Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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sniff her butt


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Fuck her in the ass

slap that ass and fuck it raw

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Take your pick and WWYD?

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run a train with friends.


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Third from left and second from right, I'd tie them up together, force them to makeout, threaten to beat their sexy bellies. I'd beat the second from the right one's face bloody and begin raping the third from the left one's ass from behind, humping her belly down into the ground. I'd have the other cunt by the hair and be punching her face and laughing. Eventually I'd pull out and make the bloody faced cunt lick the other ones torn bloody asshole as I tear open hers. I'd finally flip them both over so their facing me and rape the third from the left one's asshole and begin beating both of their bellies as hard as I can as they both beg me to stop and slowly turn to incoherent cries. I'd switch to a wooden paddle weilded with both hands as I release my cum inside her ass. Then, I'd begin to stomp their bellies for a few minutes before finally making them lick the cum and blood puddles from the floor and make the one who didn't get filled suck the cum from the other ones hole. I'd repeat this for a few days being sure to completely destroy their bellies, then leave them tied up to a tree in the woods.
Push her down, stomp her face against the bathroom floor. Slump her disoriented body so she's ass up and begin raping. I'd drown her in the toilet as I tore her apart, as I came close to cumming I'd slam her face into the open toilet bowl over and over, getting blood all over the toilet and knocking the cunt out. She'd wake up full of cum with me pissing on her face.

[email protected]
Anyone can send emails for brutal wwyds, feel free to add any information you feel comfortable sharing.

3rd from left

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2nd from right

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Make her gag on my cock


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Strip her in public in that gym

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Wwyd ?

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Wwyd and thoughts for nudes.

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Facefuck and facial.