Something can't come out of nothing, therefore God created the universe!

>something can't come out of nothing, therefore God created the universe!

So where did God come from ?

>he was just always there!

Christcucks see no issue with this argument

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something cant come from nothing given the laws of the universe. Something outside of the universe would not be bound to this, whether its another universe or a "God"

Ask and ye shall receive

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The argument is that the universe could have always been there in some state, without having to come from nothing. No laws being broken.

Typical atheist edgy faggot asking the same unoriginal questions he hears from his other neckbeard friends

Answer them yourself you egocentric fool

ya and that argument doesnt make any since hence the infinite universe theory. They just made up 99% quantum physics to try to trick dumbfags

So the universe could have always been there but not God? Lmfao

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god doesn't exist btw

>time didn’t exist before the big bang
>consciousness developed naturally from non-consciousness
>atheists have no issue with this
Just shut up

keep talking to your imaginary friend

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Doesn't believe in God
>Uses a bible quote

i think the main problem is that we stick with a theory. atheists usually stick with the theory of evolution, Christians have their own shit. I think the problem is, we still actually don't know how the universe was created, and we may never know. Does that matter? I don't think so. I mean, what does it matter how we came to be? It's all in the past, why should we care?

I'm Christian, and I'm glad it pisses you off.

>It's all in the past, why should we care?

that's just lazy

Hi Christian, I'm Dad

Turn from your wicked adulterous ways. The world is a corpse. Follow Jesus Christ, and leave the dead to bury their own dead.

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We pretty much know how it started just don't know why

Hi Dad, I'm Christian.

Hi dad, I'm batman!

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Scientific evidence would suggeat otherwise

>why should we care?
Because we want to know. That's just a lazy attitude

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Either way my deity is science. Christian's annoy me because all questions and doubts get slammed for "faith" in something existing that very well may not.

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if you are gonna trashtalk at least dont tell lies bro.
There is a lot of teories about time before big bang but none of them proven for now, but a lot of them follow the equations.
Consciousness developed over the milenums by animals about things like not jumping out of a cliff because someone did t and died, and over the mileniums and milenums humans developed the ability to make sound sich they perfectioned into a languaje. So their consciousness its exacly like us but with no voice. If some specie can develop a extense languaje they will evolve really fast.
we are here because someone learnt something and was able to teach others.
I dont know how to build a microprocessor but here i am using it.
Some monkeys are able to use sticks and stones as tools, but they can tell other monkeys how to use them, they just scream really loud while using them so other monkeys can see and learn.
and this is an INTERESTING fact

>my deity is science
kek youtube science doesnt count buddy

one of the very first steps of the scientific method is formulating an hypothesis which is pretty much just another word for faith if you think about it

if you blatantly deny the existence of a superior being you're just as worse as a fanatic christian, just because we don't have the means to prove it doesn't mean it doesn't exist because chances are we will never find out without death first

me again. I meant monkeys CAN´T tell others, they just scream because they do not have a languaje.
I forgot to tell that human consciousness is the same as animal instinct but our instinc has the experience of thousands of years of generations and a voice, animals only have themselves.

if there is a superior being, Almost everything written on the bible and other religion books is proven wrong, so god, allah and wherever u want to call it, its not real.
Maybe there is a superior beign. But we know anything about it

>my deity is science


Why exactly is it proven wrong? Just because you say so?

I don't usually take religions evidences in count since it could be very well corrupted from the real info, but when you take a bit of each religion and compare the similarities all of this kinda do make sense y'know and in my opinion pantheism fits the most with the reality

earth was created in 6 days.
i can continue

>formulating an hypothesis which is pretty much just another word for faith if you think about it


When you come up with a hypothesis, you also come up with all the plausible reasons it might not be true through rigorous, repeated experimentation. That's the whole point of the scientific method--it's a collection of hypotheses that have thus far not been able to be falsified through teeth-grinding attempts at proving them wrong.

Faith, on the other hand, is impervious to attempts at falsifying it, because it has no basis in calculable reality.

Continue all you want pal but have in mind that the bible was written by a bunch of shepherds in a time where the concept of science wasnt understood by many

dont expect a man from three thousand years ago with little to no education but the skill of writing to explain you the universe the way a theoretical physicist from the 21st century would lol

Not original user, but I'm willing to bet they meant "does not stand up to any relevant level of scientific scrutiny [with the purpose of understanding its true nature and using its beneficial aspects to better life for all]."

Faith is beneficial because it is a clouding mechanism against the unknowns of reality, but it is these same unknowns from which the scientific method, and thereby technological advancement, have both been studiously developed. Therefore, faith is good at making you feel good about yourself and existing, and nothing else. The further development of civilization and our growth toward an enlightened state has little to do with religion other than they both take faith as a starting point. We are continually dragged backwards by the fairy tale confabulations of most religious texts, many of which have real spirituality buried within but which is only accessible if you look carefully and avoid the gigantic pitfall of giving a shit about what happens to you personally after you die (which is irrelevant in terms of the approach to the enlightened state).

