Puffy anus thread

Puffy anus thread

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Bleached asshole and redpilled

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post the real stuff

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That's very kissable.


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would tongue

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former fuck buddy, a real freak

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What do you want to do with her?

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I would just want my face smothered in that puffy asshole

nothing it's just a drawing

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Imagine the smell from her butthole


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I have som puffies to share but my hd is acting sub-saharian

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Fuck off with this pony shit, not attractive for anyone who isn't retarded

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well, fuck you then

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>thread failed

i'm the only one posting so, who cares?

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You're the only one posting because your autism killed the thread and everyone left. Have fun sitting alone with your poorly drawn cartoon horses and celibacy, faggot

OP here, you're kinda rude :/

keep talking, keep me company

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sorry, i tought it was empty

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>keeps posting ponies

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Here's some non-pony for you.

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I love Fluttershy, and her puffy butthole

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Could you post a picture that's a bit more humanoid? Thanks

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Now that's something I would like to fertilise

Can we ban the pony fag already even though it is kinda hot ngl

Like this... ? OwO

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What do you want to do with her?

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Imagine the smell from her butthole

you are not only gigantic faggots but also extraordinarily retarded

You have some psycho rage problems. You autistic faggot sperg spic!!!!

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