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It should be illegal to circumcise minors. When they grow up, they can decide for themselves.

This shrivelled cut cock looks disgusting

>wanting a greasy penis

>wanting a less sensitive dick because of jewish tradition

>not having a choice either way because you uninformed parents decided for you.

You fags are too old to be discussing little boy dicks. Go outside

The dick on the left is small sure but that’s most likely an adult

Eurofags suck on uncut dicks exclusively. Femanons prefer cut.

Look at this 100% straight dude evaluating dicks. Shocking is his preference for uncut

Women prefer a soft dick that isn't gross and dry due to being cut, nigger.

I don't care if 'cut dicks looks better'. It's like ripping off a skin on uour thumb because it would look cleaner.

It should be part of the census data.
cut [ ] uncut [ ]

>Imagine not posting the same fucking thread every day
>Imagine OP not being a little god damn faggot

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There's also that one guy who spams andy sixx or whatever, one that spams about his tiny dick, and the one who is davastated because his favorite e-thot had breast enlargement surgery.

>angry cut [x] fag

I once had sex with an American girl. She was fascinated by my uncut dick. Kept playing with my foreskin.

Imagine being so lonely and lacking validation that you post the same shit every day to people who always respond the same way. It's literal NPC behavior.

>Best culinary spice goes in all fields.

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cutfags dont know shit

Makes em more female-like
>driven more by emotion

The unconscious remembers.

Let them be man, poor fucks already have enough with never being able to experience a full orgasm.

i can guarantee right now, knowing nothing about you, that foreskin has nothing to do with how sensitive you react to stimuli

dey dindu nuffin

>mutilated dick
>stinky dick
>wash, dry dick
>aesthetic dick, anteater dick
>evil jews, no consent
>slimey dick, girls hate
>girls love, amputated nerves
>going for longer, droopy flappy dick
>you gay, obsessed by cut cock
>no u obsessed gay, wanting floppy uncuts
>not gay, you are gay
>no you are the gay!
>no u
>no u
etc. etc. etc.

Yes, we learn so many new things every time this thread is up - we're all doctors and professors now. These threads are now brimming with PHDs.

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Person who makes these threads is a worthless rat who's got no future and nothing going for them