You know you have your doubts. Let me check your wife's/gf's loyalty...

You know you have your doubts. Let me check your wife's/gf's loyalty. Send her kik snapchat ig or fb messanger name to joes2896 on kik or snapchat. I have a 70% success rate after initial contact.

Don't post names here due to spammers and white knights. Haters need not respond!

Pics related.....

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Cone on Cred Forums....I have capacity


she is nice I request more

All I can share atm. Message me and I'll try to get someone u want's pics.



Thanks gents

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Any more? It slowed down a lot.

What’s your success rate with happy satisfied wives when hubby is not bad looking makes good money and has a large cock?

Asking because I am described above with a “totally completely faithful wife”

At least 60%. Theres always the consideration the grass is greener or what if for a little excitement

Interested but need to know it’s safe, as in she won’t know I fucking lead you to her.

Message me and I'll try ur wife.

I also do loyalty test. I don’t post the pics for any one to see as proof ect. I will be as discrete as you wish. If interested message me at hotcane12

Send to


I'll do what u need. I'll post the convos too.

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