Thic asian babes with booty are heavily underrated. Let's see some good ones, amateurs prefered

Thic asian babes with booty are heavily underrated. Let's see some good ones, amateurs prefered.

>I'll call you out if she's not thic or doesn't have a good ass

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I hate asians because they always sound like they are crying when i fuck them.

then u fucked em too hard u retarded dumb shit dog cunt get run over in the street shitskit

This guy has never fucked and watches too much Japanese porn.


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Quality booty, more?

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keep going man, GF? Good stuff

Potential, need to see more

Sexy god xxmore cardio and Cal defecit . Cinnamon and ginger not sugar xx

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Zero Ass, not Thic. Get the fuck out with this lame shit

Thick ish or nah

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Potential, let’s see some more

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>I like fat black women with Asian faces

fuck off with your race-mixing

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More of her?

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No ass

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Nice and Round, good stuff

Flat as a pancake lmfao, stop posting

Anyone like?

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nice and phat, let's see more

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Good stuff, she your girl? More ass

These ones deserve rape and horrible abuse

Yep, my wife.

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Good stuff, ever share her?

Actually in the process of possibly sharing for the first time. One of her friends from overseas is really into her and she’s open to it now

Hot stuff, got kik?

How did you find out he was into her?

It's too elongated, like a man ass. Needs more cushion going longitudinally.

Trust me, I study asses for a living.

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I'd love to rape her unconscious, drugged up body for hours then leave her alone in the middle of the desert, full of cum, no water or directions

who is this babe?

Chen Zhang, famous stripper.

I saw some of her WhatsApp convos with him, brought it up during sex
Yeah, drop yours if you wanna chat some more

Fuck off with your racism.

That mirror paradox is tripping me out

just focus on the ass

Based and asspilled

all i have to give is this creep. one day I will come back and contribute when I have a big booty asian gf.

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Jerk off to a mews mewy bum bobbling in my face dot these aren't my glasses haha while she learns to suck my cock. Real male shit. Murder all NSA DClXVI

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More sleeping asians

show butthole.

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oy vey

Murder all NSA DClXVI

Here Bois also check related under it

This but 3x daily over five years

She still ain't half as loud nor nice as mew xxx


Us marine here harp is working

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I've fucked dozens of Asian girls and not one has sounded like that during sex. It is only something they do for some stupid reason in Japanese porn.


/fit/ for real!


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sauce plz

Asian ass is best ass.

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nice ass, but ugly face.

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u call that twerking?

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why do they all have these kind of glasses ffs

more pics pls

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who is she?

This isn't real, must be shopped

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This thread is fuckin lit, fam.

Can't find her on anything

keep goinng

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op posted @lisa.wanwisa

Look at the bunions on that ho.

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My girl is a little vietnamese and has ass like that.

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now do one in a wedding dress

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individuals of a species that do not favor diversity are always wiped out. diversity allows the strongest traits to be combined it allows weaknesses to be spread out.

its the reason every banana on earth is a clone and can die to the same plague because we force bread them for purity.

however other species of fruit have several varients and from tree to tree are genetically distinct.

tl;dr race mix good provably
race no mix equal loser who die out.