Why did liberals ruin the Witcher?

Why did liberals ruin the Witcher?

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Because it's dogshit.

why do you keep making this thread?

The witcher definitely wasn't perfect, but it was a good show and quite entertaining.

You must be one of those MGTOW incels ive been hearing about on the news. Shaking your fist in the air at imaginary issues crying about liberals.


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It's in their nature to ruin everything, bring it down to their level in the sewer, because they hate themselves.

>why do you keep making this thread?

Yes, it's dogshit because liberals ruined it. You all caught up junior?

I see, so what do we do?

I'm not some self hating retarded SJW shitlib, but you people endlessly ranting about how "hurr durr liberals ruined entertainment" really can't just fucking enjoy anything. You are autistic.

No, the source material is dogshit.

To personally target you

That's because you're an NPC. They could show you pics of fried chicken and you're sit there and enjoy it

So fuck off you fucking idiot. Or was daddy not around in your life and you need everyone's attention this much?

Because they hate america

Misery loves company.

Same thing that's always worked: turn them against each other. "Suicide" the survivors, and those for which the public wouldn't believe they suicided, execute them for high treason.

The video games were the best of all 3 mediums

Don't worry pal, in 20 years there will be no whites at movies and tv shows at all. Nigger transgender james bond, nigger gay jesus, 4 strong nigger lesbian woman in the a-team remake, all that kind of stuff. Enjoy liberalism.

When has that worked?

Because the author was butthurt that the videogames are more popular than his books and sold them the right to make a series out of the books

Imagine being this mad that a shitty book series ended up making for shitty tv.

Why did you make this thread again?

You keep making this thread, and I want to know why. Sorry that your addled brain can't make sense of that.

Nobody is making this thread you fucking idiot. Why aren't you complaining about all the other obvious repeated thread? Because they're not saying mean things about your Klan members?


Aaaahhh another day on Cred Forums

why do you, fucking faggot, make this thread every day?

Why do you, fucking faggot, jack off to nigger cocks everyday?

Why do conservative snow flake chucks get triggered by shit that has nothing to do with them?

This thread again? Didn't you get shit on enough the last time you made it?


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You do know that the author of the series is Polish

Didn't you get enough traps the last time? Oh wait, you're not complaining about trap threads. Is that because you're gay?

>you're gay

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>but it was a good show and quite entertaining
Oh yeah? Which did you like more, the fried chicken or the Tom Brady?

Because they hate you so much they feel an irresistible need to shit on anything you like.

We get it pal, you're upset there aren't more trap and nigger porn threads. Maybe you should fuck off to a gay porn forum?

ok bommer

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Facts trigger you kiddo?

wow u mad bro?

sounds fantastic, a world without alt rights. lets make that come true

Why don't you fuck off back to whever you came from you old cunt

not this thread again... must be an agenda behind this

Started of good tho

by not watching the show you could hurt the liberal agenda more than just complaining about it every day. makes you a whiner in my eyes and I'm not even liberal. we can vote by not watching shit shows. they will get canceled. but circle jerking in the interwebs on an obscure image board, what's the point? post some nigger cuck porn instead.

>alt rights
That already exists, it's called Africa. So when are you moving there? Unless you're afraid to live among your pets?

Which thread again, the nigger porn or the trap thread? Oh right, you like those threads so you're not complaining

Why do you post this everyday?

OP here. I post this every day to get a response from anyone I can because I'm a sad lonely fucking faggot. My thread is shit and I suck cocks

Because the weird specific groups you've been taught to hate still have money. Pandering is profitable.

I rather deport you, because you are the minority soon enough.

getting called out makes you angry I see. seethe more little cuck

you need a hug

>Why do you post this everyday?
I'm not, next stupid question

Nah kid, your pets are the ones who will be deported. And then we'll put you in a place where you can live right next to them. Then you fags can walk the walk for once in your fucking life.

And stating the fucking facts make you angry. You need a safe space? You might find one over at kikebook.

