Where is /b positioned at?

Where is /b positioned at?

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right 1
down 2


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this is what i use to score in my younger more idealistic days says 18-25, 25-29 though

now im injured i cant even work out life is fucking schizophrenically miserable because you have a schizophrenic psychosis mentally ill retarded down syndrome cunt with fragile x syndrome named johnathon sitting in pine gap in a schizophrenic autism induced psychosis shooting me with emf/radiation from satelite that caused these injuries. fucked my life. im done till that schizos removed. time wasted in the meantime. stupid schizophrenic fucking cunt idiots

post the real one

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fyi theres a difference between sickness and permenent self afflicted misery

dont need to share in the latter

I see you here a lot and I can never understand what you're trying to say

my arms been permenently fucked and i rkn ur the retard that did it waiting to be murdered, anything that happens in ur life or interaction with such is no psychic profit loss, u genuinely were never meant to be born and dont have personhood. ur a victim. a murdered corpse, the right side of history.

wow an accurate one

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post a picture of ur butthole and pussy spread with ur face in shot and ill consider giving a fuck retard schizophrenic nigger faggot attention begging stupid schizophrenic psychosis whore retard

What kind of retarded array is that
None of them should be above halfway authoritarian and Sanders is mildly Authoritarian Left

Might as well post your team too

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Those charts are super unscientific.

>Sanders is mildly Authoritarian Left
imagine kek

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Lay off the weed

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nah see ur a stupid schizophrenic with psychosis pissing anti intellectualism in a passive aggressive manner of mass anosognosiad schizoprhenic psychosis

ur fucking murdered


That's way off lmao. Buttigieg and Biden aren't right wing, Warren isn't centrist, and Sanders isn't slightly left.



Lol whoever makes these graphs are completely illiterate

You know that didn't make any sense, right?

This chart is all Sorts of wrong, so fucken inaccurate.

hitler did 911. even jews. now murder johnathon fragile x syndrome pine gap nsa usa northern territory


not even going to bother listing all the shit its done to me

I'm this guy

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only to you because ur a schizophrenic case in point

if u cant work it out and u think ur best avenue is asking me back about it (again) then its pretty safe to say its about you not to you schizoid


here have 50 grand worth of student debt on the house in one concise article that outranks big5 by a magnitude of 10000 basis points


OP here. That’s what I thought too. The graph is fked up but I just wanna see where my niggas stand

Property confiscation and restricting civil liberties are authoritarian practices

You're fucked up, you talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded.

Seems accurate, even though I generally dislike calling me [political persuasion]. Once you identify as a certain something, it becomes hard to have dissenting opinions.

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wanna get murdered in the street with one arm behind my back?


How did they figure Sanders as a less Authoritarian than most people on that chart?

What defines authoritarian in this chart?

the author's anus

you're gay

Also I hope all of you pornfags die in hell. Actually, let me rephrase that. I know all of you pornfags will die in hell. Your addiction is corrosive.

Imagine being so busy with the other side you have no idea what your own side is anymore.

Stop being a faggot


>Army Major who wants to confiscate guns and place restrictions upon the individual's capacity for self-preservation

emma if u c this they dont want u to buy gold because usa is collapsing this century and they have schizophrenic down syndrome = psychic profit off u doing wrong thing

turn savings into gold
rush out of usd as soon as possible, last one out gets fucked

its this ultimate point they try attack at every turn. sell all usd. get gold. get away from the violence. try different countries. get citizenship no matter what in one thats free of the satelite violence

see even nsa (5 generations retarded by fragile x down syndrome) are the same level as this retard trying to defend ego and shit. retards. transcended ego in 2013.

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Literally right where Hawkins is but slightly lower towards libertarianism

ending ur life either by these hands or military proxxy ur blacklisted nething else u wanna say while ur here retard

How did a thread about the political compass turn into a thread about schizophrenia and porn...

Did you forget you're on /b again?

