How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?

How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?
I'm gonna be visiting my uncle in America next week. Will they spit in my food if I don't tip?

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i usually tip but sometimes i just can't be bothered

15% is standard and they won’t spit in your food because you pay the tip after you eat

Not my responsibility to pay your tuition bitch. I tip based on service, so do better.


And like I said before. If you don't tip you're either a jew or a nigger.

Everyday you post this.

Walk to the back and tip the dish guy so he can buy booze. Waitstaff are entitled twats

How weak do you have to be to not tip? Are so you unsuccessful in life that you can't share your good fortune with others who agree to serve you food and drink? Are you just a peasant? Get a grip and get some self-respect and show that you can at least afford a respectful tip.

I’ve worked at a bar and usually places reputations are more important than spitting in someone’s food... plus if the cook gets caught doing it they’re fired and will never be able to work in the food industry again lol but just as a rule of thumb, I always tip 15% as a base line, if I like the person 20-25% and if they’re shit and you don’t like them and they do nothing for you no tip-10%, they can’t spit in your food if you get your bill after you’ve eaten

they better be licking my asshole clean for a 30% tip

Fucking americunts.
Do we all get tipped for doing the job we are already paid for? No. So if you want more money then go do something else instead of bitching and whining when you don't get any more money after we already paid for what we just received. Twats. Stupid backwards fucking country, stupid backwards fucking people.

Just tip whatever amount you think the person deserves
Good job= good tip
Bad job = bad tip/no tip

I still think the hatred coypasta that’s floating around on here is better. Less subtle but funnier because omg edgelords.

Oh really fucko? What paradise do you live in? This should be good.

Hope you like giving blowjobs for money

I just an american thing, it comes from the prohibition when they werent allowed to sell alcohol, people would go to restaurants o bars and pay a little extra to get some alcohol, they would call it "To Insure Prompt Service" TIPS as we know it.

Hey look MA I posted it again

Erm, the rest of the world you cunt. Not that mass of blubber underneath Canada

Get a real job, like labor work.

Lazy niggers like you are everything that’s wrong in the world today. Useless pieces of shit expecting others to be gratuitous. You haven’t earned a red cent until you can use a shovel.

Depends on the tab, the service, etc.

Normally, 15%. I add or substract from there.

Bigger tab, lower percentage. Better/more service, or more people dinning, higher percentage.

I'm not gonna pay 20% for a burger and a coke alone, and i'm not gonna pay 10% for a three course meal with great service for 10 people.

If you do anything else, you're a cuck or a jew.

Exactly. Unnecessary today. Idiots.

A minimum of a 50% tip is mandatory or else they won't serve you

Cunt, eh? I'm guessing UK. It must suck buttering your bread with your fingers, it's a real shame you guys can't own butterknives anymore! Maybe you can borrow Ahmed Muhammad's meat cleaver at least

Shit tier repost

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Right, so you live in a shithole. Maybe you should shut the fuck up while normal people are talking?

Yeah just spout that same boring tune in this unrelated thread. I would ask you to come save me but you'll end up shot by some 10 year old school kid on the way to the airport. If you even have a passport that is or are you in the over 50% who dont have one? Must be too advanced for you lot to use a pen and fill out the form. Bore off.

Lmao yes the whole world is a shithole apart from the glorious nation where you have to beg for an extra dollar from the public at work. Zzzzzz.

Fuck tipping food serves, we don’t tip construction workers or police, or grocery workers, why the fuck would I tip some entitled snot nosed brat that feels they deserve money for walking 10 feet

So you tip grocery store staff and Walmart workers?

it's their job..they dont have to wait tables if they dont want to...

Guessing not many of you anons have actually worked as a server before because you’re so successful, but usually restaurants pay way below minimum wage and your tips are expected to make up the difference on your pay stub

Bud, I told you to shut the fuck up. Normal people are having a discussion. No one wants to hear from a peasant.

what do you think?

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..and when I say way below minimum, I mean like less than half.
I got paid $3.65 an hour in a state where minimum was about $10 hourly.
Minimum pay=minimum effort, that’s why sergers at shit places can be shit servers, because they’re bitter they’re not making more money because management usually sucks

so the standard is 15% - 27.60$
i`m european so 25.20€
a prostitute here will blow you for 20€
i really doupt that she blew the customers under the table or that her service was even comparable to that

I wish I could do this dish whashing was the first work I did as a summer job at 16 I got the same pay as the hore thay took the plate to the people but I got to do the dirty work cus I had a dick and did more dishes never stoped comeing the hole shift ware the Server stood in the back in the corner doing nothing half the time. And got tips

haha NO

The irony is, pretty much all dishwashers get paid a much higher hourly rate than wait staff lmao

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I cant help but think "This has to be some sort of isolated incident..." But it's probably not.