What groups?

so mad, don't forget to breathe

what the fuck are you on about? the only crying I've heard is from sjw's mad that that pajeeta understandably used a body double when the hollywood jews tried to make her have sex with a monkey but told the double to take the day off when it was time to make sexy with superman

They ruined Triss but Ill always have the games....

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

triss was more prominent in the games, only a small side char in the books, so don't compare it

>Nobody is making this thread you fucking idiot.
Well since this thread doesn't exist, why don't you stop posting in it?

You make this thread often. Tell us why.

The threads that are made often are nigger dick and trap threads. So again, you're not complaining about that why?

hey I recognized that reference, reddit!

how do you know that I'm not complaining about those threads, I complained about furry threads back in the days. fucking newfag

what's readit?

We know you're not complaining, but feel free to link us to your posts where you complain

Because they are made by Jew bots and are supported by the Jew mods, so complaining about them serves no purpose.

You, personally, male this thread almost every day and have done since the Witcher came out. Why?

Man, what a life when you see politics in fucking everything. It's a show. You're just as bad as the whiny liberals when you start bitching about everything possible. Maybe try shutting the fuck up about 30% of the time. You'll enjoy life a little more.

I can't complain in one right now because there are no 'how can white Bois compete' nor any trap threads because you're too busy posting in this one to make them like you always do. So why do you keep making this, and nigger dick, and trap threads?

>I can't complain in one right now
Because you're too busy jerking off to it?

Blah blah, funny you people only say this when your team is the one fucking up everything

you can have joy in your life without burying your head in the sand, shill.

example, if I didn't think you were being intentionally deceptive, I'd spend cycles wondering how you could be so retarded.

no u prove it

I hate to break it to ya champ, but it's sad, pathetic, "pay pig" white boys in chastity cages who make those BBC and white genocide threads, that's literally their retarded fucking fetish. just like that BBCSLUTWIFE4U2 emily salazar woman who got fired from her teaching gig for doing all those amateur interracial gangbangs and shit was married, there are tons of cucks out there these days who are into humiliation fetishes. I'm not saying jews NEVER make those threads, because pornography is their jam, they literally beam it into palestine just to try and fuck up the population there like they have ours... but the vast majority of the threads here, hypno videos on pornhub, snowbunny accounts on twitter and such? those are 70% white guys, and 20% weird arab and indian dudes, the latter usually try to catfish for gift cards after a while

You haven't made any today, you were too busy making this. Why do you always make trap, nigger dick and 'why did the liberals ruin Witcher?' threads?

He doesn't care who makes those threads. He loves it when people make BBC and trap threads. It's only mean things about his team that he has a problem with.

>N-N-N-N-NO U-U-U-U-U!
Do you mind kid? Adults are talking

Is that why there are none right now, because you're busy in here defending your 748595836th Libruls Riwined Wicher thread, you sad, pathetic, "pay pig" white boy in a chastity cage?

OK, I'll bite:

So how exactly did the libtards ruin it then?

I've never heard of it anyway pre-Netflix

You never told us why you make this thread every day cuckboi.

In what way was it ruined?

ya really got me chief

You have still never answered why you make these threads every day. We all complain about your nigger love and trap love threads too, but today we are here, and asking why you made this thread again.

Do you prefer the 748595837th hurrr fb grils u know irl uwu thread?

It's all reddit cancer. This place used to have balls, it's a shell of it's former self.

So why did you make this thread again?

answer the question

I didn't, I'm legit trying to find out his beef, I never heard of his corny sci-fi/adventure/wannabecapeshit before netflix, so I'll ask it again:

How did those libtards ruin le Witcher?

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I don't prefer any of the shit threads on Cred Forums today but at least most of those 'girls you know want more of fb ig insta vsco fap amateur Asians lolis shouldn't should share' threads start with a differe picture and slightly indifferent phrase. What I want to know is why you post the EXACT same thread so often?

Answer the question faggot.