Truthfully religion is terrible but it keeps the insane stupid masses in check. People with a legitimate desire to understand the world and the intellect to match are few and far, and are not afraid to say they don't know things when they really don't. They don't need faith to fuel their egos because they understand their consciousness transcending death is an egoic pursuit, and are therefore more concerned with studying, understanding, and bettering life on a mass scale.

we dont have to. we all understand that the difference between knowing and not knowing is negligible. it wouldn't really change our lives too drastically, and it wouldn't be productive in any way. its not lazy to chase an unanswerable question, its logical.

Your faith in a scientists opinion is the same as faith in Christ unless you are the one actually conducting the research

Why is always "christcucks" when every religion believes exactly that?

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Every religion is a fucking joke.


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It's an educational problem at heart. Once we can be sure we have rectified education to the point where every student's critical thought and reasoning faculties have been developed to the furthest degree possible given their IQ and cognitive abilities, children will lose their indoctrinated fear of realizing that it is OK not to know things.

>Translated for the layman:
Science tells you it's chill not to know shit, and further study actively relies on you being comfortable with not knowing the end result. Religious faith and doctrine wants to shove knowledge down your throat so hard that you just don't have the breath to question things fully.

This is not a difficult concept, but if you fall prey to the indoctrination of most religions early enough you will have a lot of trouble loosening those shackles enough to see doctrine for what it is.

I know, I just wonder why shills specifically christians and nothing else.

This is a weak argument. Science does not have sects that squabble about The Truth and What Is Known, and what's more is you'll be hard pressed to find any two scientific professionals disagreeing on the fundamentals of the practice the way religious leaders make headlines doing.

Are you like 18 - 22 years old? You remind me a lot of myself when I was a young faggoty crusader

Christfags are the worst, they keep restraining and covering their shitty impulses just because they think some imaginary fag is looking at them

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Because mommy and daddy forced them to go to church when they were small and now they can't grasp the idea of God because they hold resentment against religion

You can notice this in atheists when they start using the words "fairy tales", "flying spaghetti monster", when they say its to keep masses in check or when they downright insult your intelligence for thinking different (they can't think outside their little boxes because they believe they are the owners of truth)

Both believers and atheists can be in denial all their life but we all know who's gonna die a bitter virgin lmaoo

I don't think that really answers the question.

Simple, God comes from the universe that our universe exists in, and he was created by another God.

Everyone is free to chose religions or believe whatever they want now

Only someone with such a resentment would say it's a joke

All religions are retarded. There are over 4,000 of them already and this number is increasing as more and more people develop mental illnesses in the hectic modern world. If you are a member of one particular religion then simply use the logic you are happy to use to decry other religions on your own and you will see how pathetic it is.

Worshipping an invisible entity based on dodgy man-made human-written texts from thousands of years ago is a serious sign of instability. You may aswell be bowing down to Odin the Allfather or sacrificing a lamb for Jupiter. It's sad that so many past "gods" are now (thankfully) resigned to the "myths and legends" category but some ignorant people insist on perpetuating the "reality" of others. The largest cancer of these being Islam. Religion preys on weak minded people, it relies on brainwashing and grooming children. It relies on alcoholics, murderers and rapists wanting to forget their past mistakes and be reborn. It relies on vulnerable people who can't handle the world as it is, and need support. And what does it do for those people?

It turns them against each other. It takes their money. It convinces them like some shitty pyramid scheme of some great paradise and happiness - riches just around the corner. As long as they submit to the will of those at the top. These texts were written by men who thought the world was flat and knew nothing about science, this is evident in every old religious book. No "great creator" would think that the planet had four corners. They were written and rewritten to keep people in check and paying their taxes and loyal to whatever king/tribe of the time. In todays world they are used to justify horrific crimes, xenophobia and as a nice comfy cover for tax evasion and child rape. They take advantage of far more people than they claim to assist, and they have been responsible for more depravity and death than they could ever condemn.

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Your smug “arguments” don’t argue for the existence of Yahweh, Jehova, Christ, Allah, whatever the fuck you want to call the god of Abraham. They only support deism.
>some Christcuck: hurr durr guys we don’t know what the universe was like before the Big Bang so god must have made it!
>shitskin: Praise be to allah, you’ve seen the light brother.
>some kike: No, fuck off you dirty Palestinian. Yahweh is the true god!

If you are religious in 2020 then you were either brainwashed as a child or at a weak point in your life - which is sad and something that I hope you can overcome, or you are just severely mentally lacking and incapable of independent thought, logic and reason. It does not take Einstein to figure it out with all of the evidence available today.

Everyone is also free to buy gamer girl bathwater. It doesn't mean it's a good or meaningful decision.

For folk with a little more sanity in their brain than the rest, it may be cliche, but religion is the punchline to civilization.