Fucking niggers... and they want $15 an hour for this shit? Fuck you.

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I don't tip because I don't live in a third world country where a waiter/waitress need tips to earn a living wage.

Just what I thought, you can't even try to have an argument, let alone a discussion, you uneducated redneck cunt. Just so that you lot know, because clearly you all believe you're amazing, the rest of the world, despises you. Even before trump. You're embarrassing, you're obscene, you're hilarious to watch try and use the english language. You fella, you're helping america keep that image.

You're right. Let me just walk into a hospital and start performing surgery for much more money. How dumb was I? A hurr durr, I dumbo dingus degenerate DeGeneres, I can't figure out better job pay better money. Why I no get better money. Me just work better job, have better life. Simple durrr. I poo poo pee pee. I smart. I become lawyer and doctor because both pay goodest and together pay bestest. I just choose money field.

It's not mandatory, it's a scam so companies don't have to pay their workers out of their own pockets. You tip after you eat if you tip at all, how could they spit in your food if you've already eaten it?

the dish guy can do his job peacefully washing dishes while waiters have to deal with costumers like you

Yes because the next step up from waitress is surgeon. There cant possibly be any other jobs to do. Fucking hell, you people. And I use the term people very lightly.

If I eat out I tip based off food prices I don't tip for drinks given some times a drink cost the price of a meal or if I'm out at a shity like a buffet I'll tip a.1.50 based on how many time my water or soda if refilled so if I have 2 sodas I'll tip 3 dollars

Imagine actually getting tricked into paying workers wages instead of the company that fucking employs them. Americans have to be the most retarded, cancerous culture on the entire planet.

So everyone from that time was retarded and didn't know it was spelled "ensure"?

Culture? They dont know what that is.

Like they aren't now

Not true they have to deal with waiters who are like customer but more stuck up and desperate to find someone to condescend to after they only got tipped $15 for carrying a plate.

Mandatory hell no. Bad service no tip. Good service a tip. Great service a really good tip. Flirting doesnt help. 10% has been the standard these these lazy bastards wanted more money so said it was 15-20%. Fuck off. If im there for an hour with good service and im under $50 total you will get $5. Want more work for it. Next soem advice dont work for $2 an hour.

Bruh I work for tips, but these cunts are the people that ensure everyone hates me and I get stiffed. Fuck them, they should go to jail, or be executed. That's smearing potentially lethal bacteria on food someone is consuming, and if found connected, could literally be involuntary manslaughter.

Thare is nothing peacefull about dish washing the machines are so Noisy you have to wear ear plugs or you'll have buzzing after your shift in your ears and the dishs come out so hot you got to have 2 pares of rubber gloves on you and you still birn your hands

Then dont work as a server?

If anyone reading this thinks that they're smart for applying for and accepting a job where your boss can legally fuck you over on your paycheck "because tips :^)" then you're actually retarded.

>inb4 "oh no one else would hire me" or "oh everything else is too hard" or "oh you need a degree hurr"

No, you're retarded. Keep looking and applying for jobs that NEED someone there. I work part time as a cashier getting $16/hour while going to school. Is it tough? Yes, but life's not easy. If you put up with the fact that you get payed $3.50/hour, and you THEN expect EVERYONE to understand and tip? Fuck you.



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Wow, I was playing a retard in that post, but you really must have a caretaker if you can't see what that post was saying.

>but you really must have a caretaker if you can't see what that post was saying.

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Oldest one in the book, retard.

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They won’t fucking spit in your food if you don’t tip have you ever been to a nice restaurant where you pay before you eat? they won’t know you’re not going to tip. But if you don’t, just know the server will hate you forever uncultured swine.

>I was playing a retard in that post

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I’ve gotten $170 on top of an automatic gratuity, it’s called knowing how to do your job and not having shit customers like yourself

I'm not a server, I'm a delivery driver. I get minimum wage plus tips. I have and will leave your food outside for the raccoons if you refuse to tip. There is a loophole in our policy that stipulates correct addresses and timeliness. On top of that, my job is not to ensure the food gets to you, but the address. The company backs this up. If you live in a locked building, don't give me the code, and don't answer your phone, your food will be on the ground at the main entrance. Whether you find it or not is your own God damn problem. If people tip, it's one of the highest paying jobs not requiring a degree. If they don't, well, people don't deliver, and then your food takes 1.5hr to get to you instead of ten minutes. Be appreciative that we're sacrificing our own vehicles because you feel peckish. That's what's hiring. That's what I'm qualified for with my job history. I put in applications across town a month and a half ago, and only another delivery place got hold of me.

