Give me a legitimate and convincing reason to stop beating my dick

Give me a legitimate and convincing reason to stop beating my dick.

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There is medically none, so simply enjoy yourself

All masturbation is hollow and depraved.

that empty moment of "what have I done, I could be doing it with a girl, I'm so disgusting" won't haunt you anymore

It still feels good and works as a pretty solid substitution for sex when you are too lazy to go get laid.

It doesn't haunt me anymore.

that's the first step of losing humanity

What's the next step?

>PSA: I just beat my fucking dick, better come up with something good or the poor bastard might get it again this evening.

idk its probably bad if you are fapping too much what the fuck do you want us to say

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forever virgin

Something convincing beyond the typical arguments that nofappers make. They might bring up some "science" on how it reduces serum testosterone in the blood or it is morally wrong, mabye some shaming tactics but none of that is going to convince someone like myself because they all pertain to things I simply don't care about.
How about a practical argument against it? Or some reason that it I can derive a greater pleasure out if not choking the chicken beyond the usual distant promises like "better relations with women" what benefit can I get right now by not jacking it?

So bring a perma-virgin is a step toward losing humanity? What is humanity to you? To me it is nothing more then my genetics.

Then keep fapping faggot. If you feel it doesnt get in the way of life nobody is stopping you. Imagine needing guidance from fucking Cred Forums.

I once went three months without beating off and it made me so horny and aggressive I had three fuck buddies and a girlfriend by the end of it.

Imagine being this autisic.

Honestly if you don't feel shame and disgust with yourself after jerking off. You're just not doing it right.

What was your motivation for doing it?

Well when I do it I typically unzip my pants and form a shape like I am holding a spy glass with my hand, only instead of gripping a spyglass it's my cock and then I move the hand up and down the shaft repeatedly untill I feel like I would like to bust a nut.
>am I missing a step? Sometimes I use lotion and the fap material is pretty solid.

>Child abuse

Well shit, you got me man. I'll think about the children next time, wait that came out wrong....

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Because youre a spasmastic retard who could rip it off

If you really wanted guidance you'd consult YouTube. Kys fag, you're purposely asking autists on Cred Forums to defame the no fap movement. You're clearly not a Christian so you're probably asking Cred Forums to get the "right wing" take that you can then shit on because only Autistic normies use Cred Forums anymore.

Thanks user, I have been hitting the gym pretty hard recently

bro the lower T is actually good
you know how much does it hurt to have large prostate? you don't want that, that's for sure

you'll have more time to make something of yourself

How do you know that I didn't check YouTube? If nofap is such a great thing then it shouldn't be hard to explain why.

Respectable answer, it can be time consuming. I usually wack it in the morning which takes away time I could be doing something else. But is there any reason not to beat it right before I sleep? Sometimes I still have alot of energy and it's a quick way to get rid of it.

Not even that bro, I just get violent as shit If I don't bust a nut from time to time it makes me a real asshole.

Doing it everyday makes it stop feeling good. Eventually it just feels like nothing, but you keep doing it anyway because you just can't stop yourself

the CDC says smoking cigarettes is healthier than fapping to porn

it is a deadly public health crisis in 13 states

pleasure is sin.
using it to reward your brain like a puppy undermines Gods divine plan and his guiding rod and staff

How do they defend that statement? As far as I can tell one can give you cancer and the other might make it difficult to get it up if you do it every day for literal decades

If pleasure is sin, why do anything that feels good? Did God create us just to suffer?

fapping release DHT and prolactin which both got negative effects on your hair follicles
TLDR : cooming = balding

If you continue to do it then to some extent it must still feel good, atleast you are still getting something out of it.

Funny that you mention that, I actually have hair going untill halfway down my back, I have been beating it for nearly 10 years daily.

how often and with what do you wash them ?
do you shower after sweating a lot or you dont care ?
any diet or supplement/multivitamin in particular ?
(important) head massage or at least soft and flexible sclap skin ?

Yeah I shower often, just wash my hair with regular shampoo and have no scalp issues.

Isn't DHT an offshoot of testosterone? If in theory beating off reduces serum testosterone in the bloodstream then how does masturbating increase DHT production after the first initial spike when you bust?

Don't remember but when my DHT is up my scalp itches
when i cum my scalp itches too. Then i drink green tea (dht suppressor) or put it on my scalp and the itchiness stops