Who cares about your gay as fuck video game ans show. Entertainment is a liberal dominated industry.

The more important question is why we let liberals ruined the hamburger, and what can be done to stop them from ruining other pieces of uniquely American culture & cuisine.

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>So how exactly did the libtards ruin it then?
Did you fucking watch it?

>You have still never answered why you make these threads every day
I don't, and I've stated that multiple times. Do you have some sort of mental disability that you can't read the thread, or are more than 3 posts at a time too much for you to handle?

you, faggot, have, again, confused me for another faggot, op.

I just want to understand his retarded beef but you keep derailing it

Just don't eat it and watch everyone else die from organ failure.

>I don't prefer fb threads on Cred Forums
>I only prefer nigger dicks and traps
Yeah we know, now go be a faggot in one of those threads. You're not complaining about them because you like those threads.

>Entertainment is a liberal dominated industry.
No, it's not

>Adding this other option and not taking away a single hamburger from the menu RUINS HAMBURGERS FOREVER
Wow you 'why did liberals ruin X?' fags are whiny.

yes, and other than that one scene where she fugged a nog, that we later come to find out she hilariously used a body double for yet didn't for the sex scenes with superman, I don't understand your beef.


>>Entertainment is a liberal dominated industry.
>No, it's not

What fucking reality do you live in?

How the fuck did they "ruin" the hamburger? Is anyone forcing you to buy a plant burger?

Look comrade, it is this thread time again!

eat the bugs, user. live in the pod, racist misogynist cis scum.

>I don't
But you do. Your past threads are all over the archives. Why do you keep making it, lying faggot?

There are none of those threads to complain in because you are still too busy pretending you never posted this thread before to go start a new nigger dick one for us all to complain about, faggot.

>even though my team just got caught rigging the iowa caucus with an app


>There are none of those threads to complain
There isn't a trap thread and BBC thread up right now? Why are you lying you fucking kike? You only have a problem with threads that say mean things about your fucking team. At least be fucking honest.

yeah, I mean this obviously checks out. Every tv show I've watched for the past 10 years have jewess writers and producers and execs named Liz somethingorother weinbergstein while the opening credits are rolling on screen

this still doesn't explain to me what warrants the thread. how did it differ so from the source material, hell I don't even know what the source material was, is it books or comics or a video game or all of the above??

Why do you care?
If it's shit no one will watch it

There aren't because you haven't made any, faggot. Why do you make this exact thread with this exact image over and over?

Lol wut?

Why do you keep asking the same fucking answer that's already been answered, you fucking retard? Go take your fucking meds

I'm starting think this entire thread is 3 people, 2 idiots arguing over nothing and me, just trying to understand what the argument is even for

Having a hard time with facts, comrade?

And then we have you; the dancing faggot parading around for the entire world to see, right in front of the pride parade





That show was about the witcher? I thought it was about girl power and chicks being able to sword fight adult men.

>I thought it was about girl power and chicks being able to sword fight adult men.
Wrong, it's a show about fried chicken and Michael Jordan

>the jews behind the witcher desperately wanted to push polyamory and/or cuckolding through this highly anticipated show
>immediately backfires when your Pajeeta actress refuses to sleep with niggers

Serious question: why DO you make the thread then?

Because I came in here to listen and all you've done is throw a hissy fit while never explaining yourself.

Did you just expect other like minded faggots to just come in here and MAGICally know what the fuck you were talking about / agree with your thoughts and feeeeeelings?

I mean I'm as redpilled as anybody and I think you're a total fraud and time wasting faggot. Explain yourself or fucking kill yourself.

You still here? There's a trap and BBC thread up. You gonna complain about that? Of course youre' not

Until you link me to the posts of you complaining about the trap and BBC threads, BOTH of which are up at the moment, you're gonna get ignored

again, you're confusing me with someone else. I only ever wanted to know OP's beef. guess it was always destined to be a colossal waste of time. oh well, I've got plenty of other tabs open to waste more time on too, so fuck this one.

ya blew it op. ya coulda had an ally. gfy

so much confusion, so much time wasting

>I only ever wanted to know OP's beef
I asked your stupid ass if you watched it and you didn't answer. So I don't believe for one second you're someone else. You're the one idiot who keeps asking why people are saying mean things about your team, while you ignore all the trap and BBC threads.

