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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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he killed the cops, too?
what a fucking nigger

it would be even funnier if he died when he actually wanted to live. It's still funny but not as funny that he went out on his own terms and not screaming with pain

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Read this before but it's still a good story

Lame story with predictable end that isn't even funny.

reply and mom dies

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Jesus H christ

I'd prefer the Trump one

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So Mo ... you want to hijack a plane and then land in NY city? genius

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my polittical classes had me make a school twitter acount, follow a list of people, and make 3 tweets a week, based on assigments and curret events.
somewhat respected it

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is there a word for this strange mixture of cringe and rage i'm feeling?

We need a new copy pasta one that's edgier

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This can't be real.

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Stale pasta faggot

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It's called derision.

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You're the reason he keeps posting it, brainlets.

So far so good

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so edgy!


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Nobody losing?

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He kept reposting it long before he was insulted for doing so.

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Nigger he will just move on to some other spam

is their any decent porn involving this kind of shit-bag girls? i mean, i like prolaps porn, so ...

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Secret white supremacist

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is that the Bristol ren fair?

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based and autismpilled

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Is the colostomy bag okay though?

Sign for shes cheating btw


None of that is actually funny. You're just a faggot. Probably a fat one or scrawny twerp

It is a modern day freak show

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Stop moralizing like a faggot.

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my dick is diamond

do you have the vid where the tall amazonian bitch finally rapes the cute little girl in red?

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Imagine being such a cuck

there is absolutely no bottom to the beta bucket

i lost

It is. I took a journalism module in 2014. They made us make a twitter account and post at least three tweets a day and follow certain news accounts as part of the curriculum homework. I left it after the first semester. It was a freaking joke.

20 years too early but almost a good joke


swim princess swim

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Because Russians are niggers

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Sweet Jesus. That poor bastard.

Wow so fucking edgy. Does the teacher know you browse Cred Forums during 7th grade computer class?

She better hope shawty doesn't give that puss to a big nigga, cause he ain't scurred to kill a white slut for pink puss.

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nothings gonna happen...

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ooowh w8

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I don't believe this is real


>Says Mutts
>Shows Modern day England


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deep nude

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don't. It's a joke

Fresh OC

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Jump out of that window behind you bitch RUN

You know when you state at an optical illusion for 10 minutes then look at the wall

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Pretty sure 7% is because of the penis...

Bing Bing Olay

the best . hit her hit her

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Time's is a joke. At 16 I was times man of the year

what is her name again?

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Cash me outside

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the left cant meme

How does she not sperg out in these situations?

>too soon

Imagine this guy's mother reading what he just posted

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Fuck ur mom

ghetto style

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is that some fetish or something?
why aren't they defending themselves?

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why does she look like a dark elf from oblivion


>implying everyone is a fucking zoomer like you

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I Want to shove that bitch and watch her tumble down the stairs like a mudslide of shit.

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smh homie didn't even take the warp pipe that'll let him pass that wall

What the fuck is wrong with her genetically? She looks like she's a ten year old or something.

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We lost another one, boys.
>it's also fake though

Truly the master race

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Guaranteed he's diddling that child.

the fuck

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If he was born in that year he would have grown through it and could have preserved it as his own. Once you reach adulthood, you really start to form your own opinions, you'll see.

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Now that you mention it she is pretty hot

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what's with the cuck spraying the fire extinguisher on the slut? did he expect that to break up the fight or something?

So you're an adult that enjoys watching child rape.
Mom would be so proud.

Haha wow you’re so cool and special for laughing at a suicide! I bet you have girls swooning over you!

it's not her genes, it's what happened to her during pregnancy

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He would've been 20ish when Hitler was in power, 21 for the Enabling Act... well within the age range where people typically form strong political opinions. Was he supposed to be born at Hitler's appointment ceremony in order to like the guy or something?

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This would be the most patriotic movie ever

Moralfags and pussies get out

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what exactly are you going to do if I don't?

Attached: nicolas-cage-hair-is-a-bird[1].jpg (472x375, 25K)

This is in Huntersville NC.


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"This have been put out by the Trans Rights Campaign, which is a division of the Human Rights Campaign."

sorry user

Because she's not autistic. She's an actor that's being paid as the voice of a bigger minority. And this minority doesn't want to help the environment, they're being used/paid by the government to distract people from the real issues the world has.

well it looks like it's up to me to save this cancerous shit nugget of a thread

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Would smash out of respect for being so plainly honest. Also would give glowing review on yelp and tripadvisor.

