Celeb-- Time to shitpost

Celeb-- Time to shitpost

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>You have yet to see my final form

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You can have her

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Lil ari had to run!
she couldn't pay a zombie's fee!
they wanted from lil Ari
and her bum a heaping
smother of brown bum food!

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she's sweet

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just woke up from one with my doggo uwu

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A final form cant even defeat this simple
>shy Jane

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She made me cum so much the other night that my balls hurt for a min.

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Hope you can take a straight right and still hug me if you rock up without mewmew cause she gets first hugs kiss and cums first delusions loser corpse


And she better be fit and healthy and no psych schixo pills

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My thick eyebrows goddess

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don't recognise that logo.
Assuming it's not an actual BM band. Can't imagine someone making her kinda music listening to BM

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Hi Dua user!

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Sounds comfy :)
About to take one

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Mmm those lips

Ems are you here?

Queen Dua

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ah Emma is the perfect reason to get my cock out in the morning.

How is your day , Duanon ?

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Wow, hi guys :D

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My power is rising with this
>sassy jane

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How about you all feet post instead?

Such a hot mommy

edging for emma

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Ur being murdered still just won't be by my actual hands, just my strings.


Murder Johnathon fragile X syndrome pine gap


bored, I sit at the computer all day. How are you ?

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identify the celebrity feets and win valuable (you)'s

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has a dick

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How about no

I'm good... sitting at home all day. How is you?

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Hi :)

Im fine. I sit at the computer all day aswell :)

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won't stop me from edging

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Ok there are three of us

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Imagine how delicious her nipples are.

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they taste like salami

cozy and comfy :3 need tea

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Bad example

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may good slumber find you fren :3

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Following is official blacklist eugenic murder list
Johnathon pinegap
Michael NSA
Alex fragilexsyndrome
Jordan Danielle
Michelle their mother
Emma Watson
Any stolen child(any) genetically both ways

Whitelist is only me n c

Correct action of this diction is civilisation utopia
Rest is retard schizophrenia


The down syndrome fucks think they are over zero percent communication the schizophrenics

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>finds out Jane Levy supports abortion on demand
Fuck me. Beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside

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forget edging, after I post this I'm cumming all over myself for Emma

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Find a new private profession whoever you are xx

Hi 2 other duanons :)
Talking about tea , I just made some earl grey tea :)

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So fucking retarded. It's beyond ugly. Schizophrenic soul and mind. Not healable npv

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When I die, I want her to call me to the light

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Fragile X syndrome NSA USA USD compromised fetal alcohol syndrome. This is the result. Humanity can successfully cross THAT one off it's bucket list

why don't you like Em's, are you some kind of communist ?

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hgnnnn what a goddess

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Nudes, yeah??

stroking for emma

Looks like it's a perpetual autistic down syndrome retarded kid cause it's schizophrenic whore mother drank in the womb that's why fat schizophrenic psychosis Jews rape it and fragile X syndrome schizophrenic NSA autism retards ping lie about me thinking she wasn't really etc. Down syndrome bucket brigade. All die. Leave the Jew catch ulaterblade movie tier

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Coulda been better, but well appreciated.

Communists ain't half as worse as Americans aka dystopists +UK+au, and that's an autistic midget with fetal alcohol down syndrome compromised by NSA fragile X schizophrenic psychosis syndrome.

Shame about the merkin.

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extremely yummy
I can't sit at computer without coffee or tea literally

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that would be great

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Even with that Frisian forehead the size of Saturn still her autistic retarded shit only takes up one third of the face

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Ur face is a retarded shit and Ur old bitch who doesn't marry n thinks she's wealthy. U have schizophrenic psychosis so retarded U can't even suicide correctly

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I know the feeling. I cant sit at computer without some snacks and tea.

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I'd literally rather eat shit and die. Ur the result of a schizophrenics turd

moan her name for each of your stroke

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Midget down syndrome sperged twitching schizophrenic corpse

cant hold it anymore

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What kind of snacks

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Only thing she's good for is thinking about shit to delay orgasm. Done this for years. Jordan etc. Psychological concreteness schizophrenia NSA retards. More turn off then in inbred dead grandma. Schizoid transvestites aged whores. An aged whores literal lowest rung on social ladder

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I'm leaving the country Ur not allowed to follow also leaving internet etc

Winegums and chips.
Do you eat snacks at your computer ?

