooms


a nordic goddess


my sexy sister

... No comment Mr glownigger sir.

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If I'm just wishing, I'd clone Phoebe Cates and have her just be for me. The original would never know.

That's not how you wear jean shorts.

Mods volia

Piss off fag, at she's not a nigger wearing them around their knees.


I want a cute trap with nice hip to waist ratio. He comes to me wanting to be treated like a real woman. I get his cock peirced and put in perm chastity. Teach him how to be a perfect house wife. Laser hair removal, hrt, lips and nose done, send to yoga and get nice thick fit female body. I don't care if she cums i use her ass as i want, gape it to fist size so she can no longer enjoy the feeling of being stretched out by normal cocks. She agrees to get 'slut' tattooed on the back of her neck, now she must keep her hair long to hide it. She proves thay she is now a perfect subservient wife and i get her the big tits she has always wanted. She is now a cuck wife watching me have sex with beautiful women while plugged, gagged, hands tied. Its everything he always wanted.. My bimbo arm candy.

this thread is full of people who pull their pork to girls who were teens 15 years ago

Her. She really reminds me a lot of Sasha Grey

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How old is this girl? OP
Your not a PEDO are you hmmm hmmmm


Vladimir Putin would be my choice of slave.

Who is this nubile, innocent little debutante?

Its gotta be....sorry for all offended

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Jeff Bezos I'd order him to liquidate all assets and give me all the fucking money then kill himself.

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omg thats a good pick, damn

Would pick my aunt

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That aunt was pretty nice, got any more? Good choice

hit me up in case the thread dies
[email protected]

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It will die, but i wont hit you up cuz thats wierd. Be gald to post more here tho! Will not fap, but will enjoy anyway

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Oh fuck, JJ is the best, but i feel i could not be under her, she is a goddess, and she cant be a slave

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Dude you are walking on a thin rope.

18yo Faye Reagan

gonna need a sauce on that sir

my man,! also want souce