Celeb-- Poker face

Celeb-- Poker face

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Some of deez qt's are so sick imma need to drop:
>https :// gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

sooo... where were we?

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>Gotta put love into it
Just Fly
I am just fine
Maybe not today but gimme time
In the meantime
Just Fly In the sky and leave me to my demise
Cuz I am in my prison in my mind so baby just fly
>toot toot

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don't do that to me with those legs

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You are very kind , user

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Same counts for you..

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Little Ari went to the store and was attacked by bum zombies!

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At least try to be decent.

u 2 and you have good taste cause Laura a qt

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While Victoria is cute and classy

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post disc

Do you think celeb qt's come onto Cred Forums and see the stories we make and lewds we do?

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agree there.

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9th place is undeserved. She should be 2nd

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Dat not me

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9 is flattering

Who should be the first?

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What do you like the most about Victoria ?

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It is definitely with that age
The 39th placed girl

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>I see you and raise you long hair jane
We still got beef?

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i just checked, i still prefer this goddess

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idk cause I love everything about her
same with Laura.

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i wanna eat a meal off of vickys tummy

Jade is prettiest girl imo

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>you fucker
did you use my pic from yesterday to open the tread?!
Im gonna use a super rare pic from behind the scenes of montertruck to continue this battle

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>No mufucker
I got all the Janes. I am now the master.

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it's true she's very pretty too

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giggity giggity

post knuckle

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What has been seen cannot be unseen

Same here.

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honestly understandable

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Meika so unique tho
Not sanic?
Who is knuckle?

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I wanna eat a meal out of her ass

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great taste user
haven't seen that Laura before

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she is flawless

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pusi knuckle lol

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She needs a foot servant

Couldnt keep this wholesome Laura for myself

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A master heh?
We will see about that
I play this Jane pic
>932x1222 px
AND it showcases my emotions at you

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I absolutely agree

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TMI at that point user...
Literally perfect. Can't find a fault

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Just being honest user

put them toes in my poo chute bbygirl

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I appreciate that user
I can see why but TMI sometimes

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Still never heard that term
All you need to say

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>AND it showcases my emotions at you
>And I looked, and behold a pale jane: and his name that sat on her was Death, and Hell followed with him.

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looks like this thread is turing into a VJ Fan club gathering :)

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LMAO. Bro you got upgraded! You are not the master!
>Low-key, thanks for the upgrade. I needed one as well.

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shouldn't be allowed to be this beautiful

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the 20s will be the era of justice. I can feel it down in my plums.

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I'm pretty glad that it is tho..

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the era she gets knocked up by a saudi prince

as it should tbh
but with Laura fans too
What a beauty.
we can hope user

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I want her jeans ass on my face

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yea but why even live when you know you won't meet anyone like that

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does laura really have that good hips or is it just her always doing that pose with her side sticking out? lots of pics like that

this type of hate speech will no longer be tolerated in the dawn of justice.

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No u

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Nudes when?

sadhfgasdf askdfh saffxxvfs cbuashbd

Thanks user :)

Good hips

you are too kind :)

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Well to dream. Do it like me :)

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she looks cute here

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Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Jane the Bewigged?

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JJ knows exactly what she's doing.

trips for hips means you gotta post more

I was told you a good boi

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Hey. How r u?

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i do sometimes!

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Hey. Good and you?

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I have heard good stories about you aswell

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Hey anons. I need one of you, any of you really, to do me a favor; I need someone to go ahead and leak the Natalie Portman nudes.


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Perfect I'd say then :)

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Ofc user, she knows exactly what she‘s doing to us.
Lies! I‘m a supervillain.

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hgnn so tight

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use your words like a big boy clone

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looks like those stories were about an other JJ user then

I got a weak spot for her

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Btw, Jane user
>who is not the master
I found a thing that I think you will enjoy
>Do not think this makes us allies

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it's Deborah's birthday today, say something nice about her

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One can only imagine..
And I like to imagine

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Most definitely, maybe cbro, he is a good boi.
I like that pic, wisely chosen angle.

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That doesn't really help, but i appreciate your attemt to contribute.


