Is this true? bc it feels like it

Is this true? bc it feels like it.

> the only one thats western that can pass for me is a gaming YouTube person.

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the west has been schizophrenically retarded via psychosis of a down syndrome fragile x syndrome thomas woodrow wilson signing usd fed res act on 23 dec 1913 and breeding 5 generations including itself

ruined the world

culturally genetically economicaly civilisationally

What are you even talking about

history and economics

this is why its easier to just say

murder all americans

qed retards die retarded ill suffer that psychic loss, deal.

No, asian trannies don't actually pass that well because asian women are hyper feminine. The asian trannies only pass standing next to white guys.

I can Kinda see were you’re getting at. He’s saying basically White European have no genetic diversity aka they’re all inbreds and have inferior genes or whatever.

na usa made fragile x syndrome president and it signed fed res act into being 23 dec 1913 by thomas woodrow wilson google money masters 1996 and know its not driven by evil but genetic manageriall entrenched down syndrome

their grandsons sitting in pine gap nsa right now waiting to be murdered for existing much less what its done after lmfao

murder its son and its sons 2 kids too michael alexander danielle

It is wrong.
The problem is that europe is a smaller population than asia, south america or north america.
Since the trans group is just a small percentage you find less trans.
Whoever is passing as trans can work in a normal job or still get good healthcare, they will rarel be visible.

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The thing is, we only notice someone is trans when they look masculine.

Why are his nipples pointing upwards? Kek.

> nice tits

>Since the trans group is just a small percentage you find less trans.

Theres no way theres less trans in South America than in Europe, SA is way more conservative, prude and poor you can't just go and ask for tit pills. Wouldn't know about Asia, since is so fucking big.

Good point. Many good looking asians or latina have more often facial surgery since it is much easier and cheaper there.

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Imagine being this clueless about everything.

I meant more. I don't think theres more trans in South America than in Europe. And I mean actual trans, in hormone therapy and stuff, not just transvestites that whore themselves on the street.

imagine being so disrespectful of someone's gender identity that you don't consider them "actual trans" unless they're regularly eating pharmaceuticals. What a piece of shit you must be.

I bet this idiot doesn't think Caitlyn Jenner is beautiful and courageous

>More conservative, still more mafia, drugs and corruption
Than it is just surface conservatives. Iran is very conservative but teh country with the most trans surgeries after thailand. Guess gay = bad, but become women = straight mindset?
And you have more mafia activity to get unprescripted drugs. That is why many have to prostitute themself and are more visable. And if you look more passable, more clients.
It is about more people, bigger group of trans, bigger group of passable trans.
But i wont deny that there is a big influenmce in culture too.

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good looking trans people in Europe goes stealth and lives as woman and noone knows about their transgenderism. So you only notice the one who look like trannies and then you think that every trans woman in Europe/USA look like a man in drag. People who look like theryn meyer and blaire white ( and the one who are even more passable) goes stealth most of the time. These 2 presented themselves as trans for political reason.

In asia/south america on the other hand when you're trans, whoring yourself is much more usual because of poverty. So even the passable trans end up whoring themselves, outing them as trans in the process.

I don't judge or hate them and maybe I'm a piece of shit I don't know, you're going to judge me for a word?

Muslims remind me of prison closeted homosexuals, they are so sex deprived even in media that they'll fuck anything. Avoid like the plague.

>Guess gay = bad, but become women = straight mindset?

it has to do with a fatwah from Khomeini stating that it's legal in the eyes of the sharia to become transgender, and that gay people should be put to death. So even the gay men who don't suffer from gender dysphoria are pushed to become trans.

Trans who pass in America are the same. They quietly assimilate and no one knows that they are trans. The spergs you see on social media crying about "muh pronouns" are trans who do not pass and are perpetually triggered because of that.

Asian guys are already 50% of the way to being a woman anyway so they pull it off a lot easier.

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Choose only one.

Bruh did you forget your pills this morning?