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go kill yourself

Gotta say I don't get what's funny about this. And I don't just mean "suicide isn't funny m'kay", I mean I don't see the humour at all. Feels like a case of edge for the sake of edge.

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this is Ray Pist and his 13 years girlfriend now, feel old yet?

so was hitler, its a puppet show

>Downsy guy.
>Trying to participate, can only wave a flag.
>Becomes a symbol for mockery.

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also this board
what a bunch of retarded kids lmao

congenital defects

yup, exactly what I had in mind

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how does it feel being surrounded by an extreme amount of furries in the uk? i would commit an hero

lvl 120 pyro bard

Yeah that looks like pretty typical Cred Forumstard behaviour alright.

it's a dead nigger. that's always funny, unless you're a nigger yourself.

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>Downsy guy
did you mean average amerifat?


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I'd be interested in context.

ok summer

That kid wasn't taking shit. An hero

y so mean :'(

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>10 yo
you're so edgy, just jump now

well user, im glad at least you always use the same pic, so i don't have to waste time reading it.

yup like water spray on cat, cause it's a catfight HAHAHAHAHAHA


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I've been here since nixon's first term, you better watch what you say so as not to embarrass yourself

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who ever made this garbage should be tied to a raft, covered in honey and milk, and left to be devoured by insects

>trying to prove he is an oldfag
ok newfag

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nerve gas
nice digits

sorry, it's not a nigger, it's a niglet, I'm not enough of a faggot to adhere to the scientifically correct terms

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Lmfao the filename

actually this bitch had her friend do that shit to her on purpose, can't remember the exact story but it was something about getting her boyfriend or something like that arrested and sent to jail for assault or some shit.

happened somewhere in south america

more bullying

Why the fuck doesn't she run? God damn

they tied the goat to an electric cable (see the "leash"), which in turn was tied to a painter's scaffold off scene, which some inattentive chinese fucks pushed into power cables hanging above

Attached: OGnervegas.webm (448x340, 1.06M)

this make me angry on so many levels
>delete this

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worst ylyl

Attached: 1525989972559.jpg (406x375, 17K)

Don't cut yourself on all that edge.

you must've gotten confused when browsing the catalog, this thread isn't for gay pussies like yourself, that's why you're not having fun

Attached: zoom.webm (364x320, 684K)

>case of edge for the sake of edge
exactly what it is. nigger or not - this is sad and despicable.

Attached: imaggg.jpg (679x407, 73K)

More like this, and with the links so we can have the sound

Hot, sauce?

Hahaha that’s waaaay too epic to be a true story broooo

wait until you see the one with the old man sitting alone in a diner holding a picture of his recently deceased wife. that one always cracks me up

Attached: 72631_w_700.jpg (700x449, 54K)

I'm so edgy look at me.. do people like me yet?

Attached: gekk.webm (600x600, 1.23M)

I doubt it. you seem too easily triggered to be a worthwhile company frankly.

Attached: 1578172675708.jpg (750x518, 300K)

No it's fetal alcohol syndrome

YUP thank you user

who cares about an old man with a dead wife? It makes me laugh too (especialy the one where the photo is a banana exposing his banana dick lmaooo). Nothing compared to a child death you edgy moron.

ok I'm running out of material, all I got left is his pol cancer

Attached: 1578840884078.jpg (720x728, 44K)

at least he has a valid excuse for supporting Dump.


What a faggy fucking meme with such a faggy fucking face

it's almost like straight men aren't attracted to a penis! who would of thought!

Attached: but.png (912x705, 575K)

this happens to my daughter, a girl get shot

are you jewish?

Attached: oyvey.webm (480x360, 598K)

agreed. pretty pathetic.

jk, I cut myself on the edge

Attached: 1508568194455.png (1057x611, 423K)

And that makes them horrible people. Apparently...

trans women aren't traps you dumbdumb

Moralfags and normalfags infest Cred Forums. Its time do to chemo in every single thread its not even against the rules

I'd rather he did.
And yes I get that's kinda edgy itself but fuck edgelords.

Fake Cred Forums generated content, too good for /b though. Search "trans rights campaign" for the original and it's purpose

oh. ok then. haha?

