Why do the democrats want open borders?

Why do the democrats want open borders?

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Because it’s the easiest way for them to get votes and to lower minimum wage, also to increase competition to get jobs

A society dependent on immigration is a broken society.

>lower minimum wage,
Isn't the slavery party demanding higher minimum wage though?

Are we talking legal or illegal?

Because they love high crime rates and high tax rates

Open borders is a narrative made popular by big corporations. Sensationalize ICE arrests and children being separated so people start protesting for open borders. Then large companies take advantage of cheap labor.

It's all just a game and unfortunately people are too stupid to see it.

This, but I'd argue they love crime for all their pets. They don't care if they all kill each other, as long as they stay in the zoo set up by the DNC.

Being open borders is the same as saying you want minimum wage to be lowered.

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votes. that's how they manipulate politics , through mass immigration. it's treason

Question, do you say this about every thread you see or only the ones against your team?

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Even if he is, how does that change anything he said?


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You mean the Glo al Elite? They want a one world government OP. Donald trump is basically the last president that protects judeo/Christian beliefs somewhat. Once he goes, it'll be all over now

Maybe ecause your whole fucking country is a nation of immigrants?

>nation of immigrants?
Yes, LEGAL immigrants, not fucking illegals looking for handouts

That's a dumb reason to justify open borders

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Borders are spooks

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based Max

they want to fulfil kike messianic prophecy
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1. big business wants mass importation of low skilled workers
2. jews want to swamp whites with infinity niggers
3. progressives hate white people and the middle class (even though this is them too in many ways)

More votes. Problem is that the policy isn't popular outside of high schools and colleges

Hardcore Dems don’t have kids. Open borders are the easiest way for them to reproduce.

>1. big business wants mass automation instead of low skilled workers

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robotization is really expensive and you have to pay for it

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because they're smart

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