What evidence is that mister lol

Just let people do and believe whatever they want, it's not like you must neccesarily be an atheist to achieve something meaningful


People currently drowned in the historical cascade of lies and retrograde prejudices constituting the majority of modern religion, both in dogma and in practice, have a right to know their beliefs are fundamentally fiction and they are actively making the world a worse place by peddling hunky dory feel good stories justifying the atrocities of their ancestors (and in some cases, peers). Anything else would be a slight to the collective human intellect.

gee why would he have resentment for religion. it's not as if big religion gets a free ride without having to pay taxes (oh wait) or religion is affecting his day to day life negatively (oh wait)

you can't even get a burger or a school meal in the uk without it being tortured halal meat for the sake of the 3%. you can't go for a stroll on london bridge without constantly looking behind you waiting to get stabbed or mown down by some sky daddy worshipper. you can't walk through any big town without some cretin screaming bible quotes through a megaphone. your kids can't even wear a skirt to school in some places in case it offends certain religions or makes them have to commit rape. the worlds population is going whack and white people are dying out because africans aren't allowed to wear fucking condoms by some old white tax avoiding cunt wearing prada shoes on a golden chair in a palace in fucking italy.

yeah, why would he have resentment?

Sounds like a personal problem

Get cucked faggot

Religion is exactly a form of mind control.

You're a fool if you believe otherwise.

I don't insult anyone who believes in sky people, I don't engage in religious talk and i just humor people who attempt to talk to me about it. Nothing I say, no matter how logical my argument may be, will change the mind of someone who worships a book.

It is a joke, only someone with a large amount of resentment would say it isn't a joke.

Hah I've seem to have invaded your thread sorry bout that

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>Get cucked faggot
protip: followers of organised religion are the most cucked people on the planet. willing to end their entire existence on the promise of sex with a virgin. willing to give up their entire lives for a little man they wear on a cross around their necks. crucifixion was just the roman method of capital punishment. todays equivalent would be wearing a little man in an electric chair around your neck. seem ridiculous? that's because it is, cuck.

>you're a fool
>i don't insult anyone

yeah that's exactly my point user, all of your post was just talking about how smart you are lol cringe

God is the exception to that rule

Science itself says you cannot create or destroy matter, but offer no possible reasoning on where matter came form either, nor the source of the forces that brought forth the universe.

Science can't even explain fucking water. The laws of physics state that objects are denser the colder they are (due to the contraction of atoms), but ice fucking floats in spite of being denser and no one knows why.

>taking religion literaly

The entire bible is metaphors. God did not create humans literaly, Adam was not literaly the first man, he was the first man to understand spirituality and the first man to form a relationship with God. Belief in God shaped peoples lives and civilizations, that is why we say that God created humans in His image.

23 And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.

24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

what's the metaphor here?

You should probably leave Cred Forums before your god gets angry at you for browsing a board full of trannies, porn and drugs. Go get on your knees and beg the sky for forgiveness.

If it makes you feel better even though being halal requires that the animal is tortured so that it can know and fear the death that is coming there isnt a single large scale operation that actually does this. It's just not practical/efficient time wise and it makes the meat taste worse.

And the sand nigger they bring in to say the prayer for every individual animal slaughtered is guaranteed to be some lazy fuckwit who shows up, has a coffee and a roast beef sammich, then leaves without ever even seeing the animals to go collect his paycheck.

And finally if you think any business that deals with logistics is going to buy or hire a second truck just to segregate halal and non halal product when they could fit it all on one... fuck you must have been dropped on your head a bunch as a baby.

Mark 2:16-17
When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: "Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?"
On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."

“Really, now you ask me,” said Alice, very much confused, “I don’t think—”
“Then you shouldn’t talk,” said the Hatter. —Chapter 7, A Mad Tea-Party

Why are you assuming I'm religious? With so much of your great understanding and overwhelming intelligence I would've thought you already realized I'm agnostic

Im curious. What do you think you will gain from atheism? you think your puny brain is smarter than a 2000 year old wisdom?

I'm sorry I'm just angry because I can't get sex

"God" is one of those things that your puny half-evolved brains just can't comprehend yet. It will be 50,000 years before you might even glimpse it. None of your "gods" are even close to the truth, they are only manifestations of your own ego, your own fear. God is not a creature, a deity or a spirit. Calling it "it" would not be accurate either but for lack of a better term "it" has no morality, "it" is not good or evil, "it" does not think about you at all. Your lives and deaths are of no interest whatsoever to the thing which you think of as god.

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If you already don't believe in God, then why does this question bother your bitch cuck-ass sooo much that you have to post about it on Cred Forums?

It's cause you're curious.

>It's cause you're curious.
No, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but it's to troll weak-minded insecure faggots.

How exactly do you know that something outside of the universe isn't bound by the same laws?

how the fuck do you take pics like this??? tips?

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