That's sexy in a way my dick cannot describe to me

Attached: 1580460133364.jpg (391x1105, 134K)

oh god so much this xDDDD
goddamn Cred Forums went to shit years ago. still browsing it on inertia. but "rate my cock", traps and reddit is all it is these days. when was the last time u saw pizza? when baby get shit on? when did some guy fuck a stolen skull? fuck this.

ok I'm sorry for being such an edgelord and offending your skydaddy. here's some politically correct material

Attached: masculineclitoris.webm (320x180, 1.68M)

>Moralfags and normalfags infest Cred Forums.
I'm here since 2007 and there always was moralfags. Also, kys.

Attached: A2B287B7-9EB2-43CE-B55E-59EFC2E63FFB.jpg (700x488, 31K)

You do realize skydaddy people are more like to agree with you, right?
Edgy and stupid combo... oh wait, that's the norm.

you're almost there user, soon you'll get it

Attached: 1573641218405.gif (619x619, 1.83M)

>still browsing Cred Forums it on inertia
I couldn't describe it better myself

I'm not a white knight or anything but I would love to run in there and punch all those bitches in their temples so they start having seizures on the ground. I would then then grab the grill getting bullied and creampie her butthole as payment for my services

OK. Maybe I'm and OldFag and don't know how all this chopping off the man-bits works...

But how did that thing just bust a nut with no nuts?

I'm not being an ass, I'm genuinely curious.

hail satanic trips

>I would rape the bullied girl
>I'm not a white knight
yes, you're definitely not lol
also, seeing how you're daydreaming, I'm sure those girls would beat your ass fag

>normalfag tries social shaming on Cred Forums
I wish all you faggots would go back to normiebook so we can laugh at the world again

>I'm sure those girls would beat your ass
nah, his smell (and looks) would likely keep them at bay.

you're the one getting hot and bothered about some niglet dying user. oh, now I realize now, you're a leftist. replace "skydaddy" for "white guilt" then. or just kill yourself not that I give a shit frankly

Attached: 1580251722407.jpg (658x645, 124K)

I'm better laughing at you moronic faggot lol

>so we can laugh at the world again
If you were around in the days that made Cred Forums great to begin with, you'd know that laughing at the world involved picking deserving targets. Not this "look how edgy I am" shit we suffer through the last few years.

Pretty sure you and that guy only stick this fist up your own ass, faggots

Sure, OK buddy.

Stop! You're are an faggot.

Attached: Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 10.32.52 PM.png (303x306, 154K)

it's a beautiful miracle of our modern age, at least that's what I'm told

Attached: howIwillgrowold.webm (212x362, 1.94M)

I hate it when pretty girls get bullied. I want to protect her and then earn the right to fuck her.

That's hilarious, I like the cracked set at the end, I assume oled


>nerve gas

That's because bots are keeping those shitty threads alive. Gook moot doesn't give half the fucks about this place that moot did that's why its gone to shit. Moot would be deleting all the garbage so we could go back to teh lulz. We had like one mod a week ago spam Cred Forums with half life threads to liven the place up and you could really see what all the shills were thinking. The shills fucking hate this place and every user here. They fucking hate us

Okay retard you sure showed him

....he said, while gently putting away his precious box of hentai.

the girl shot is your daughter
>'cause no cunt of mine can't defend herself in fight

Goddammit I love that webm.

wait, did you just call me a retard? oh no

Attached: 1576469212443.png (1852x324, 80K)

that bitch did some shit.

yea i read it and didn't feel anything except a bit sad and wondering why a little boy needs a colostomy bag.


the trumps are all cucks

sounds like you haven't been smashing anything yet. word of advice, young padawan: don't put your dick in crazy. moses set some bullshit rules in stone. before those rules - there was this. before the big bang - there was this rule.

yep. nerve gas was stored in the scaffold, which leaked after having an electric current running through it

Attached: 1579462634575.jpg (460x468, 44K)

inside purulence

Audible woosh heard as yet another thing goes over AOC's head

Attached: Screenshot_20200207-143239_Chrome.jpg (477x1033, 231K)

I think it's cause only 2% of straight men are gay

Attached: t1.jpg (241x209, 9K)


>Rise against the machine


Attached: kjau45co6st31.png (960x960, 179K)

Again, oldfag here.

Dafuq is an inside purulence?