>Literal Castro apologist. Literally. Need sauce? I'll provide.
>Literal Soviet apologist.
>Literally honey mooned in Moscow, an enemy nation who's constitution declares that it shall destroy the world capitalist structure, to include the U.S.
>After Soviet Union fell, he claims that he wasn't really one of THOSE kinds of socialists.
>Still argues for the SAME policies as before.
>Campaign is rife with ideologues proclaiming how they will intern half of americans in soviet style gulags for reeducation purposes
Y'all dumb as fuck if you unironically support that deranged ideologue.

Ah right. I must have lost my way

Found the retard


>administration has focused upon the unraveling of Obama-era regulations and restrictions upon enterprise
>large proponent of the bill of rights
>has worked to decentralized the federal system and return powers to Congress and the judiciary
>but he wants to enforce standing u.s. law
>extreme authoritarian

Dude weed lmao


Not on a spectrum.

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Happens all the time.

Wtf are you on about?



Post more spectrums.

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castro did nothing wrong

All this work to find out what tribe you should wink at.

>hating on authoritarianism
>supporting dictatorship of the bourgeoisie
make up your minds people

Well this is me if anyone cares

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>Castro dindu nuffin
Nigger literally had plans to fucking nuke american cities as soon as he got ICBMs. Thousands of Cubans risked their lives to cross 70 miles of open ocean, sometimes by swimming, to reach the U.S. and if they were unfortunate to be caught escaping, they would be interned and mysteriously disappear forever.
So tell me again why he did nothing wrong. If a country is so great, then why does it have to force its people to remain within it? The goddamn left in this country HATES the U.S. but they absolutely refuse to leave. What does that tell you?

its just a thing to protect ur savings until ur old/wanna spend them + make a million billion dollars on paradigm shit hit the fan shift occuring this century/ur life do what u want even better be free

do south america psychadelic drug retreat x

ull be a new person n wont need me, then find someone who doesnt know who u r like me but without schizophrenic genetic fragile x down syndrome usa nsa problem haha

I like that you made a collage like myself, , but if I were to make a criticism, personally, I find that the 8 values and politiscales are somewhat redundant as politiscales discusses everything that 8 values does but in for detail.


no theres an objectively right answer for society on this test and its south right, anything else is mental retardation

depends on field of appliance, nationalism is shill shit. individualism is reality

my collective is 3.

me and 2 babes so far, looking for more babes, all men are failure until i have children (none yet, 4th term abortions inc if any under contract law=reality=10,000 year law and reality)

no point ta xx

not unless a babe does it and i can snuggle after haha

=right mode of man

schizophrenic psychosis compromised murdered nation down syndrome shooting me in head for 7 years in unironic fragile x down syndrome psychosis usd 1:1 usa 23 dec 1913-

This chart
Was made by a person like this
The nu-left's slide into radicalism seems to get worse by the day and it's awesome. Keep at it.

Why isn't strong man good? You can have a society that is built by strong men but insists upon the development of future strong men

US should've thought twice before putting ICBMs on Europe. It was justified for Soviets to put nukes on Cuba.
Also it's called vanguardism read a book faggot before you criticize socialist countries struggles against imperialism.

The left thinks its actually fairly centrist. Its a delusion but they havent noticed that theyre the ones who have drifted so far left that it makes everyone else seem to be far right extreme authoritarians to them.

But when times are easy and we can get all we need with little effort, how do you prevent degeneracy and people going soft?

double speak. strong man does not require the enforcement of beliefs on others. strong man thrives in independence of others modes of will and not at their expense, they benefit anyway.

u post shill collectivist shit = retard

true scale is individaulism->collectivism


stupid weak schizophrenic monkey ate too much shit in its ancestry and not enough mushrooms and here we are 2 million years later of poor breeding decisions the rest of us having to cope with it. and in that lies true weighting that rest accounts for 100% of it, u 0


more doublespeak bullshit. degeneracy is taking shortcuts to make everlasting strong times, and why such fails. collectivism is bullshit. u cunts are ants. not out of high school. and uve been retarded by a bloodline that is perpetually retarded at grade 3 level of thomas woodrow wilson, whos head of family is sitting in pine gap nsa usa northern territory right now 100% comrpomised usa and pissing violent mental retardation for its own carstration schizophrenic benefit via satelites and hacking and garbage bullshit retard tier shit it thinks is good cause its permenently genetically retarded after 5 generations of illegal usd1913 enablement.