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New number eventually name. Ur murdered with the other blacklisted schizophrenic stalkers corpses dclxvi

NSA comped psychosis inb4 ad infinitum

I have to sell my pm to do this. Murder USA au UK after this dclxvi

i came so much

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err face is retarded shit and errr old bitch who doesn't marrrionthinks shes wealthy.
Ooo have schizophrenic psychosis so retarded ooo can't even suicide correctly
>How your sentence is read phonetically

Prove it

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I'm eating banana :3

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Perpetually autistic retarded child even without the autism fetal alcohol syndrome symptoms. Jew rape victim zero interest delusions schizos psychosis NSA denial lies insane etc. This business is concluded. Only reason interest was nothing good. Schizo stalker. Basically at the bottom of it now. Business concluded. All makes sense. Ull die delusioned and retarded good riddens corpses blacklisted dclxvi all 3 nations die all onnsa FX's USA USD literally nothing to do with me 20mill violence battery Ur murdered Johnathon fragile X syndrome NSA USA USD pine gap 1952 etc biologically genetically. Then find new bitch real number three not three cancer Emma following beautiful sataness. Spits

Anything related to this fat autistic nigger is murdered genetically with it NSA genetically

Oh my god this photo is amazing!
I will steal if you don't mind

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Oh , you are an healthy Duanon.
I like that :)

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noice back poissy

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Schizophrenic down syndrome=English speaker
Corpse of history
Ull sit around trapped in schizoid psychosis tied down here long after I'm gone forever. Just getting it straight in my end. You ruined my life. Ur retarded can't understand this. Murdered forever

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She so pale

sometimes yes, sometimes no :3

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Their sell points is retard syndrome sex that's alltheyve been for 107 years murder them all dead

Annoyance is find a second mew continuation as was oct19

At least you are healthier than me :)

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heard u guys like dual ipa

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one cute Maddie feetsies please

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I keep forgetting that Im so weak for her pics where she looks into the camera.

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belly budden :3

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My waifu

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>full scale meltdown in progress
very good. very good indeed.

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A little sunshine?

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What body part do you like the most ?

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haters say its fake


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if they liked women, theyd want to see them naked and have sex with them
but they dont like women

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The whole thing, but most of all the nose and lips (and her ass :3)

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god daaaaaaamnnnnn

It was too bad when she died on the show.

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Oh yes , her nose and lips are excellent

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i don't remember that.

nice booba

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I could use a little vitamin D

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fUCk Yes MY DiCk

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stroke for her

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oh yes please

Then you're lucky, because I came here to shine!

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Exploded with a bomb, if I remember correctly.

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Want to stroke her cute nose?

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have some yummy soles

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I need to get my Blue Blockers before viewing this image. so so bright :0

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nut for the queen

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I'm sorta on NoFap. o n o

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how about this little cum dumpster

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You can just close your eyes, and enjoy =3.

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Or give that cute nose a kiss ;)

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just cause she's got a big ass doesn't automatically make her a cum dumpster you sick son of a bitch

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I really like her feet

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Yes, yes, yes, gently, gently, while she sleeps, it would be great to come up and kiss her nose, but not wake her: 3

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yes it does

yes the legs are nice but check out her ass

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I find solace in you, ruskifren
you good?

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But she will wake up and give you a kiss on your lips.

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Yeh ehs.

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> ruskifren

What does this mean?

is that a yikes bra


Mad lad



will she go nude again

I delet ;-;

Kill yourself schizo retard psychosis 911 autism down syndrome bitch

Murder Emma Watson retard cunt 911 enemy
Don't ever heal schizo just die. Order bottle of pills do it right this time

stay mad, homo

Mind controlled down syndrome psychosis fiat schizophrenia retard gets fortune fucking Jews spends it all on Runescape and buying socmedia followers retard DoWnSYndROme combo pills with alcohol down syndrome fuck kys schizo failed loser all on U deadshits dipshit come near me I'll murder U NSA schizoid compromised autistic retard cancer

Stay schizo incel old used whore hag enjoy mindcontrilled by schizoid peasentry Ur genetically Ill and retarded from the womb

U got raped by Jew and alcohol fetal retard U think son of Hitler wants that when USA is about to be murdered? Think I'll wait. U die now however . Skull pills n alcohol. Ez

keep projecting. U r not merely a clown - u r the whole circus