Wrong, paranoid retard.

And I answered you here If you can't stomach the Witcher I can't imagine what on earth in this day and age you CAN stomach because it's all SJW, race mixing, anti-white garbage all the time, other than maybe IASIP which is still overrated

I mean if anything the pajeeta cucked the high yellow half nog with the Witcher, yeah it was on some lame feminism bs but at the same time, for the millionth time, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS DIFFERS FROM THE SOURCE MATERIAL, whatever it may be

or does your paranoid ass require more "proof" that I watched it, something that wasn't in headlines like the faggot bard then... uh, in the last ep in the last scene the cute white aryan princess finally ran into supes arms, there was some doppelganger chasing her at times, all the witch nonsense people met on some island or something then fought a big gay battle, etc. i watched the stupid shit, I didn't see some huge problem with it as much as I did in the first 5 minutes of that new awful Deputy show with Dorff

Well let this be a lesson to the rest of ya, then.

If OP does start this thread every day, he has some weird agenda, but it isn't discussing what he claims, because I've tried to hear him out for the last hour and he refuses to engage or explain himself.

>used a body double when the hollywood jews tried to make her have sex with a monkey

bruh seriously just google the witcher body double and you'll see a million articles

I read it on DailyStormer though lol

>bruh seriously just google
Right so you just made that up, got it

>already been answered
With a lie. Answer truthfully. Why do you keep making this exact same thread?

What the fuck are you blabbering about? We get it, you don't think liberals ruined it. You enjoyed all the fried chicken. Now calm your bitch ass the fuck down.


He didn't make it up, but she already did an interview about the whole thing. Apparently she hadn't ever had a body double, watched, wasn't comfortable having the nude scenes full nude and discussed with the directors how to shoot the same meaning without the full nudity and without a body double. So for what the retard keeps calling sex with superman, she wasn't nude, it was all about the way they shot it, so she wouldn't be uncomfortable.

Why was a body shot needed at all though? Don't these women get paid a fortune as it is, why is it such a big deal to get nude on cam?

The fact that you think I'm a shill, while I'm sitting here taking a shit at work as a registered independent, only reasserts my suspicion that you are paranoid and delusional, armed only with the abilities to repeat buzzwords and throw around ad hocs. Sometimes a show is just a show. Everything in life doesn't have to be "muh team vs your team".

Unless of course, you want r everything to be red vs blue. In that case, wouldn't you be more likely to be a shill? Not accusing, just wondering.

My theory has always been that bitches enjoy bitching. You like to bitch, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just own up to being a bitch and we won't have a problem :)

How much would it cost to make YOU do something you are principally against doing?

If I was against it I wouldn't take the job to begin with. But these are women we're talking about, so they get a fucking free pass.

Idk man
I'm a Slav and I'm borderline offended
it's shit really

>Why did liberals ruin the Witcher?
Why make this thread again bro?

Just to prove that conservacunts, especially the faggot ones on Cred Forums are the biggest of snowflakes.

If you could take the job but get someone else to do the one bit you are against doing yourself?

No because that's not ethical. That's like agreeing to be a dishwasher but you don't want to clean the toilets at the end of the night. It doesn't work like that.

what why is this familiar?

What's familiar, fried chicken?

Painfully sad white whiny bitch victim mentality, you are so delusional and white skin centric that you feel like this much of a victim. get off fox news and youtube for a week my guy you'll feel better and less of a victim. perhaps read a book.

Exactly how did these “liberals” ruin it? You constantly bitch, but don’t have any specifics to offer to back up your moronic question. Enlighten us.

Books are their kryptonite though.

>read it on dailystormer
Found the problem here.

