Trump literally did not commit any offense which qualified for either "treason, bribery...

Trump literally did not commit any offense which qualified for either "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors" per the U.S. constitution.

Change my mind.

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>other high crimes and misdemeanors

He did literally what that phrase was created for if you read about it. But you're not going to change because you are not smart enough to overcome your bias and fear. So fuck you and sheepbrain. Go back to jacking off on reddit The_Donald, trumpcuck.

So what were those "high crimes and misdemeanors"?

If you'd paid attention, they were laid out in plain view for the past few months over and over. Again, you're brain is too cucked to change so I'm not giving any effort to "Change your mind" I'm just dropping by to tell you you're a weak-minded trumpcuck.

provides zero examples, sure thing kiddo!

Other user said the "offenses" were "laid out in plain view". Really? You mean the "charges" were laid out in plain view. Not any of the facts. Facts simply hurt the democraps case. EACH.and EVERY. TIME. So none were actually brought forth. Reminiscent of the Tawana Brawly case. Dems wanted an impeachment on their word alone. ...... So, user, when did decide to stop molesting your grandmother? Your daughter told us you used to do the same things to her.

You can go pretty much anywhere online and read the specific charges and all testimony.

If your mind was changeable, you'd have read it yourself by now.

Provide some sources you fucking retard

>pretty much anywhere online
you'll believe anything you see on the internet

ITT: If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you. But I will call you a retard for not knowing.

Google it fucking idiot

pathetic troll

>I don't like any of these facts everyone keeps proving true
>Give me new facts I like
lol, cucks are the worst.

You guys want to provide proof the easily found charges were wrong? We know you are retarded but you can easily google this shit. You can't easily disprove it, so get to it.

Trump lies, cheats, breaks the law, behaves corruptly for one reason, to ensure he can continue to serve the USA, by getting re-elected. that's a level of altruism lacking in his opponents.

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no, more like
>The 'facts' already stated have no actual meaning, as they are more suitably labeled as broad statements rather than specific evidence
>Give me specific evidence

>He's done (broad topic) x, (broad topic )y, and (broad topic) z.
>"Like what? What has he specifically done and when?"
>"Lol google it autist."
gtfo troll

Cope. We are waiting for you to disprove something.

maybe not but being that fat is very disrespectful to the oval office

who the fuck is 'we'?
Im waiting for something to disprove, troll

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Absolutely right - that's why there will be no problems subpoenaing John Bolton and other members of the administration to let those filthy liberals hear the real truth... right?

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what is up with all the republicans itt. The people you voted to the senate already agreed he did wrong things, they all admitted they wouldn't go after him for it which is why the trial was pushed forward. Just to get it over with. These are YOUR owners telling you dumb fucks they don't care they know he broke laws, he is above all of the laws because they NEED him to be to keep you idiots licking. How retarded can you be?

Remember Dems voted against Clinton and Obama several times, republicans refuse to even after stating they "should be". They are relying on illiterate people to not notice how bad things are (largest voting space is illiterates which coincides with republican areas, no joke)

No one itt can change these facts. He did bad shit but the fragile republicans want to protect their last run in a presidential office for another 8+ years.

The facts. Keep sidestepping all of them. He wants you to keep bowing before him while he breaks laws that if you broke would put you behind bars for life. You are good puppet, but you NEED to start replying with something against all the facts, we are waiting, sweaty.

I don't care enough to do so since I don't live in the retarded American country, but you clearly want to prove your point and I'm not doing it for you

They won't actually reply and will avoid talking about the proven evidence. They are not smart enough to notice all of the evidence is real. Funny as fuck honestly. If you post any site or paper or anything they will cry it is fake, lol. Cute kiddos.

What did he specifically do to constitute breaking the law. Keep sidestepping this question, troll

I don't know any articles about your beloved president trump, I was just curious if any of you faggots could link anything so I could read, I'm disappointed in you

"This for that" is literally bribery.
Many of HIS staff testified under oath that it did happen.
The white house Classified all email that proved he did this.
The white house also ignored all subpoenas to hear more testimony.
The white house prevented John Bolton from testifying, who literally released a book saying it all did happen.

Fucking treason at the highest levels.

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>wrong things
>broke laws
>bad things
Whats up with all the trolls itt, you can't answer the question.

This man is an all american hero. I love trump

not proven. in fact, since Trump was acquitted, he legally never bribed anyone. More people saying he did it =/= anything, give actual evidence that he bribed someone.

Found not guilty, facts matter, time for us to move on please

Pfff why doesn't he release all of the emails and let his staff testify if he was so innocent.
Can't prove it if he obstructs the whole process. It was a sham and we all know it

nope, 'we' don't all know it. there is ZERO solid evidence that he bribed anybody, so, logically, this is actually just a conspiracy theory, per definition.

Yeah... all of the staff that actually do fucking work all testified under oath that it did happen. One day they all gathered together and said
>Fuck Trump
Even if this was a conspiracy against him, it shows he is universally hated by anyone that gets near him

Coming from the party who wanted to impeach for getting a blowjob lol.
Your opinion is invalid

>four more years of continuous autistic screeshing

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The charges were based on mountains of testimony. Just like user said, you’re too retarded and biased to see the truth l, even if it’s right in front of your eyes.

But her emails

Bolton indicates that Trump told him the aid was directly tied to the Biden investigation. As did a number of other diplomats and state department officials. The narrative is consistent, even amongst those that personally supported trump.

No. I don't have to make your argument for you.

Telling his employees to disregard subpoenas without a valid objection = obstruction which is against the law

He is fucking shit, a disgrace to all of us who wanted the motherfucking wall faggot

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Fear of what? Its over and you lost huge, snowflake.

a president shouldn't even be suspected about such things, not to mention being on trial

Cant even give an example because you have nothing.
>If you'd paid attention,
I did and the democrats couldnt come up with anything either so youre not alone.

The Republicans claimed the same shit about Obama but they knew they would look stupid trying to impeach him on hearsay and made up shit.

But totally legal and often used in politics.

With no eyewitnesses only second hand and third hand sources. Thats like me getting you arrested for a murder you didnt commit then testifying in court that I heard from some other guy that you did it and then you spending the rest of your life in prison. Is that the way our justice system works?