Fb ig social fap continued

Fb ig social fap continued

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God more OP please in heels

Continue plz ops


More Alex

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More rich whore

Sexy braces

Plz keep going


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My thressa fans still here?

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More please

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Fuck yeah

She fuck younger guys? Stories?

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Keep going op


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what pick-up line would you use user?

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keep going

Discord server for fap material?

who needs a bra anyway

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Want more?

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Keep going please


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Big perky boobs

Hey us your name Emily? Because I’m gonna fuck you in the ass either way

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Oh fuck

Christ those are lovely

wish she showed it off

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All ages and colors. Just one story is she and her friend suck off teens/college boys all the time partying on the boat during the summer.

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How rough would you use her?

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Cum good to the church sluts..

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More bikini?

would you know?

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Her boobs are so perky

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Holy shit

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I'd fill all of her holes with semen

Like, high school boys?

She's actually a walking wet dream

Wwyd with her?

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I need more

more middle

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Every time I cum for Lea and Olivia their hunger for each other rises and their love and respect vanishes a bit more. Just keep watching their downfall as I put my evil spell over them

Ok now I’m interested

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I'd spend a long time enjoying every inch of her, whether she wanted me to or not

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keep her coming

Buy her a dildo and text her every night, making her fuck herself.

Fuck yes

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oh yeah

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so fucking sexy

Fuck her face relentlessly

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moar right

I bet her wet pussy tastes amazing, love to see her on her back with her legs spread and raised in the air


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Any anons like?

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wet pussy smells like shit

I know college age teens for sure so I can't say one way or the other on that one.
Goddamn right she is.
I've been posting her

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Fuck off retard

you should by her latex-panties and send them to her. Once she owns what she'd never buy, she'll try them...





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More. I love the news caster look she has


fuck off

I could cum, keep going


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She's a twin btw

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fuck yes

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The fact that she does that makes me so hard

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Show this slut off for us

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I wanna see how red she gets when she cums

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Keep going

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sp hard

Mmm good

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Any of her in heels or dresses like a slut

Hot little slut


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got a lot more haha

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Her little tits and cute face

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Love to see that ass

Glad you’re enjoying her

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Fapping, ass?

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I love that her daughter is a mini version of her. Such a hot milf


I wanna cum for her

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Super sexy

Yes mmm

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Such a hot tease

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not really, but theres something better coming

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haha you like her?

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ive been edgong for awhile and she makes me want to cum

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Same here user, how many times have you fapped to her?
Oh I love it so much, and she just gets better and better.

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Mmmm fuck.. they'll be in church, both wearing latex underwear.. Lea is texting her little sister about all the cocks around and how wet shes getting.. Olivia texts back "I want to taste you right now.." and bites her lip and looks at her older sister.
"Here... in church...? Why'd you just tell me that.. I cant get your tongue out of my head.. "

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Such fucking cute

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I posted some last thread I can post more though

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Such a fuckdoll

Such a trophy wife. What a babe

Jerking to her? Mmm

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Hnnng that ass

Goddamn I'm excited

Oh wow

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Yeah. Keep going I'm stroking hard

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Mmmm fuck yes

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Such a naughty cunt. Got any new pics of her?

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Yo! But not for long. Gotta go to work soon.

>I know college age teens for sure so I can't say one way or the other on that one.
Hm. Sounds like an urban legend, like she advertises and her hubby's okay with that, Meh.

Have any new pics?

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I want to feel those plump lips

Fucking hell that ass man

Too many times to count

Nice slow hard wank for her

and back at home they remove their crosses and put on their collars. And they both say: "It's not god that we serve, it's latex. We exist to wear it, we exist to spread it. I has the power to turn humen into sexdolls and makes them happy. Therfore we're its slaves!"

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Me too mmm

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Gonna cum


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Any pics of her with her mouth open?

holy fuck


cant help it

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more face

Fuck look at that body!

nice slampiggies


I'd eat it

Keep her coming

left or right?

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Bet she's a little nasty bitch in bed

You mean hers, right?
So many faggots on Cred Forums, it's hard to tell sometimes.

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More of left

So fucking cute

One of my other favorites...

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Where would you cum

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Shes so fucking hot. Dresses/heels?

Got kik/disc?

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ready to fuck in front of her friends

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No sry

Not sure what is new to you or old, I posted the most recent ones a little while back.
Yeah I know, but If you know anything about her hubby or how she likes to get party it wouldn't seem like such an urban legend. Just like I said to the other user idk what pics are considered new to you.
Nicee, her dau too?

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Gonna send Lea to school fully latexed.. skin tight.. nipples poking through.. and I'm gonna make her wear a butt plug.. a pretty big one too. In her tight little ass as she sits in class knowing how hot she looks. Every time to goes to the bathroom she lifts some of her outside cloths to look at her slutty self. And she clenches her butt cheeks, feeling them suck on the butt plug in her. Such a public slut without letting her classmates know..

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That's a fucking perfect fuck toy


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mom or daughter?

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Left looks like such a good fuck toy

Attached: 82517302_735159360341622_6178770074453454004_n.jpg (1080x1222, 402K)

Reagan or Tiffany

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Yeah I'd make everyone watch me rail her

Attached: 1 (26).jpg (865x1160, 214K)

No prob

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Attached: E5ED551E-63F9-4337-94D1-AB790119A1BD.jpg (1242x1483, 348K)

wwyd to chelsey

Attached: 5606C1BE-F7A9-461B-9279-A89060766CDF.jpg (552x630, 49K)

Attached: 15305961_1873409809561352_7002100343903354880_n.jpg (750x750, 78K)


Bend over you cunt



I thought she couldn't get any better

I'm gonna cum for that ass


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Attached: 70850216_171098060626683_6384172678247019843_n.jpg (1080x1349, 212K)


Attached: 14733750_772829436188866_6894611335552696320_n.jpg (1080x1080, 223K)


Tie her face down ass up. Fuck her relentlessly, cum in her holes then call over anyone that wants to use her

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Top tier slut


nice pile of sluts

yes. she'll be so addicted to wear latex and workship it alltough she deeply hates what it turns her into, like her dark side fighting agains her good side... and winning

I'll take left

new thread new thread new thread new thread

>idk what pics are considered new to you.
Good point.
IIRC, you might be the guy who has access to photos other than on FB and IG.

Crap. Image limit.

Love to see her on all fours, ass up in the air

make her suck my of while i enjoy touching her leather dressed ass



more of girl in OP?