Mia Khalifa is a Cred Forumstard

Mia Khalifa is a Cred Forumstard.
Are you lurking, Mia?

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She's overrated

At her age why is she still wearing a pathetic university sweatshirt?

She looks old and haggard and should not be wearing a university sweatshirt.

She's a fucking normie. I don't want her to be here. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY DOMAIN YOU FAKE TITTED WHORE

rah rah rah
most people want to get out of that crap and get on with their lives, she seems to want to stay in.

her face looks weired

she's got a cartoon face that's assosiated with ugly indian women

I suspect that by staying in a univesity that it's an easy source of suckers to buy her shit.

She is a nasty ass looking ganges creature, certainly nothing that should be in the USA. Maybe britain will have the thing?

Yeah, it's a bit goofy but that's the reason why I love it. Her face is very distinct.

I hope she gets run over by a dump truck

So is Taylor Swift.

That beast remindes me of that brit faggot Hitchens that got kicked out of britian, went to CNN which was and is full of shit, it's the hanoi jane network, got kicked out of there so went back to britiain. What a pathetic cunt!

How old is she? I've seen a lot of motherfuckers in their 40-50s wearing sneakers and tight girly jeans, comedy gold

One has to be a real scumbucket to get kicked off of CNN given what they are.

According to a quick search about 26, but I suspect that's a lie. She really looks like she's an old dried up hag of about 55.


i OnLy DiD pOrN fOr 3 MoNtHs!

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This thread is full of salty virgins. Kys phaggs.

cute eyebrows

Hitchens didn't even tow the cnn and hanoi jane party line of lies enough so be got booted back across the Atlantic.

Indians are like politicals, if their lips are moving then they're lying.

I will always hate her for fixing her botched tits and THEN quitting porn. CUNT!

whats the story here?