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Right right right

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>idk what pics are considered new to you.
Good point.
IIRC, you might be the guy who has access to photos other than on FB and IG. I think this was one of them. December 2019.

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mom or daughter

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Oh nice, yeah I'm the one who's fb friends with her, so I have more than whatevers public.

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Who wants more?

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Two cuties. I like right

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fuck those tits

Fuck yes

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Wonder what's going through her naughty little head when shes on a farm.. dressed in her tightest latex pressing all her pleasure points, and seeing the big things around her..

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Newest pic I have of her daughter

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Been edging since you first posted.

Post the pic I need to cum to

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diamonds for her

Dami needs ya

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Such a cutie mmm

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Right gets me so hard

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bet her ass is tight

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Mmm nicee. I can cum to a lot of them so it's hard to choose just one. What's your favorite so far?

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More. Classy babe

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stroking hard and fast

Who has the tightest little legal cutie for me?


Yes mmm

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Holy shit she blossomed

more right? cute slut

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heres her insta

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not much of R

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Any of her in heels

I’ve cum to that pic too many times

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moar of left?

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nothing but pure lust and the deep desire to be taken over by latex, stop to think forever and just have one unending orgasm... And also: hate. So much hate towards herself for being unable to fight her dark desire


anybody got more of this chick?

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I'll take either


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Oh Jesus man more


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Cock is out


holy shit

Absolutely she has!
Yes, lots of them bro

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Keep this hot milf coming

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Close user, give me the one to tip me over the edge

She would look great in bikini or underwear

keep going


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so fucking hot

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Holy fuck man, I'm saving these and fapping hard. Kik or disc?

any wins

More ass please

happy fapping my friend

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Cum for her user

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fuck yes

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shes asking for it

I ll see if i can find any. In the meantime

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Alex from last thread

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Hate that she cant control herself.. hate the she got home from the farm and thought of nothing but touching the horses with her sister. She starts rubbing her panties, her brain transitioning from feeling bad about her thoughts to endulging them, thinking of her hands rubbing on thick veins with her little sister kneeling next to her. She texts her sister in the next room, "I need your mouth.. "

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I'm so hard it hurts

Looks so subservient, I am swollen



asking to be spanked

last one fag

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Not sharing

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Keep it going

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hard, more

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Am I a sick fuck for sharing my sister and getting off on it?

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need more

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hnnng tight tummy

share more of her

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Fuck me shes hot

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I want her

alex is a grade a showoff

Those legs and tits hnnnng


Id spanked the one on the left With that candle holder on the wall and then bend her over and shove my cock inside

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Keep posting pleas3

I love when people cum to her.

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and again they surrender to the power latex has put on them. And every time they do their addiction rises and their true self vanishes a bit more.
It all started with a little latex panty you've send them that they watched with disgust but put on - more as a joke then a desire at first.But soon they bought more and more and started to workship it as it took over their head and soul until one day they no longer hide and you see them with a latex catsuit and nothing else in public and you now: they're transformation is complete. You can now just go to them and tell them to please you - they will. They're no longer humen beings, they're latex sex-robots

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More of this fat titty bitch

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Oh no OP not now, I am half way there for her

god i wanna creampie a milf

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Oh Jesus yes

Do you cum to her?


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Wow - she's growing up.
Still like Mom better.

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So do I dubs

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I need her

Would be nice of she ever posted a topless of course.

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Yeah dude I like them both about the same at this point, well maybe mom just a little more...

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She knows thats all shes good for and she cant help it
Bet she knows you blow your load to her and shes loving it
Going around the house in tight close just to see you mire her

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Yeah no joke, just that nip "slip" no topless though :(

She doesn't even bathe naked!
Gotta go though...

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gonna cum on the next one

>that nip "slip"


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I really want to buy them latex panties now... leave them on their porch.. fuck. Lea would put them on and Olivia wouldnt stop staring. How do you want these transformed sluts to please you..

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Lol forreal what a shame
Yeah bro this one

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classic fuckdoll

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?? How the hell did I miss that?!
Thanks, bro!
And bye.

bitch need gangbang

So cute

One for the road

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haven't seen that brainwashed fuckdoll in a while. She's so hot since she got those empty looking eyes

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gonna cum on your sis hard

Attached: vsco5cc4817d73e20.jpg (1536x2048, 1.1M)

let her boobs be a bit bigger and she's perfect

do you know the other 2 friends in this photo user?

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she has to have nudes

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I want to tear her anal

Guess I haven't posted it in a long time, someone asked for it earlier so maybe someone else posted it too.


those lips...

be careful guys, lidia farrer is didigirl

Fuck yeah.

do it. Knowing they put them on, imagining they wear them... they'll please you everytime you see them.
Once transformed I want to fuck them like the objects they've become. Noe mercy, no love. Just an act of usage. Tellling them how good it is that they lost their fight against latex and watch as they just moan and don't respont to anything I tell them about their lost fight at all

Fuck man. Spread these sluts.. I came to them twice. I want to see them posted. I am gonna buy a pair of panties for them.. knowing they might be wearing latex for real under their cloths.. I'm gonna want to use them bad.

The one in the middle, righty not so much.

got insta or something for me?

Dont know if I want to give their instas... if they get harassed they'll stop posting.

hmmm... I want to keep an eye on them, maybe share them too

Can I tell you somewhere other than here? Cuz yea I want that.. they need to be sexually appreciated

post middle in next thread?

Yes I can post, I don't have too many though, just a lot of left.