OP was talking about Europe, but i included an american trans as an exemple ( Blaire White), i was more talking about "white people" than "european".

But you can find trans whores in eastern europe who looks quite good because of poverty.

Kinda like conservative countries, USA, brasil, italy, japan, england, still they have a big porn industry.

it's because you are not used to asian faces so you can't recognize the masculine traits instantly...most asian traps are obviously manly too

Might be the same reason brasil or asia have so many transsexuals. Better look like a women to get a men, who might be gay but dont want to fuck a man.

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Wrong. He's saying the opposite of that, you chucklefuck kike. Nice attempt at pivoting that in your favor. Could have gotten away with it if only mouthbreathers populated this thread. Always be on the lookout for these fucking kikes. Astroturfing Cred Forums threads is a full-time job for them. They want to control public opinion on every platform.

That's because there are low levels of sexual dimorphism in Asiatic genes. They're all flat chested, round faced and bean eyed rats, both men and women

South American trannies don't consider themselves men or women. That's why you don't see many of them cut their dicks off. They consider themselves a third gender.

This is why Asian women go crazy for white guys. Most Asian women don't find Asian men all that attractive because they are too feminine.

I'm sure its got something to do with costs too.

How come they don't go nuts for black or hispanic guys?

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>Only shows trans in anime/hentai
>Actual trannies only do it until they're 20 then put on a tie and work till 30 then jump out the window

>Shows trans in reality
>Nothing but over 30 guys who put on a dress
>They keep trannying it despite being 50

Asia prefers lying propaganda that does not show the cold hard disgusting reality.
Europe..(and the US) is living the cold hard disgusting reality.

I have spent a lot of time in Asia when I was in the military. I have had a lot of Asian girls tell me that they think black guys are ugly. Not sure about Hispanic though. I imagine it would be much the same. Hispanic women might be gorgeous but Hispanic men, not so much.

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A good point.

Maintaining and trust into doctors making a good pussy might be a reason too.

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Can confirm. I was in the military and Asians are far and away the most racist group of people. Asian women have a fetish for white men, but are disgusted by blacks and browns.

One time in Malaysia a group of us went out to a brothel and one of the guys with us was black and none of the girls would service him.

Name literally any dark skin tranny hotter than a light skin one need a life

Get out of the house dude

Outside Asia would have been accurate.

>when ur living ur life better than all those nerds on Cred Forums no cap (smoke from nose emoji)

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Yep. Mostly only in thailand and to a lesser degree laos, however. Cambodia, vietnam et al all have lbs but they arent a normal part of the culture the way they are in thailand.

I mean, soy has an estrogen analogue in it.

Rice, which has been a staple in Asian diets for thousands of years is very high in soy. Soy blocks the production of testosterone causing men to have higher estrogen then normal and thus look more feminine.

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more like USA. I have honestly never seen a trans person in my life over here

Rice is not "high in soy" you moron. Rice is a totally different and unrelated plant to soybean.

Fuck my life. Rice goes in everything in my country too (not indian, not chinese). Must be why I look like a wimp. Stopped eating that shit years ago and feel a lot better.

He meant phytoestrogens.

Well obviously fellow bugmen can spot the fakes, but to our untrained and very round eyes they are passable.

Asians-->Eastern Europeans-->All other whites-->peripheral whites like Italians-->hispanics-->sand niggers-->niggers.

Order of femininity

Good order, but i would put hispanics/latina after asians or after east european

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Hispanics are a tough one. I need more info on how they act in their home countries, because here in the US they're mostly macho cholos who will WRECK you if you call them gay or do some gay shit in their presence. They do have good skin for being traps though, so I'd get it

Colombian and Argentine traps can be SUPER passable.

Transgenderism is nothing more than promoting androgony through the inspiration of the Baphomet

Most of the world only knows mexican and caribbean hispanics though.

mental illness is man-made and isn't real - there are only weak willed individuals