Why won’t Joe Rogan vote for Trump?

Why won’t Joe Rogan vote for Trump?

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Because he doesn't like him?

because he's not a retard

I'd bet the entire population of DMT brainwiped Texas children that Joe Rogan doesn't even vote.

Rogan is not smart and he lives in LA.. you have to be Dem in LA!

Have you ever watched any of his podcast? That dude is beyond fucking retarded.

Dude weed lmao

nah, I'm not retarded enough to do that

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Yeah I heard he was a nazi. What a mega retard

Why would anyone vote for the klept?

And you be wrong, go back to your shed where your daddy touches your pee pee in and stop being an autistic sperg on welfare, kiddo.

Joe is literally a cuck
Married a coal burner and raising another
niggers bastard mutt

Fucking hilarious

Because he is scared to death of guns and wants gun legislation and surrender
Hopefully he suffers home invasion when wife gets raped because he is unarmed before election. Then maybe he will change his vote

Because he's not a complete imbecile.

How did you know aboit that?!

All I'm sayin is that intruder better have a fucking gun cause Joe is gonna wipe the floor with him otherwise

He literally hunts and loves guns you fuckin sperglord

It doesn't fit into his deluded narrative

imagine getting unironically mad at this

Joe's priorities of government from most important (first) to least important (last):
>Legalize weed
>Legalize other common recreational drugs
>Universal healthcare
>Penalize existing corruption
>Semi-Open borders
I mean cmon is it really a surprise? He's just an entertaining stoner

He’s smart, smart people see though his mountain of bullshit/lies.

>He's just an entertaining stoner

Aren't we all

Didn't know that. He might actually have a functioning brain, unlike all tRumptards