Servers make like maybe 2 dollars an hour shut the fuck up bitch

Nigger detected

>and then your food takes 1.5hr to get to you
if you wont deliver the food within 30 minutes i dont have to pay for the shit

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Ummm america sure isn’t third world buddy

Servers are paid under minimum wage because of tips so when you don’t tip you’re just a frugal cunt that doesn’t want to leave $2 extra dollars on your bill to thank someone for taking care of your needs seeing as how you were too fucking lazy to cook your own damn meal at home.

Delivery Driver? I take your position out of the equation by doing carryout. I'm not a lazy sack of shit that needs everything handed to me on a silver platter.

...and if I were, I'd tip.

But that's my point, if you dont agree with the system, why work for it in the first place? I dont bother with the semantics of delivery because I dont agree with how its handled.

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I also like to round up my total bill to a whole number of dollars like this, but I tend to ere on the side of overtipping. Then again I basically never eat out. My two ongoing life goals are 'lose weight' and 'save money,' neither of which is served by going to a restaurant.

>How much do you tip Cred Forums?
Depends on service quality. I tend to be at either extreme of generous or barely anything based on service quality.

>And is it mandatory?
Obviously not, but servers' wages are lower than minimum under the expectation that they get tips, so I'd feel bad not leaving even a little tip for a shitty server.

The only true answer, boys.

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And to clarify, overtipping is above 15%. In OP's case, I probably would've gone up to $220.

i don't care

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Not according to the US, no. But according to most of the developed world, the US is a shithole. You can't do anything right. You're the country of "can't do it."

Can't get universal health care. Can't get universal education. Can't get money to your veterans. Can't house your homeless. Can't get money out of politics. Can't get religion out of politics. Can't lower child mortality. Can't get rid of your poverty. Can't have fair trials. Can't curtail military spending. Can't address school shootings. Can't get equal rights for coloured. Can't get equal rights for LBTQ. Can't address climate change. Can't fix public water supply. Can't strive for economic equality. Can't get equality for men and women.

Whatever it is that the US should, could or must be done, the US simply cannot do it. For so many reasons. In any other population, this would lead to self criticism, and a strong urge to participate in the political process.

Not American'ts though.
Can't do it.

I dont employ the people, so why should I pay more than what I owe for the food. Why cant you idiots grasp this.

don't see how her tuition is my problem. I will pay for the check and that's it. can"t believe they actually have a tip section on the bill.

"Got no steel industry left, can't get education to our young people, can't get healthcare to our old people, but we can bomb the shit out of your country alright."

— George Carlin in 1992

I'm not going over this again with you as well, go read the thread and stop being a cunt.

I've been all over the world my failed empire friend! Are you sure you should be saying this stuff to me? You might get arrested by the bobbies for meany speech!

Then you know that no one in the world wants to be a yanks friend for fear of association. Would have to kill ourselves from the embarrassment.

Now that's an opinion I respect. I don't need a tip for handing you your carry-out.

As far as why I work there, most places don't call me back or tell me they're not interested, and others pay more hourly, but after figuring in tips, pay less overall. That being said, when someone has an order for $19.96 and they hand me a $20 and tell me to "keep the change," that's when I want Trump to have dictatorship. I'm a Bernie guy, but God damn it if the Cred Forums in me doesn't rise up.


All right, 1980.

Wrong, I made tons of friends in my travels, one was from Manchester and he certainly wasn't a faggot like you

What do you want, a medal? I cant help but notice you constantly avoided the topic to talk about this shit instead so I'm off because I'm bored of you. Bye! Please dont come back, we dont deserve that.


man, its almost like i saw this same thread last week. i dont think im going to tip for pasta this stale.

I dont live in a third world shithole so i dont need to tip, waiters get paid a normal wage.

How many days in a row has this thread been posted now?

>living somewhere besides America
.hate to tell you this user

sory i dont speak arabic

Tipping is for communists. Get a real job.

My mom was a server for many years so I sympathize with them. I start at %30 and work my way down as I notice mistakes or bad attitudes. I also observe how they treat their other customers as well.

Another cunt who think being the waitress is the pot of gold.
Students these days are so deluded, especially the cunts.