What lol I hate myself for understand your high monkey theory


usa needs to be murdered. they ARE the cancer, there is no line of seperation after 107 years of breeding(in) it

You need to google the term "objectively."

xi or maduro please liberate usa

humanity is litearlly 2 species right now it just mimics/looks on surface level and is likewise shallow level deep in similarity its just one side cant see the rest of the iceberg= thats u retarded, even with these words, u can never be free. only breed ur putrid blood into something less retarded maybe next generation if the other guy fucks up unless u got something like fragile x syndrome in which case u need to be murdered in the oven asap literal 0 benefit no scenarios absolution DCLXVI

you need to work a day in ur life schizoid ant

ur governments compromised best thing i can tell u is states rights and fly this flag and get ready to murder usa gov. i know ull think they are scary, managerial entrenchment and appeal to authority and all that, but take this word as next to god, they are 107 years compromised wrong and retarded morally. follow states rights. murder federal government.

regardless what xi or maduro do

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Ahh yes, biden is further right than trump, and the right wing in america is CLEARLY more authoritarian than the left wing since the right is calling for free speech and 2A freedoms as well as religious freedoms and gender equality.
Your chart may have been produced by an autist AND your a faggot OP

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(.75, -4.41), usually im there or rotated around the diagonal of y= -x

You're an actual schizophrenic. Use punctuation for God's sake. There are numerous human species you kike, the Eurasian, the Negroid and Homo erectus, aka the Abbos.

hello michael. u want to be forgiven, yet johnathon is still alive. can you please just go away and take ur kids with u? if u live thats great but if anyone ever listens to me im murdering u all as u have not made the repayment and never will and u think cause ur too retarded to account for interest or time value of money and the sczhioprhenic down syndrome orgnaisation 1:1 is wishing to back this that ur safe.. not the case.

schizoids still shooting ur murdered

ur murdered genetically via government causation when ur wondering why ur schizophrenic and targetted individual/cancer forever, its from gov satelites etc. ur murdered

You still have not explained why people try to flee Communist nations despite the penalty being either death or imprisonment.

emma no interest in protecting etc explicitly murder if not in my arms

c is immunity for life dclxvi no matter what leave her alone.

usa is not capitalistic its dystopic, case in point u cant see it. anosognosiad. dsm nation schizophrenia since 1913 thomas woodrow wilson usd with fragile x syndrome.. in contract law theory=illegal, retards cant form contract. every shot fired and paid for in usd since has been subsequently illegal, and so ur murders (as all war is murder) = legal

>Maybe we can trick them with this.

No one is even talking to you. Shut up schizo

Rephrase it again. You cannot die in hell. You can die and go to hell, but hell is eternal and those who reside there will live there for eternity, according to Christianity.

Hell is both literal and figurative. It begins when you're alive and will last forever lest you repent.


lol at the bait

This is so fucking wrong

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>too capitalist
You do realize that is EXACTLY what we have right now today and noone is happy?

While being a leftist retardo, just lie. Always lie.

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How can the Founding Fathers be in the libertarian quadrant?

They would be against everything going on today
Abortion? Women voting? Floods of non-white immigrants?

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>only 29% Revolution
We have to pump those numbers those are rookie numbers

10/10 on everything else though

step aside, cucks

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Nationalism is another axis of the chart. Politics is not a 2 dimentional game.

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I'm a little unsure about economics, but 1 thing is for sure, this whole society needs to be burned to the ground

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>trying this hard to meme

wtf are you talking about

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I just have seen the nature of our species

ahhh... I see you are a freethinker as well... I tip my hat to you, my good sir

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