Be Greta Thunberg

>Be Greta Thunberg
>Manage to TRIGGER millions of boomers and white trash incels
>Becomes TIMES Person of the Year 2019

You've got 5 seconds, 5 fucking seconds to tell me one single thing you've done in your entire life that's even 1/10th of 1% as ACCOMPLISHING as her on any given day.

>Protip: you indisputably can't

P.S. Queen of Cred Forums

God I love her

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She has a bigger carbon footprint than i do by a ludicrous margin. Probably has a larger carbon footprint than just about every individual on this board.

I'm also not a mouthpiece for radical left wing lunatics who literally blame the elusive patriarchy for everything. I'm not calling for policies that would through pure naivety, lead to the death of hundreds of millions. Forget mao, this mouthpiece if given the power would make him look like a carebare.

Every time I hear about her, I eat another steak and throw away another non-biodegradable piece of garbage into the open. Come at me.

>be femm autist
>literally don't know what hard work is
>never experienced poverty
>parents liberal psychopaths

If i wanted to write a character designed to make people hate climate change activists, i would write greta. Her and extinction rebellion do far more harm than good for climate change.


Incels are seething

Everything i dislike

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See you with a steak in the next thread.

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Who cares? Hitler was person of the year as well at one point.

She's going to feel retarded once she gets blacked and the democrats are done using her for their agenda to get more money from retards to magically make the climate "better" in less than 10 years. She will just be a 25 yr old who's been blacked and used up physically, mentally, and emotionally. She'll probably settle down with a muslim immigrant/refugee once the dust clears and her visa expires.

>Actually being threatened
Within 5 years she will be forgotten, married/impregnated by some random euro illegal golliwog immigrant due to her confused lost left sympathetic views.

well yeah, the refugee husband is for staying relevant in the media so she can say "i did it for equality, how dare you hate my choices. It's my life and my body." and pop out a few brown kids

have sex

You gotta admit there's something endearing about her enthusiastic naivate. Reminds me of my first gf, she had aspergers too. The sex was surprisingly good even if she was goofy

I convinced the 18 year old waitress at the strip club I was working as a manager that she needed to help us out and compete on amateur night because we didn’t have enough girls show up to do it, implying that if she didn’t, we’d get a waitress who was more willing to help out, and then fired her anyway after she did it.

lol have sex? how about make an argument shitkick, you're the only one here that's not making a legitimate argument fag


The problem with envirocucks is that the movement has been coopted by communists and the Left. Green shit and environmental issues used to be uncontroversial and bipartisan, there aren’t a lot of people whose platform is naturally, “fuck sea turtles.” Yet all these communists and Leftists latched onto environmental causes to trick and bully people into giving in on their unpopular agenda, and then it becomes another battleground and nothing can ever get done. Environmental groups need to expel these communists advocating for the end of capitalism if they want to actually help anything ever.

>asperger sex

Go on...

Triggering people and giving a speech isn't an accomplishment. If that's all it too TRUMP is the greatest, most accomplished, human being to ever live.

just have sex

You dont know why you did what you did do you? This is the left people, starting things they cant finish. And blaming everyone else for their failure.

Since when is apearing in a magazine an accomplishment?

I like this bait.

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man... I bet her butt smells like vanilla . I would eat her ass with a spoon


>queen of Cred Forums
>a literal potato


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No, I haven't but I will do. Anything for the sex symbol of the 20s.

>muh Hitler
>also cuckoldry pornography

How's the wall going?

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>can't even hold a logically consistent argument
>making some talks and getting people upset is all it takes to be accomplished
>then this guy is more
>but he hasn't done everything he said

You are one dumb nigger man

*watches you touching your penis at night*

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Well first of all it's like she couldn't undetstand that we both could be doing spmething at the same time. When I'd be on top she just laid there like a corpse. To begin with I thought my performance was the issue but she would say she was enjoying herself bit then after a bit she would want to get on top and have me lay there still and motionless while she rode me like crazy. She refused to do doggy or anal too, something about it being savage

What has she actually done?

Makes perfect sense. Plus you gotta admit she's kinda cute

And here's what's really going on in the real world.

Sailed a boat from sweden to new york at age 16. Pretty based if you ask me


So she got a free cruise, what ACTUAL work has she done.

She's 16, what do you think? Other than making some here achieve orgasm that it

I go to work serving my community and pay taxes, something she's never done

You've never sailed before have you?

Kek, exactly

She didn't do shit, she sat on a boat while everyone else actually sailed. The point is she isn't doing shit besides taking a free trip around the world, causing pollution she fake cries about and soaks up all of the undeserved attention.

Meanwhile there are people doing REAL work like building a forest by hand through the fucking Sahara to stop the desert from growing and others risking being shot in the seas of Japan to stop whaling.

She is nothing more than jail bait on a pedestal to distract you from the real problems in the world.

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I'd hate fuck her in the ass on the hood of a car

She's doing God's work

Autistic kid taken advantage of by her parents to spit out their agenda with her as a mouthpiece that people will listen to because muh symbolism and shit

Hopefully CPS comes to her home and puts her with people that understand that it's the parents not the kid.

I bet she has no idea what half the shit she says means.

>than jail bait
so you see her as a sex symbol?

fucking creep

She's from Sweden

But capitalism is what leads to all this pollution.

Wastefulness and lack of conservation and regulation actually. All those things conservatives used to care about

She aint even jail bait. She's 17 now and has been legal for 2 years in sweden

made a pretty dope shot in waterpolo once, damn I got so much puss for that

i made a post about how diversity is running movies

Oh please, we both know she's not doing any real work, that's why you're trying to jump ship to "you're a pervert". GG OP

I wasnt born a downsie

I took a fat shit and resisted the urge to eat it.

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I've kicked a few kids asses for bullying other kids.
Unlike her, I actually did something.

All the people that don't like her should probably just be quiet about it. You know the maxim of the more you hate something the stronger it becomes. Trump proves this for example

This bait is only 445p...

Haha trold u!

Ive mentioned climate change in my life so technically I've helped as much as she has.

spotted the retard

It's bizarre how she can inspire so much hate, that her opponents can literally say "fuck the planet that I currently live on". It's insanity lol. Fuck my planet.

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but shes so hot

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