No, it's not unethical. It's against your personal limits but another person is willing and able, so they get paid to do so. No coercion is in place, nobody is being asked to do a thing they don't want to.

Then don't take the fucking job. It's not like it's the only acting job that's available. Give me a break here.

Give you a break from a hypothetical job in an adaptation with a ton of hype that has a chance to boost one's acting profile phenomenally? You're the one saying you wouldn't take it. She decided that it was worth letting someone get paid to do something she wasn't happy to do herself in order to get that boost, and the other girl was happy to get naked for money. It isn't unethical, nobody is being forced into anything.

You are salty over nothing.

It is absolutely unethical. Why are you taking the job if you're not comfortable with nudity? I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. Where in the real world does this non-sense exist? Where you get take a job, and pick and choose which functions of the job title you agree with? That doesn't happen anywhere. The second you do that you would be fired on the spot.

While yet again asking same stupid question and not including arguments is same as asking why OP is homosexual.

yes, check em

>It is absolutely unethical.
This statement is utterly ridiculous. Ethics is not a subject of absolutes.
>Why are you taking the job if you're not comfortable with nudity?
Because the job doesn't involve any nudity. There's a body double for that.
>I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. Where in the real world does this non-sense exist? Where you get take a job, and pick and choose which functions of the job title you agree with?
No, but nudity was, evidently, not a function of the job. It's like taking any job, you don't do everything at the place of work. There are others to fill other roles. In the restaurant there is the chef and the waiter. Here there is the actress and the body double.

You are still super salty over nothing.

It did involve nudity, what are you talking about? The fact a fucking body double was needed is ridiculous. You think that shit is fucking free? But of course you can't say anything because you'd be accused of being a sexist. Only for women is this retarded bullshit tolerated. If you don't wanna get nude for a fucking TV show go work at a fucking McDonalds.

the fuck is this?

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>It did involve nudity, what are you talking about?
No, it did not. It involved a body double.
>The fact a fucking body double was needed is ridiculous. You think that shit is fucking free?
What makes you think I think it is free? I was the one who mentioned that the body double was paid and willing.
>But of course you can't say anything because you'd be accused of being a sexist. Only for women is this retarded bullshit tolerated. If you don't wanna get nude for a fucking TV show go work at a fucking McDonalds.
Or get a job on a TV show where a willing, paid body double is an option for nude scene.

You said there was an ethics issue. What is the ethics issue? Nobody is being forced to do something they don't want. Nobody is being asked to work without compensation.

You are still salty over nothing.

The issue is taking a job and then picking and choosing which parts of it you wanna do. That is completely unethical. Anywhere else they would fire you on the spot. Again, you don't want to get naked that's fine. Plenty of jobs you can get at McDonalds. It's also interesting there was no body double needed for superman. How do you explain that?

>The issue is taking a job and then picking and choosing which parts of it you wanna do. That is completely unethical. Anywhere else they would fire you on the spot.
Spoken like someone who has never had a job where salary and duty negotiation was in the cards. It's absolutely a thing all over when you start taking jobs beyond wage slavery.
>Again, you don't want to get naked that's fine. Plenty of jobs you can get at McDonalds. It's also interesting there was no body double needed for superman. How do you explain that?
Because she didn't get naked and grind on him. They shot the latter scenes differently.

Get less salty man.

>The issue is taking a job and then picking and choosing which parts of it you wanna do. That is completely unethical. Anywhere else they would fire you on the spot.
That's not an ethical issue though. That's an issue for the employer and employee to discuss and come to an agreement over, which they did.

This just in, almost all action movie stars are unethical. I mean, why would they take a job and then get someone else to do the stunts. May as well take a job in McDonalds if they don't wanna do the job they are going for.

Facts? You spouted ad hominems the whole time without actually addressing his first question, when you learn to retort then open your mouth. Can't wait for you to throw some more at me thinking that's an actual argument

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Yes, facts. What part are you confused about?

This is photo shopped by the way