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I have no fucking idea who you are but you look hot.

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Good too. Ran into my ex yesterday and it was a bit awkward. She wanted to hang out. I really did not want to.

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i imagine all the time

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She was very good in TrueBlood

Please see
>and btw

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Why not?
Anything happened with your cousin lately?
Welcome to the club

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It is my birthday too, cheers!

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Laura or VJ?
she got the moves
so cute.

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who is this down syndrome boy?



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My future mom

ur not celebrities schizos

niall ferguson
david attenborough
noam chomsky
graham hancock
joe rogan
randal carlson

these men are celebrities
and fucking mind ur god damn business and leave them alone and buy their books and shit

schizoid losers

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Attached: 24426984-7977323-Lady_in_black_Margaret_Qualley_25_looked_Gothic_chic_in_a_black_-a-26_1581062278869 (634x997, 140K)


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you chose to share your power?
Only a fool would do that

shit the pilot to her new show is up user!

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dat top right one.
Hell all of em

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Of course they do they just don't talk about it because they don't want to be associated with Cred Forums as it has had a bad rap since it first was covered on tv.
Taylor Swift named her cat because of this board

Just the way we ended things last time. Was not trying to do that again. But yeah her tits are still nice.
Just caught her touching herself again.

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Dem feet tho..

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well fuck me D:

schizophrenic opt in delusion cancer ponzi scheme where u think ur desirable etc

retard psychosis of humanity

that bitch said we were gonna go off grid together

u fucking retarded psychosis whore ill beat u with a shovel dog cunt

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Attached: 371_1000.jpg (667x1000, 86K)

i can never ever trust u with a gun until 20 years clearance of pine gap fragile x syndrome nsa being murdered and that might never be

I'm a simple man. I see VJ, I worship.

Yeah I get that. Asianfu is miles better

That sounds nice

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happy birthday, user!

Attached: Barbara Palvin wishes Karlie Kloss a happy birthday.webm (360x360, 178K)

Attached: 880_1000.jpg (665x1000, 120K)

love that dress

Attached: d3it3n3didf41.jpg (1999x3000, 706K)

preach it, m8

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As a future psychiatrist, this is my cup of tea
>emotional affect vs actual emotion and conscious thought
Plus, MY Jane is such a qt.

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Attached: 770_1000.jpg (915x1000, 138K)

absolut goddess

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Attached: selena-gomez-dez6lnqmdis11.jpg (1080x1920, 301K)

Attached: _96516690_ccbadthingsstill1-pcdrewlevin.jpg (2048x1152, 433K)


Attached: AE6DC064-A898-4D00-9400-A80A9DCAE2D3.jpg (1125x1109, 277K)

She literally is
Do you have discord or kik? Cause imma head out soon

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words lead action


right in the feels

sorry :/

Attached: Victoria Justice photo.filmcelebritiesactresses.blogspot-0217.jpg (1960x3008, 681K)

Attached: 19906.jpg (500x623, 62K)

She also got voted in 1st place in some competition. Can't remember which because it was a long time ago. I just did not think they actually came to Cred Forums lmao. I would be on this shit all day just shitting up the boards and spreading (mostly true) rumors about other celebs.

Attached: uKWyljK.png (1031x1035, 1.72M)

*boop boop*
Why‘s that user?

Attached: 325C6F14-9771-4B2A-85D8-9BDA5A52EFBB.jpg (662x883, 191K)

>no tits today, nuh-uh

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no i don't unfortunately but i'll definitely see you around i guess

Attached: 8345eac7d5cd0df2e287f1dba06c0353.jpg (828x1472, 138K)

i dont know i just felt it down there

I got jane in all the colours of the rainbow
whatever you post, ill top it.
Now when to see the pilot of her new show?! and then screencap it and shows pics of you in Cred Forums
thats how i found her. someone did that after suburgatory

Attached: housewaifu.jpg (960x960, 117K)

Alright. See you user

see ya

i was in the battle of pineland

Speaking of asianfu I took a picture of her feet but I just need to crop it because she was in a compromising position you could say.
She does it in her sleep. Who knows what she is dreaming about.


post it