I just lost my virginity to an escort

I just lost my virginity to an escort

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Here she is

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Did sex meet your expectations?

I hope you didn't pay by the lbs

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It did, but I thought my life was going to change or something lol. It’s nothing special

How was it? How much was it? Was she bitchy and cold? Did she seem into it at all?

$50. She was cool. I got the cheapest package, so I could only hit it from two positions

where did she allow you to cum at

In her with condom on

Why would your life change? You basically used a woman as a masturbatory aid. Sex is life changing when you share it with someone that you love and when that person loves you too.

Not trolling. Are you on the spectrum user? Autists often fail to understand basic human emotions.

How long did you last?

im assuming the only 2 she let you do are pretty much the ones everybody does.

Ew, get checked.

would it have been extra to cum on her face?

I work in a big hotel in vegas. There are so many escorts it's ridiculous. Some are super pretty too. Idk if I'd ever smash tbh.

My Friends kept telling me I needed to get some pussy and I believe the hype

You basically raped a girl. She didn't want to fuck you. She probably had a pimp and was being forced to have sex with men and gave all the money to the pimp. I hope you blocked your number somehow. When they mail him for human trafficking your number is going to be attached to it.

What hype? What did you think it would do?

Not sure ,I guess it depends on the escort

Most escorts work for themselves these days.

why didnt you ask?

It's great when the girl is into you and is begging for your cock. When you have her dicked down and shaking from cumming you own her.

Your experience the girl was begging for you to hurry up and leave.

They kept telling me “user you need some pussy” “ user I will help you get some pussy” ect... before that I didn’t really value pussy.

>on side without the office bottom floor in hallway across from TV satellite

Am I just autistic or does this make no sense? Why do people talk like this?

That's not true at all. Most say "independent" in their ads for various reasons and bring actually independent is rarely one.

This is The only time I’ll pay for pussy. I could tell she wasn’t really into it...

Could you smell her booty when you hit it from the back?

This is why I don't have any friends. Normies are fucking retarded

Girls being raped rarely are...

Yeah. It was a weird smell, But I kinda liked it

Ok, I'll correct my statement. Most VEGAS hookers are independent. Source: I've befriended at least 20 of them over the years. I'm a manager at a big hotel on the strip.

Why don't you just find a girl that into you?

Most important question .
How old are you op?

Too lazy, getting some pussy is a lot of work and I just don’t feel like doing that


Are you OP? Is OP in Vegas?

OP is a faggot


Getting pussy is the easiest thing. You could find a better looking girl then that hooker anywhere. Why do you think it's a lot of work? Legit are you autist or like really fat/ugly? You obviously have some issues.