I'm over 6 feet tall and go to the gym. I could easily just punch them in the head and they'd fall over one by one. I'm sure if they all threw their body weight on me at once they could knock me over but girls just slap each other and pull hair. If the bullied girl doesn't thank me for saving her with making my pee pee feel good then I'm going to have the cops on my ass. Might as well should just fuck all their warm bodies while I'm there

white people fuck

yes, yes they do

Attached: t2.jpg (698x720, 61K)

Oldfags definitely laughed at niggers an heroing you're just some SJW faggot that wants to tell people what they can and cannot laugh at

at least they parked in the correct space

she does have downy features tho

>Hey let's make a bike but instead of you riding on it it rides on you.

You sure we should be making business decisions while being this trashed?

> Nah man hear me out. It will just be wheels you fucking strap onto and then you run. None of that pedaling or mechanical advantage stuff.

That actually sounds pretty dumb. Why wouldn't you just run like normal?

>It will be so much cooler to look like you're some sort of radical cripple tied to a wheelchair motorcyle.

But you'll still be using your legs and running but now all awkward with a bunch of shit strapped to your back.

>I know right. People will probably pay alot of money for something this retarded.

Shit, that's all you had to say fam!

Attached: Screenshot_20200207-143547_Chrome.jpg (945x881, 296K)

It's in North Carolina not the UK... I live about 2 hours from there. Very nice Ren fest, I must have missed the furries when I went.

Attached: 1579549408837.jpg (1242x3240, 574K)

Attached: C2C91215-3AE1-4F68-ABC8-36314F6AE0B8.jpg (1936x2443, 1.43M)

>over 6 feet tall and go to the gym
post body faggot


Attached: 1579885980496.jpg (785x1000, 130K)

He means that the inside apparatus where orgasm happens--prostate, seminal vesicles, and the base of the shaft--are left intact. Along with the relevant nerve connections to the brain, where arousal & pleasure happens.

You can be vasectomies and stuff still comes out, maybe that's it

Attached: t3.jpg (698x720, 73K)

So what if I do, you faggot

Attached: 1571506605221m.jpg (1024x669, 46K)

Thank you user. You've educated me.

>hears a guy is over 6ft and is buff
>asks for pictures of his sexy body
>calls him a faggot

just remember to say "no homo" before you cum from jerking off to his picture

Attached: 1578003799656.gif (450x371, 2M)

Attached: 1580365964101.gif (250x214, 1.99M)

looks like sand niggers or gypsies or some shit.

You don't need nuts to make seminal fluid. Just a prostate which apparently isn't normally removed. They make the jizz still but there are no sperm.

Attached: 1580343235762.jpg (660x495, 63K)

Attached: 1577300383628.jpg (1024x796, 110K)

Attached: 1576131846452.jpg (633x633, 128K)

this is my greatest fear in life

Attached: 1579557002565.jpg (389x597, 26K)

Attached: ebcfe2990b3083f7da70dcbb52230608.jpg (192x138, 16K)

you are this

I had smash dat

Attached: D5fYlcZWkAU8tKS.jpg (1080x1080, 269K)

oh ok my bad, regardless i hate fucking furries

Ahhh this is a classic. I wish there were more long ass greentexts like this
Ooohhh yeah baby you gonna swallow my load? I ate some celery today so when I piss on your face its going to be nice and smelly

Hmm maybe I'll vote for Bernie after all



you fucking newnigger


Attached: 82590965001.jpg (536x536, 55K)

Attached: 1567718156091.jpg (768x768, 135K)

Attached: 1574626977088.jpg (933x960, 93K)

Attached: 1578869543416.png (966x577, 64K)

you didn't saw a cumshot, it's a zit exploding

Hahaha le funni comic! I love deep and derpina xD

Attached: 1567716628995.jpg (750x742, 146K)


lost hard

10/10 totally did not contract stage 4 cancer

Attached: 1579000881853.jpg (1800x2000, 1.54M)

do you retard even understand this picture?

Attached: 1578867886543.jpg (7099x4927, 1.51M)

Take her, all yours.

This is how reddit fucking normie faggot memes look to me god damn fucking normies

Nice plant.

dO yOu ReTaRd EvEn UnDeRsTaNd GrAmMaR

>when you black out so hard you come back in at your own gypsy wedding and people keep handing you shit and acting like they know you

entertain me some more