Space travel was stopped to keep monetary value on our minerals, kill the jews

Space travel was stopped to keep monetary value on our minerals, kill the jews

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no space travel was stopped because usa is schizophrenically retarded with fragile x syndrome since the current creation of the dollar to present. their leader is a man named johnathon in pine gap nsa northern territory has fragile x down syndrome if u google hp lovecraft, thomas woodrow wilson, fragile x syndrome, u can see what he looks like. 6'2 mulatto 90kg 68 years old

want an example see why challenger exploded

this issue is resolved first.

space travel was stopped because it is literally impossible and people are starting to see through the lies spoonfed to us by the controlled media, manufactured pop culture and fraudulent academia

the challenger crew is still alive
look it up

nope. its usa, jews were last season

thomas woodrow wilson bloodline is still alive

Are you retarded?

Look at our budget! All of our money is going to the military instead of nasa and space exploration. and the only Jewish person I know in Congress: Bernie Sanders, votes AGAINST every war and military budget increase.

Conservative capitalism killed space travel you fucking retard and if you ACTUALLY cared about space like I do you would research the problems that are actually preventing us from traveling it.

You pitiful fool. You realize that there's only like a dozen real people on this site?Literally everyone else is a chatbot ai


Bernie needs to win

LOL who’s the retard? Don’t you realize the chat bots have far more personality and Insight than half the people on the site…

Fuck it this is now a pro Bernie thread comrades

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We have people on mars, China is building on the moon, and Britain wants to buy resource rights to Saturn's Titan supermoon
Get educated, fags.

You’re fucking retarded if you think that’s space travel. Point is we would be so much FURTHER than we are you complete fucking sped. I bet you have trouble reading cereal boxes you ignorant sack of shit.

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Love is a better policy than greed

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I think you are a schizo.
Either that or you are trying really fucking hard to become a copy pasta. Which you won't because your shit is already stale.

>pitiful fool
Opinion discarded

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I like sports too. We have so much on common!

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Bernie is our only chance to save the planet

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Bernie 2020

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I wouldn't go that far m8. The planet will be fine, it's us that's gonna feel the pain

True I’m sure nature will bounce back after we’re dead but I just meant like in a human world peace sense

you're wrong
how do i know that?
>look it up

>Bernie thread comrades
we knew it. knew it all along. you are closet bolsheviks. how many more people need to die of starvation under this round of communism? surely after a hundred million or so you guys could get it right

genetic blacklist dclxvi

enjoy being a targetted individual and murdered genetically for the rest of ur life via causation government

You’re retarded if you think Bernie is going to use communism to starve Americans. That literally benefits nobody. He’s going to use socialist policy to send kids to college not steal food. Like wake the fuck up get off the internet and read a book. Your opinions are only normal in the places you’ve been sharing them.

you're just saying shit that doesn't make any sense.
did you finish high school?

lmao alright then
how do you feel about communism/marxism?

How are those veritas in action leaks going for you? Top campaign managers under bernie advocating for gulags, another one wanting to dismantle congress, and a third wanting to line up and shoot all who appose communism. Sounds like a stable person with stable people under him.

It’s not even possible under our constitution. Everyone is entitled to the right to OWN land. Like idk why conservatives are so sure Bernie is going to end the world when in reality the most the left can do is just.. re arrange how we spend the budget. A little less on military and a little more on education and healthcare. That’s all we mainstream lefty’s like Bernie and AOC and I want ya know?

>>Love is a better policy than greed
Shows a meme with a jew

You’re just making stuff up to make him seem violent. Bernie’s most “aggressive” attack at was just him calling out joe Biden for wanting to cut Medicare.

And Bernie is against the death penalty what makes you think he’s going to put together death squads? I’m praying for you. You must be so lost and confused\

Bernie isn’t greedy he’s literally a socialist you retard. Even a conservative like me knows the difference. He’s appealing to so many people because he’s honest

To the Mars gulag you go

you didn't answer the question.
I asked how you felt about communism/marxism
round 2, let's go.

No i’m not, it’s literally on video of them saying it on the youtube. The channel is veritas in action. You can’t deny video proof of bernie’s top staffers in iowa saying that shit, practically verbatim. Don’t even try.

I think communism is flawed But definitely on the right track.

Saying socialism is the same thing as communisn is as stupid as saying conservatism is the same thing as facism

This is only part 1 of 4

God you’re dumb dude. That channel is Alex Jones levels of paranoid and stupid. Again. Please spend time off of Cred Forums and I’ll keep praying for you

>socialism is the same thing as communisn
no where did I say this.
you had a 2nd chance to give me your opinion and you failed to do that.
you're more than happy to express your opinions about bernie and all the great things you think he's going to do, that's fine.
all I wanted was your opinion on something and I would have left you alone.

see, this is the kind of answer I wanted to see.
that's it.
carry on

How many people died under communism? Last i counted was over 200 million or something like that. Communism is not the answer. I don’t mind social programs but communism is NEVER the answer. It’s like aids to a country. It practically kills a country.

You responded to the wrong guy you fucking retard

how so?

Oh please leave me alone youre hurting my feelings and triggering me

I gave you two chances to answer my question and you can't give your own opinion because you're a socially inept retard who would get his feelings hurt.

Are you stupid man, i just gave you proof. The people that say that shit are on literally camera saying that. They are legit campaign organizers and workers for sanders. They had to literally shut down their twitter accounts because of this and tried to ignore it. Are you that fanatical of a supporter that when evidence is brought before you that you stick your fingers in your ear and yell ‘fake fake fake’. Check your priorities dumb fuck. You are the reason why trump got elected and you will be again. Moron.

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>you will be again.
Hell yeah

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>posts BBC/cuck porn because feelings are hurt
okay zoomer

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Notice how when i brought up the veritas leaks, they started trying to scuttle the thread.

despite what berniebro here might think, I'm not entirely on one side or the other.
but I think veritas has done some good work. i'm not surprised

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I wonder, if president trump wins, will the new way to protest against him be getting railed by a black man in front of the Whitehouse while screaming ‘he’s not my president’ cause you seem to have a pretty big folder of black dicks there bud.